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  1. Randy Gray

    Dick Cavett Show DVDs

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! My Christmas will be complete now! Randy
  2. Randy Gray

    Dick Cavett Show DVDs

    Does anyone have these DVD's? I was wondering if these episodes are complete or if they are just excerpts? They would be nice to have if they were complete (including the music) Randy
  3. Randy Gray

    Columbo S2 pkg + McCloud coming?

    I hope no music is changed when they get to the Johnny Cash episode "Swan Song". He does a couple of numbers and towards the end he sings a snippet of "Sunday Morning Coming Down".
  4. Randy Gray

    Bob Newhart Season 1 in April

    I watched the first three episodes last night and while the timing seems to be about right the opening on eps 2 and 3 are shorter than 1 and 4. Also I don't believe there's an ending tag scene on 2 and 3 before the end credits. Are these eps for sure uncut? Just found that a little strange. Randy
  5. Randy Gray

    Soap Operas on DVD

    I would love to see the "Sin Stalker" story from Another World on DVD. I watched this when I was in college in the late '80's and was totally hooked. I especially loved the freeze frames at the end of each episode. Good stuff! Randy
  6. Randy Gray

    Recreating A Network Schedule On DVD

    If I'm not mistaken I believe at one time ABC Tuesday night consisted of "Happy Days", Laverne And Shirley", "Three's Company" and "Soap". I think that's right. Randy
  7. Randy Gray

    Tru-Calling any good?

    I enjoyed the show a lot. And I thought the ending was a really great cliffhanger and set up for the second season. Also I didn't think there were as many preditable eps as some others have said, but maybe that's just me. Sure wish another network would pick it up. Randy
  8. Randy Gray

    Excited to see the 80's Twilight Zone...

    Scott, Well it's just that I'm a completist. I have a great first season of "Northern Exposure", and I probably wouldn't notice any changes in season two since I didn't watch it much during its initial run and the changes probably don't affect future episodes either. So I wouldn't say I'm tunnel...
  9. Randy Gray

    Excited to see the 80's Twilight Zone...

    Sorry but I disagree. If I can't have the whole series with all the original music intact I'd rather not own any of it. "The Once And Future King" is one of my all time favorite episodes of any series. I don't know how many times I've watched it. Any changes to it I would know instantly and...
  10. Randy Gray

    Quantum Leap Season Two - Music Replaced!

    Would anyone have advance copies to go off of or would we have to wait until the set is released? If it's the latter that would kinda suck. Getting information like this out as fast as possible is the whole point.
  11. Randy Gray

    Excited to see the 80's Twilight Zone...

    I was excited about the '80's series being released but I'm going to hold off until the second season is released to see if music rights issues force changes in "The Once And Future King" episode. Don't want to be stuck with just one season of a show again. Randy
  12. Randy Gray

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Friday the 13th: From Crystal Lake to Manhattan

    I just have one basic question. Are the versions of the movies on this set the way they were originally shown in the theaters? I know part 1 is, are the others? Ok two questions. What about the music? Is all the original music intact? Randy
  13. Randy Gray

    Quantum Leap Season Two - Music Replaced!

    Ahh I'm just really pissed off right now, Brad. I just find the whole thing so stupid ya know? But I'll get over it and maybe someday we'll all get to enjoy this show the way it originally aired. I'll sing a chorus of "Cheer Up Charlie" to myself and I'll be alright :) Randy
  14. Randy Gray

    Business lost: Shows you didn't buy due to alterations/cuts/music replacement

    Quantum Leap S2 (music) Northern Exposure S2 (music) Too Close For Comfort S1 (synd cuts) Ren And Stimpy S1 and 2 (cuts) Make Room For Daddy S5 (cuts) Married With Children S3 (music) Kung Fu S1 (fake widescreen) Randy
  15. Randy Gray

    Quantum Leap Season Two - Music Replaced!

    Capitalism. OK. So does not making money make good business sense? See my quick edited thread above. The Ray Charles heirs will never see a dime more of MY money. Randy
  16. Randy Gray

    Quantum Leap Season Two - Music Replaced!

    Yes but at the extremely HIGHER GREEDY cost they're obviously charging? Remember the recent Married With Children problem? They won't even say how much it is because it's so embarrasingly high! Think about it. If YOU held the rights to the song "Georgia On My Mind" and you had a choice between...
  17. Randy Gray

    What are the best made-for-TV movies available on DVD?

    I know these aren't made for TV, but I like the old sexplotation and blacksplotation movies from the '70's. Some of my favorites that are on DVD are : Switchblade Sisters Coffy Foxy Brown The Van Black Mama, White Mama Truck Turner These are just fun to watch :) Randy
  18. Randy Gray

    Buffy: Season 7 or... When will Fox stop spoiling the series?

    I actually thought the preacher was a good character but I thought he should have been brought in earlier. There could have been some really great episodes with him. The season had great potential (pun very much intended) but it felt like the writers had the ending down with no idea how to get...
  19. Randy Gray

    Quantum Leap Season Two - Music Replaced!

    That's the best point I think I've seen. If I was the head of one of these studios that would be the new rule. From this point forward, any television show that we produce will have NO classic music. Therefore when it's put on DVD this kind of situation will not happen again. I will NEVER buy...
  20. Randy Gray

    "Brady Bunch" Season 1 Release Date: March1, 2005

    See this was one of the shows that I had near the top of my list. But due to the recent music changes in "Quantum Leap" and "Northern Exposure" I'll wait until I know for sure that Music won't be an issue. No longer will I be stuck with one or two seasons of a show only to find out the rest of...
  21. Randy Gray

    Quantum Leap Season Two - Music Replaced!

    I hadn't heard about replaced music on this set. It wasn't mentioned in TV On DVD's review. How much was replaced? Man I'm getting so sick of this damn music rights issue. I may just drop out of TV On DVD buying. There might be a few shows that I'll continue with where I know music won't be much...
  22. Randy Gray

    Quantum Leap Season Two - Music Replaced!

    I know of a few shows where they've released half seasons to cut down on the cost and consumers didn't seem to mind. Why couldn't they have done this with this show? Surely they could have secured the music rights for a half season and put them out at a decent price and made a profit. That...
  23. Randy Gray

    Police Squad DVD Series

    Frank: Now wait a minute, let me get this straight. Twice came in and shot the teller and Jim Fell. Sally: No he only shot the teller, Jim Johnson. Fell is ill. Frank: Okay, then after he shot the teller you shot Twice. Sally: No, I only shot once. Ed: Twice is the hold-up man. Sally...
  24. Randy Gray

    VCI DVD Releases...Any Good?

    Hey thanks a lot guys, I'm placing an order tomorrow! Randy
  25. Randy Gray

    VCI DVD Releases...Any Good?

    I've really wanted to get some releases from this company but have seen very few reviews. They have "My Little Margie" and "I Married Joan" as well as some old serials and B westerns. The TV shows are random episodes and not season sets or complete series (except "Fractured Flickers") but was...
  26. Randy Gray

    Roller Derby Anyone?

    I think that depends on when you watched them. If the ones on ESPN are all you know or remember then they don't seem inferior. They're the same kind of cheesy fun you remember watching in the mid to late '70's and '80's.
  27. Randy Gray

    Roller Derby Anyone?

    Would anyone be interested in some of the old '70's Roller Derby Shows? ESPN Classic used to show them and I thought they were a real hoot! i'd certainly buy them. Randy
  28. Randy Gray

    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    Seinfeld S1&2 Seinfeld S3 The Golden Girls S1 Home Improvement S1 Friends S8 Tales Of Tomorrow Vol 1 Finally found the last title by looking in the horror section. This show also includes the original commercials. At least on the eps I've watched so far. Randy
  29. Randy Gray

    Will the Looney Tunes Golden Collection set be completed by 2020?

    I have a question about a Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd cartoon. In the Barbara Streisand movie "What's Up Doc" there's a clip at the very end with Bugs and Elmer singing "What's Up Doc." Does anyone know what cartoon this is from and if it's on one of the two Looney Tunes box sets? Always wondered what...
  30. Randy Gray

    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    The Andy Griffith Show S1 Angel S3 Buffy The Vampire Slayer S7 Buck Rogers Complete Series The Kids In The Hall S2 Randy