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  1. DarylA

    help me pick some flooring...

    Philip- Duraceramic tiles. Great product and several colors to choose from. Just had it installed. Am very pleased. Daryl
  2. DarylA

    Seen that Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch commercial?

    Anyone concerned that Darius is advertising a chicken product? Slick move BK!
  3. DarylA

    am I a dummy?

    Thanks for all the help...bad cable! Good call Ted.
  4. DarylA

    am I a dummy?

    Hello- I am connecting my pc to my Onkyo receiver so I can have better sound of my mp3's etc. Not unreasonable right? I'm not the first one to do this. I have followed all the directions for proper connection (line out to aux/tape in, use 1/8 plug with 2 rca's etc). I have it all ready to go...
  5. DarylA

    Bose Pro logic lifestyle compoments for sale

    Pete- I may be interested but need more info on the gear and a more private way of getting in touch.
  6. DarylA

    FS: Entire HT rig!!!

    Interested in #10 and 14 if he decides to part it out.
  7. DarylA

    any Jamie Cullum (twentysomething) listeners?

    Picked this up based on the title track. I like the swing/bop style. Overall an ok disc but am somewhat disappointed. The male version of Norah Jones. May win an award or two because of that. Sounds like early, mellow Billy Joel.
  8. DarylA

    Well recorded instrumental suggestions.

    For guitar, anything by Michael Hedges. Crisp, clear, new age type guitar that fits into that smooth, mellow yet funky jazz category. An amazing talent.
  9. DarylA

    Work Evaluation: Let it be, or duke it out?

    I agree completely with Jeff and Chris. Take the word "fight" out of it and use the term "curiousity" or "clarification" when talking with the Super's Sup.
  10. DarylA

    Atkins diet experience

    Doing the Atkins thing since the new year. No bread, no rice, no pasta, no potatoes, no alcohol, no sugar, no exercise for first 3 months. 15 lb. loss (200-185). Re-introduced limited pasta/bread (1x per week)and lite beer. Dropped 3 more lbs. to date. Looking to reach goal of 23 lbs and stay...
  11. DarylA

    My brothers, sisters, roomates, friends, uncles, daughter???

    I'm a huge Seinfeld fan Mark however, it is fake. People are people regardless of title or relationship. I'm hopeful you are consistent in your treatment of individuals regardless of whether they are your brother-in-law (ie married to your sister) or not. If you like the guy, great. If you don't...
  12. DarylA

    My brothers, sisters, roomates, friends, uncles, daughter???

    Consider him your brother-in-law when you need to borrow a ladder or burn his copy of DSOTM because the kids played frisbee with your copy. Is this really something that people take time to ponder and believe needs to be delineated? Wow! Wish I had the time.
  13. DarylA

    Pio DV-563A firmware fix

    My understanding is that it occurs with any disc from Warner, Rhino and Universal. I picked up my 563a 3 weeks ago and then found out about this firmware issue. I went in search of a Warner disc to confirm the problem. I picked up The Nightfly by D. Fagen and played it without problem in the...
  14. DarylA

    What Universal DVD player to get

    Pioneer 563A, $150 at Circuit City and Best Buy. Awesome reviews. Google it and see for yourself. Bought one last week and am very satisfied. Agree with the critique that the remote is small.
  15. DarylA

    iscan pro

    I am interested in purchasing/using the iscan pro line doubler in my home theater. I have a Hitachi 43" Widescreen HD Ready RPTV Model #43FWX20B. I keep reading a bunch of information but have not come across anything that clearly states that I can use the iscan with this rptv. I know it may...
  16. DarylA

    Anyone have this medical procedure done?

    Jason- Sorry to hear about your situation. I was diagnosed at age 28 in May of 1987 with a right testicular tumor and had a radical right side orchiectomy done within 3 days of my diagnosis. After healing I followed it with a 3 week course of radiation. I had a lymphaniogram done to assure no...
  17. DarylA

    Question on Speaker Settings on Receiver

    Using a sub and particularly the Energy 5.2 go with a small setting.
  18. DarylA

    Requesting HT Mag's "14 el cheapo tweaks"

    Steve- Give me a day or so with my schedule and I'll send or give them to you. I have the mag. Be with you soon. Daryl
  19. DarylA

    Anyone want to play guidance counselor?

    Brett Make sure that whatever direction you head that you don't end up having that "painted in the corner" feeling now or years later. My experience with potential employers is that they want to see growth/progression in your job experiences. Start to keep track of your accomplishments at your...
  20. DarylA

    Energy Speakers

    Hey Brandon- Yet another enthusiast satisfied with Energy speakers. I'm currently running exl 15's and the exl c in my 5.1 set up. My room is 12 x 15. Two words, love it! exl 25's sound intriguing but would suggest you allow your ears to be your biggest/best judge. Keep in mind that size...
  21. DarylA

    Energy Speaker's

    I've used Energy for several years and absolutely love them. I'm using the xl series in my HT setup. As mentioned before...heaven! Good luck. I think you hit the nail on the head when you noted the price point.
  22. DarylA

    Help me plan Orlando (Disney) Vacation

    Doug- Skip the Poly luau but do the Hoop Tee Do. Seaworld is a great place. I'd highly recommend Discovery Cove (part of Seaworld and across the street). Swim with the dolphins and snorkel all day with s-rays, fish etc. We went a year ago and still talk about it being one of the greatest things...
  23. DarylA

    discwasher d4

    Sathyan- Ahh the old Discwasher system. I remember it well. I still have mine from 1978! It's still in great shape. I always ran 4-5 drops directly along the leading edge of the brush. I would then use the bottom of the bottle to "spread" the solution across the brush (for even distribution of...
  24. DarylA

    QuickPoll #3: Your Favorite Album

    Clarence Gatemouth Brown = "Gate Swings"
  25. DarylA

    Need Suggestions for good Voices to show off my Rockets

    Great suggestions throughout the thread! kd Lang, Eva Cassidy and Sarah Mc. are givens. How about (male and female): Brad Roberts (Crash Test Dummies) Sarah Vaughn Nina Simone Van Morrison Heart (Wilson sisters) Mel Torme Lucinda Williams
  26. DarylA

    Charlie Hunter live

    Sathyan- Almost anything by Charlie Hunter (and his quartet) is good. He's an excellent artist. One of my favs. "Bing, Bing, Bing" is terrific. His cover of the entire "Natty Dread" album (by B. Marley) is wonderful. I agree with JW though. A somewhat funkier type than those you mention. I...
  27. DarylA

    Mitsubishi commercial

    I'm sure someone out there knows who performs the song on the most recent Nitsubishi SUV commercial. Silver SUV travelling the streets, appears as though people are watching it pass by from a window? Anyone seen it? Any help? Thanks.
  28. DarylA

    Satellite speaker recommendations?

    Tamer- I second the Energy suggestions. Went with my neighbor to audition both series. Rndrd up liking the Take 5.2 a tad better than the Encore series. I don't think you can go wrong with Energy. Good luck.
  29. DarylA

    Your All-Star Band

    C'mon Chuck play along! Don't be afraid to dream! Here's my desire (a mix of genres): Guitar 1: Stevie Ray Vaughan Guitar 2: Lee Ritenour Bass: Stanley Clark Drums: Russ Kunkel (James Taylor) Keyboards: David Benoit Female vocals: kd Lang Male vocals: Brad Roberts (Crash Test Dummies)
  30. DarylA

    Inexpensive but good surround speakers

    Check out the Energy line of speakers. The exl series may do it for you.