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  1. CB750

    Need a new TV

    Thanks for all of the responses. On Friday I took delivery and set up of 60" Panasonic TC-P60GT-50 from a local Father and Son HT store where I purchased my Receiver and Speakers from a few years ago. It was refreshing to find a local full service store that offered the set at a lower price...
  2. CB750

    Need a new TV

    I have found out that much of the Sony line of 46" and 52" Bravia sets from 2008-11 era suffer from defective panels. From what I gather Sony has not been very helpful with consumers with this out of warranty problem. I have read they will ask you to spend $100 to have a Sony approved Tec look...
  3. CB750

    Need a new TV

    So happy you are back! It’s been a couple of years since I have posed to the forum but I am in the market for a new TV. My current Sony is a 2009 vintage KDL-52W4100. When we turn it on the picture is dark in some areas and has double and triple images. It takes 20 to 30 minutes to warm up and...
  4. CB750

    HTiB upgrade, is it within reason?

    Paul, Believe me no matter how much you spend on a new receiver you will not achieve much if any in sound improvement over the Sony speakers that you just purchased. Your new receiver may have tons of new features and bells and whistles but what comes out of your speakers will not change much...
  5. CB750

    HTiB upgrade, is it within reason?

    Here is a hint the biggest factor that will effect how your system will sound is your speaker selection. Even with and older outdated receiver you will find a vast improvement over your current speakers as long as it is still operating correctly. Naturally you budget and personal tastes will...
  6. CB750

    HTiB upgrade, is it within reason?

    If this is your HTib Then you may be in luck as according to the spec's your receiver and speakers are 8 ohms. I would double check on your speakers to make sure. This will allow you to replace your existing...
  7. CB750

    Need tips on everything

    I have been reading this thread and as usual Jason has provided you with a lot of valuable advise. One thing I don't understand that with all the great things you are trying to achieve why you would want to listen to anything through the cheep speakers found in your TV. It really complicates...
  8. CB750

    Bose home theater volume problems!

    LOL, it has to be the secret landlord lock, that bose bass module pumps out such a strong bass it can cause cracks in walls.
  9. CB750

    av receiver

    Their is no best $600 receiver in that price range, just many alternative brand names which have different features that may meet your needs better than others. I would suggest you stick with the major players like Onkyo, Pioneer, Yamaha. but at that price point you are not going to find a lot...
  10. CB750

    New tv incoming and confused about HDMI with rest of setup

    Welcome Al I can't find any manuals for your receiver, but if I take you as your word that it has one HDMI out and two HDMI in connections then you are one HDMI connection from being able to connect your system in the preferred method as your receiver becomes the hub of your system. Here is what...
  11. CB750

    Extra Loudspeakers on Sony HT-IS100

    Welcome to the forum This is not the answer you want to hear. If your Sony HTib does not have provision for a line out audio out you won't be able to use your wireless speakers. You cannot tap into your existing speaker wires as they are an amplified signal and your wireless unit is built to run...
  12. CB750

    Major Connection Help Required

    Connect all of you equipment to the receiver with the best quality connection that equipment supports connect the receiver to the TV with an HDMI cable and you should be good to go.
  13. CB750

    Newbie building 1st home theatre - looking for advice on purchases and set-up.

    As Casey says over the fireplace is a bad location for a TV as is causes many installation problems as far as speaker placement. But the big problem is the set is far to high for proper viewing and will give you as stiff neck after a few days. Forget what you see on HGTV and look for another...
  14. CB750

    Trying to use an older Bose Acoustimass System - Help :)

    Steve, I would suggest that you do a simple continuity test on all of your in wall speaker wires to make sure they are working correctly. Unless someone did some renovation and cut a wire in the wall their is little reason that they should go bad. But you need to test each of the wires. You next...
  15. CB750

    Trying to use an older Bose Acoustimass System - Help :)

    Welcome Steve It is a little hard to exactly figure out how your Bose system is set up as you mention that the bass module is in the rear of the room. I assume that your zone 2 is using a different brand of speakers and they are working just fine. If you were to contact Bose they will tell you...
  16. CB750

    Help! My "Theater" is not sounding so hot.

    Welcome Matthew Are you running those Bose cubes through the bass module? If you contact Bose they will tell you that their cubes must be connected through the bass module. Their are two reasons for that. The Bass module has electronics that boost the frequency response to make up for the small...
  17. CB750

    B&W Speakers.

    I own 5 B&W M-1's and Gene is right I have never seen them sold on-line. I think the B&W list price is $250 but If I remember the trained knowledgeable dealer in my area was selling them for $200, and that was a couple of years ago.
  18. CB750

    Need help deciding between two home theaters in a box

    Damon, Pack a lunch to work or skip a few meals out and go for the Onkyo. In the long run you will be much happier with that system as it will meet your current and future needs. It has a real receiver that means the speakers can be upgraded as a future date.
  19. CB750

    Looking for advice for new 5.1 System

    When a man asks for your opinion he is really asking for your approval. While speaker selection is a very personal decision, I don't think anyone on this forum would recommend any Bose Cube system. They are vastly over priced and under performing when compared to the compared to the rest of the...
  20. CB750

    how to get rid of directv, dish etc

    You didn't mention why you want to dump Direct TV. But from reading this thread I would suggest that you get some quotes from your local cable companies as you sound like you what to receive that kind of programing in your home. You can get some pretty good deals these days if you bundle your...
  21. CB750

    Onkyo HT-S3400 vs Denon DHT-391XP

    If you have read this forum for any amount of time you will see that Onkyo and Denon tend to be the front runners when it comes to HTib market. During this time the Onkyo 5300 tended to be a unit with a lot of bang for the buck. Naturally as new models come out positions might change. Bare in...
  22. CB750

    Pre-wiring home for 5.1 surround system

    First of all you want to make sure you and your contractor follow this guid as to how to properly place your speakers for a 5.1 system. As Phil points out that a Bose...
  23. CB750

    How do I keep my A/V receiver frrom overheating?

    Thanks for the picture as you have just identified a second more important problem in your home theater installation. Mounting your TV over a fireplace is the worst possible place to put your TV. Based on the picture I would estimate the bottom of your TV will be over 4 feet or more off the...
  24. CB750

    Buying a large TV online help--never done it before

    A couple of years ago Costco was offering a great deal on a 52" Sony LCD but a check of the model # revealed it was a slightly different version. Looking at the spec's it was hard to tell the difference. A Sony Store manager told me the Costco version had a different picture processing...
  25. CB750

    Will my set up be ok?

    Welcome Justin Hundreds of years ago Lord Chesterfield wrote: "When you ask an man his opinion you are asking for his approval." So I wonder why you posted as you appear to be requesting neither our opinion or approval or assistance. In the event that I miss understood you. If you...
  26. CB750

    Going to buy a reciever

    If you read any customer product reviews from places like Amazon. You will find that every product sold these days has a few dissatisfied customers. Look up reviews of other $300 receivers you will find other negative comments. If you read and put stock in what reviewers say you need to sort...
  27. CB750

    Building home theater HELP!

    With $1,000 to spend you are going to want to split your budget along the lines of 30% receiver and 70% for speakers. Speakers are your toughest decision, as it will be the major factor in how your system will sound. Suggestions are great, but a speaker I might like you might not. Therefore...
  28. CB750

    Can 7.1 be 5.1?

    Just make sure that your surround speakers are positioned correctly for a 5.1 set up. They should be to the left and right and slightly to the rear of the prime seating area
  29. CB750

    Looking for a HT system for a big CRT TV

    I have one of those last of the CRT's made by Sony. While that set had Composite and Component inputs for VCR, DVD's and Cable the only audio output was a 3.5mm head phone jack. Before you go and buy anything you need to find out if you can connect it to your old set or a cable box.