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  1. Lee Carbray

    Are Component Cables OK with 1080i ?

    From the Blue Jeans Cables home page "Blue Jeans Cable now carries DVI cables, HDMI cables, and HDMI/DVI cables. After a lengthy search for cables capable of reliably carrying parallel digital video signals without information loss over distance, we now offer both single and dual link DVI-D...
  2. Lee Carbray

    Frequency waterfall charts of a few familiar favourites

    How's about Flight of the Phoenix. The plain crash scene is loud and long.
  3. Lee Carbray

    DVD player question

    Bob, in your price range and with your other equipment you will probabaly not notice any difference between players. But don't get the $50 Walmart special. It won't last and it will look like sh!t. I have a Sony DVPNS575PS. I had it hooked up to a 27" SD Panasonic before I got an HDTV and I...
  4. Lee Carbray

    Ikon Audio???

    As a public service I though I would share that World Sound & Vision in Square One shopping centre in Mississauga appears not to be selling Nuance speakers anymore. There new brand of choice is something called Ikon Audio. Web site here, Anybody have a chance to listen to...
  5. Lee Carbray

    Wow. Seeing the effects of CrossO etc (I think?) on FR!

    Try playing around with phase settings and see if that helps the dip as ~56Hz. Edit-That is with the crossover at 60Hz.
  6. Lee Carbray

    Subwoofer setup question

    A splitter is not necassary, and it adds 2 more connection points. Now it is rare to have a problem with one but there is still the possibility. Like Seth said, unless you are having a problem with the sub not getting enough signal to turn it on, don't waste your money.
  7. Lee Carbray

    No more late fees at Blockbuster!, could be worse

    I am not saying I want to do this but there have been plenty of times I have rented a movie and liked it so much I decided to purchase it afterwards. If I am going to buy it anyway why not just keep the one that is already at my house. I buy most of my movies previously viewed anyway so I...
  8. Lee Carbray

    No more late fees at Blockbuster!, could be worse

    TonyD you seem to be the expert here. Can you answer me the following? 1. For previous releases, typically there is only one copy kept in stock. If a customer deceides to not return the rental how long does BB wait to restock that title? 2. If I rent a movie and decide that I don't want to...
  9. Lee Carbray

    Did my friend make a good choice? (Energy Connoisseur)

    Both Paradigm and Energy make a wide variety quality speakers in different price ranges. Both companies come from the same lineage and strive to achieve the same goals. Any difference determined between the two as better or worse when comparing similar priced speakers is more likely then not due...
  10. Lee Carbray

    Oh NO!! My SVS is suffering!!

    If it's a difference in sound then it should be FR related. Plot the FR in both rooms, get an EQ, and match the basement to the living room.
  11. Lee Carbray

    Adding a board under a sub on carpet

    With a crossover at 120hz phase could be the problem. Have you tried adjusting the phase on the JBL? The only way to really see if it is lacking in the region you are describing is to plot the output with test tones and an spl meter. But if you have some scrap wood give it a go. You may also...
  12. Lee Carbray

    Adding a board under a sub on carpet

    It is hit or miss at best. There is no telling what if any diff it would make or in what region. Have you plotted the responce of you sub? Where is your crossover? Possibly you have a phase issue. In the 85-150HZ if you have a typical 80Hz crossover your mains are having as much impact on...
  13. Lee Carbray

    Surround sound speaker mount

    What about stands?
  14. Lee Carbray

    proper sub setup

    I say start a point 2. Some things to think about when setting the pre/pro level though. Setting this level too high can introduce distortion into the signal so it is best to keep it as low as possible. Any below +5 or +6 is probably ok, but lower the better. However having it it is too...
  15. Lee Carbray

    5/16" spade lugs

    Try here they will be under parts and components, connectors, spades and bananas.
  16. Lee Carbray

    diy Shiva sub

    I used glue and screws for mine without any problems. Make sure to drill a pilot hole as not to split the MDF though. They say you can use just glue and clamps and be fine but i did not have any clams and screws are cheaper. Also consider how you are going to finish the box. If you plan on...
  17. Lee Carbray

    RPTV Screen and Kids

    Thanks for the options. I will take them into consideration.
  18. Lee Carbray

    RPTV Screen and Kids

    I will be purchasing a new TV within the next month and have been eyeing a few RPTV models, the from runner right now being the Sony 42" RP LCD. I am concerned however about the durability of the screens on these tv's. I have a 2 year old and will most like have another child within a year. My...
  19. Lee Carbray

    New HT Setup Advice needed

    Mitch I think you posted nt he wrong forum. get a mod to more it for you. I will try and give you some advice any way. First off let me tell you that I don't have any experience with your particular gear so I can't give you specific advice regarding the gear you have. As far as the video...
  20. Lee Carbray

    Can you fake a 7.1 setup by taking a 6.1 receiver and splitting the back channel?

    If your amp is working too hard it will probabaly get pretty hot. Now receivers generally get pretty warm under normal circumstances, generally if it is too hot to keep your hand on it, it's working to hard. Most receivers now have thermal protection circuits as well that should shut it down...
  21. Lee Carbray

    Sub Crossover

    Christopher, you are right the best way is to experiment and determine what sounds best to you. You can also download and burn some test tones to CD and plot the responce form about 100hz down. This will give you a good idea of how the sub and speakers are interacting throughout the crossover...
  22. Lee Carbray

    Hooking Up RX-V750 to a subwoofer

    Check out BlueJeansCables. Any lenth you want, great performance and great prices. There are other similar cable assemblers around but I have first hand experience with blue Jeans and they have always been great.
  23. Lee Carbray

    Rear channel dipole or direct?

    There is lots of info on this if you do a search. It basically boils down to trying each one out and using what YOU think sounds best. Also don't forget that dipols/bipoles, etc will cost more then a similar direct radiator.
  24. Lee Carbray

    hidden speakers

    I can't see velvet being to acoustically transparent. Are you talking about hiding them behind curtans or something like that? The hidden speakers are probabaly not going to blend too well with the uncovered towers either. I don't think there are any specific brands that make speakers to be...
  25. Lee Carbray

    Monster Godfather Sub....

    The same reason people pay to have flooring installed or there house painted. The same reason some people change there own oil and others go to the quick lube. They either don't have the time or the skill or both. And even then if you do have the time and skill you need the space and tools build it.
  26. Lee Carbray

    Pics of a new set of cables Ive made

    Nice. The breakout looks great. How did you do the transition if you don't mind me asking. It looks a lot claner then your first set.
  27. Lee Carbray

    Is there something better than Gallos for home theater in small apartment

    You can check out the Mirage Omni line. I have not heard them but they are small and get good reviews.
  28. Lee Carbray

    BFD EQ Help

    That line is so flat it's PHLAT!! Good job. How do you find the difference in sound from before and after?
  29. Lee Carbray

    BFD EQ Help

    As an experiment, since you have the ability, is to try your crossover for the mains surrounds at 60hz. Just to see what it does.
  30. Lee Carbray

    BFD EQ Help

    The new dip at 89HZ could be a phase issue. Try adjusting the phase to see if that helps befor trying to boost it. Notice the peak at 111Hz is not an issue with the mains on.