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  1. LuckyB

    Athena or Fluance?

    Just found out my Athena Point5 center chanel's tweeter is not even on all this time. Sending it back for defective item tomorrow. Any input on Fluance center speaker?
  2. LuckyB

    Rocket RSC100MKII & ELT CSe (1 pair) ALL for $400.00 !!!

    Can you do $200 shipped to 08817 for the RSC100MKII? Got any pics?
  3. LuckyB

    FS: 5 B&W speakers

    How much for the center?
  4. LuckyB

    Rocket RSC100MKII & ELT CSe (1 pair) ALL for $400.00 !!!

    How much is just for the Rocket RSC100MKII shipped to 08817?
  5. LuckyB

    1015 arrived at Best Buy

    Can I get one with employee discount?
  6. LuckyB

    ? on the Pioneer 1015

    What exactly does the WMA9 Pro compatible do?
  7. LuckyB

    FS: 18 ft Monster Subwoofer Cable, and a Monster Y splitter

    Can you do $20 shipped to 08817? I can Paypal you today.
  8. LuckyB

    Buy a Athena AS-C1 now, or wait until the newer version comes out w/ Neodymium?

    What about the Point5, are they any good? better than Micra6? I think the Micra6 use Neodymium magnet.
  9. LuckyB

    Using a pair as a center

    Why don't you just use one up front and one in rear?
  10. LuckyB

    Athena Point5 or Micra6?

    Which ones are better for bedroom set? Point5 don't come with a subwoofer but it's OK 'cause one of my friends is going to sell me his SVS PB10 for cheap. Micra6 looks cool too..:frowning:
  11. LuckyB

    Athena Micra vs. JBL 300.7

    I have Micra6 with AS-B1s as main running 7.1 and they sound awsome for $450
  12. LuckyB

    Dayton Sub Upgrade

    Is it hard to hook this BFD up to my 1014? Regular RCA cable or something special?
  13. LuckyB

    BFD dsp 1124 for $100?

    How do you hook this up? RCA cable or something special?
  14. LuckyB

    F/S: Behringer Frequency Destroyer

    How do you hook this up? RCA cable or something special?
  15. LuckyB

    Dayton Sub Upgrade

    Is the BFD required with Dayton sub in order to achieve deep clean bass? I heard BFD are cheaply made..:confused:
  16. LuckyB

    Dayton Sub Upgrade

    I have Athena Micra6 satellite speakers with M225 downfiring 8" 75-watt subwoofer, thinking about upgrading the sub to 100-watt Dayton 10" for $150 shipped from PartsExpress.Com. Is it worth to upgrade or should I just stick with this Athena 8" sub until I save up some more $$$ to get the...
  17. LuckyB

    1014 replaced?

    Are the 1015 worth $150 over the 1014?
  18. LuckyB

    1014 replaced?

    1014s don't weight under 20lbs. They weight like over 35lbs.
  19. LuckyB

    HELP my 1014 is clipping.

    The bathroom lights is hooked up to a set of fluoresent lights and exhaust fan at the same breaker. In order to reach different breaker outlet I would have to run at least a 50-foot extension cord which I don't think would be such a good idea. I just noticed that it's doing that mostly when I'm...
  20. LuckyB

    HELP my 1014 is clipping.

    Everytime someone switches the bathroom lights off, the audio pauses for a split second. It's so annoying! :angry: Tried different outlet, different powerstrip even UPS but still no good. Any suggestions? :confused:
  21. LuckyB

    Pioneer 1014 Wow

    The mic won't reach my seating position.
  22. LuckyB

    Pioneer 1014 Wow

    When you use MCACC, where do you put the mic?
  23. LuckyB

    Receivers with Equalizers

    I like Kenwood Graphic & Parametric Equalizer
  24. LuckyB

    Athena Micra or Point 5?

    Please give me some good review links on this product. The only one I found was at
  25. LuckyB

    Athena Micra or Point 5?

    I'm thinking about upgrading my old speakers to Micra6 and AS-B1s as main speakers running 7.1 with my new Pioneer 1014. My budget is under $500. Any inputs would be greatly appreciated.
  26. LuckyB

    how good is the pioneer VSX-1014 going to be compared to the elite.....

    I also got this Pio 1014 running 7.1 with Athena Micra6 as surround and AS-B1's as main speakers. When I do MCACC, it sets the front speakers to LARGE. Should I set them to SMALL manualy? I've tried both small and large settings but can't tell the difference.