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  1. Ben LG

    FS: Brand New ButtKicker BKA300 Wireless Home Theater Kit+Advance and Power Amplifier

    Thanks for your interest Simon but item has already been sold.
  2. Ben LG

    FS: Brand New ButtKicker BKA300 Wireless Home Theater Kit+Advance and Power Amplifier

    Offering to HTF members for $250 shipped UPS with insurance. PM me if you are interested or have any questions, thanks for your time.
  3. Ben LG

    The STEREO home theater thread

    Thanks LanceJ, the A6 and A9 look really nice but I wonder how they sound. Is this Pioneer's new line, any idea when those components are coming out?
  4. Ben LG

    Fox TERMINATOR series: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

    The finale was pretty good. The show started out pretty lame at first but with a decent cast, at least thats what I thought.. finally it took the last two episodes to get interesting. I thought the FBI stand off scene and John's birthday gift were done really well. Ive seen worst..
  5. Ben LG

    Lost: Season Four

    Yeah lol, also the part when Miles said "Its extortion if you want to get technical" But it was kind of lame that Miles got all worked up about finding Ben and when he finally did it was just to extort him. Just seems like they are overdoing the drama a bit (and I agree about the violin thing)...
  6. Ben LG

    HTF's Best Albums List

    Tell me about it, I didnt even remember starting this thread. Also removed a couple albums from original post due to shame (:cough: linkin park) :D Recent purchases I thought were great: Keane - Under the Iron Sea The Cranberries - Treasure Box: The Complete Sessions, 1991-1999 Muse -...
  7. Ben LG

    mini-system / receiver ideas?

    I compared a few mini systems to replace my full setup, floorstanders and components were just taking up too much space. It came down to the Denon D-M33S and the Onkyo MC35TECH. The Denon had a flat, dry sound so I returned it. But the Onkyo system had a warm sound similar to Marantz that I like...
  8. Ben LG

    Small LCD with integrated tuner

    Is there a 20" lcd with atsc tuner out there because I cant seem to find one. Or whats the smallest size lcd that comes with an integrated tuner? I was looking to get a small hdtv setup for the bedroom and dont want/need cable. Instead I want to just get a small lcd and antenna to receive OTA...
  9. Ben LG

    Converting Component to VGA

    So I just bought a Thinkpad and sold my old desktop to a friend. Now I have a 19" lcd lying around collecting dust. I wont get back much if I sell it so I wanted to use the monitor with a divx player like the Philips 642. The problem is that the lcd only has VGA in. Can anyone tell me how I...
  10. Ben LG

    Marantz 5600 or 7500?

    Ive had similar experience with AC4L, bought a few Marantz receivers, a integrated amp and a CD changer and all came in like new condition. Their customer support is fast and helpful too. AC4L is the only place I would buy refurbished gear from. Also keep an eye out for coupons since Christmas...
  11. Ben LG

    Wireless Connections to Tivo?

    This specific adapter worked for me when setting up my Toshiba DVD player/TiVo: Also check here for more info:
  12. Ben LG

    Computer speakers... for work?

    I have the Klipsch Ultra 2.0 and they are pretty good for the price, detailed and clear is how I would describe them. But if I were looking to buy MM speakers again I would go for the swans.
  13. Ben LG

    Online DVD Rentals?

    Youve just convinced me to try out Netflix :D Gets me pissed off when they deliver the dvds one by one, for example if Im waiting for a tv series sometimes I get disc 3 before disc 2. Too bad Netflix price is not the same as BB though.
  14. Ben LG

    How do you store your discs?

    Yeah I have tried similar binders and sleeves but they fall apart easily. I like the Caselogics cause their durable and theres a handle for easy transport. Just thought maybe someone might know about a 500 disc wallet somewhere, I weed out my collection like every 6 months so that should be enough.
  15. Ben LG

    You want cheap CDs?? How about $4.99 per disc w/ no shipping....

    God damn it, I just bought 4 disc from Amazon! But Im part of the CDNow club - buy 3 CDs get free shipping and its usually $7-$9 per CD. Didnt lose out on much but still wouldve been cheaper, wish I saw this thread earlier. Thanks for the link though Danny.
  16. Ben LG

    How do you store your discs?

    Is this the biggest cd wallet there is? Trying to keep my collection in one binder but starting to run out of space. Is there a better way to keep all the discs in one place?
  17. Ben LG

    Newfound respect for Cambridge Audio

    Similar reputations but a huge difference in price tag :D I havent listened to any Arcam amps yet, cant make any comparisons but Cambridge imo deserves a lot of credit for bringing this level of performance at such an affordable price. For 200 bucks the build is solid too, built better than...
  18. Ben LG

    Newfound respect for Cambridge Audio

    Ive always considered CA just a notch below Marantz/Rotel, that is until I got the Azur 340a integrated. Found a coupon online and picked it up for a sweet $199 shipped. Been messing around with it for only 3 days but so far I am very impressed. Separation of instruments and vocals are amazing...
  19. Ben LG

    BEHOLD!!! I give you the 7-channel Panasonic SA-XR55 Digital Receiver...

    From my experience the XR50 did pretty good with HT but for 2 channel music it is pretty lacking. Its not all bad, nice for the price but mostly hype imo.
  20. Ben LG

    Accessories For Less coupon

    Damn beat me to it :)
  21. Ben LG

    Best use of lights on a receiver

    I like the blue leds on the Rotel gear, some of the best looking components imo.
  22. Ben LG

    Various FOX Season 1 TV sets for $15 at Amazon...

    Nice, I was waiting for 24 S1 to drop in price but I didnt expect this much. Just ordered 24 and Angel
  23. Ben LG

    Cheap Receiver/Speakers

    I think the Tyke package Chris linked is very nice. I was just browsing around before I saw your post and thought Id throw in another option for speakers, if it were me I would think about upgrades like adding a sub, surrounds etc. later. Infinity Entra Loudspeakers for $300 Demos for a...
  24. Ben LG

    What do you think of these Klipsch computer speakers?

    Matt, you sound a little torn over whether or not you want to spend so much on just PC speakers. How about save your money and getting something a little cheaper instead? As long as the PC is not your primary/dedicated entertainment center Im sure this will be more than enough...
  25. Ben LG

    The Parasound AMP LOVE FEST Thread!!

    Anyone have any opinions on Halo vs. the older Parasound line (1500a and 1000a)? I was looking at the P3 pre and A23 amp.. I think I might be able to get it at a good price.
  26. Ben LG

    Artic cooling VGA silencer?

    Hmm would this work with a GF4 ti4200? If not does anyone have any other suggestions for a similar cooler that does?
  27. Ben LG

    The Parasound AMP LOVE FEST Thread!!

    What a deal Chris :emoji_thumbsup: I got the 850 from for $250 new, just figured Id be safer with a new preamp and a used amp. Got a great deal on the HCA-1000A for $275 shipped off Ebay. Dont know if I would say it needed time to burn in but after listening to it for a month...
  28. Ben LG

    The Parasound AMP LOVE FEST Thread!!

    Angelo, the love does remain strong! :emoji_thumbsup: Picked up a HCA-1000A not too long ago.. couldnt be happier. To quote one of the members on HTF I am so satisfied with the performance I dont even care how the other units I was considering sound now, this one is just right for me. ;)
  29. Ben LG

    Sony SCD-C2000ES vs SCD-C595

    Appreciate the info James. How about the Philips 795sa? It looks very similar to the 595 and is around the same price range, anyone try that one out yet?
  30. Ben LG

    What kind of separates do you have?

    Just put together my first separates system, hopefully it will last a little longer this time :) Parasound P/HP-850 Preamp Parasound HCA-1000A Amp Marantz CC4300 5 Disc Changer Infinity Reference 2000.5 Speakers