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  1. Cory S.

    UHD Review A Few Words About A few words about...™ -The Godfather(s) 50th Anniversary Restoration -- in 4k UHD

    The HDR grading and the compression are the difference between digital and the disc. The HDR on the disc is a tad more intense and the compression is obviously better on disc than digital.
  2. Cory S.

    Disney+ Disney+ Streaming Service (Official Thread)

    Dolby Vision comes to Disney Plus.
  3. Cory S.

    Disney+ Disney+ Streaming Service (Official Thread)

    Truthfully, if your connection is good enough and the fact that it looks like the special features will be included on the streaming version, I think the answer is no....especially if we get all of this/whatever titles are available in 4K.
  4. Cory S.

    Disney+ Disney+ Streaming Service (Official Thread)

    And here’s the thing we all need to get ready for; Disney won’t be the only one that does this. All the studios are going to do this. All of them. WB. Comcast/Universal. Viacom/Paramount. This is the future.
  5. Cory S.

    Disney+ Disney+ Streaming Service (Official Thread)

    This is 100% on the money, especially the final paragraph. This is why, if WB's subscription service is exactly like this...with WB's rich and long history of content, how do you not subscribe to that service as well? I always hoped that buying digital from the digital retailers (iTunes)...
  6. Cory S.

    Press Release Announcing the launch of MOVIES ANYWHERE

    If people are still having problems having films migrate to iTunes, the best solution that I've found is to disconnect MA from iTunes...wait a few minutes and reconnect the two accounts. Did that yesterday afternoon and now everything has migrated to iTunes that I didn't have there before. A...
  7. Cory S.

    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

    Same with me. Never liked THE FORCE AWAKENS from the first viewing. I haven't tried to watch it through since. For me personally, it's just a lazy film. There's only one sequence I liked in the entire film and that was the escape from Jakku sequence with the Falcon. To me, that felt like...
  8. Cory S.

    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

    A New Hope Revenge of the Sith The Empire Strikes Back Rogue One Return of the Jedi The Phantom Menace Attack of the Clones And yes, I didn't include The Force Awakens for a reason.
  9. Cory S.

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Batman v Superman (extended) -- in 4k UHD Blu-ray

    But that's actually not really the point of Snyder's version of WATCHMEN...on film. If anything, Snyder was way early on making WATCHMEN because at the heart of the film version, no matter what version you watch, Snyder's actually deconstructing cinema. Had Snyder's version...
  10. Cory S.

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

    Considering the film has less action than MAN OF STEEL, not sure what that quote is about.
  11. Cory S.

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

    Had a chance to go to the IMAX 2D fan screening last night. While disjointed in the first half of the picture, this was a fantastic sequel to Man of Steel, in my opinion. Right now, I'm willing to be serious money that the Ultimate Edition that his home video later this year (or next?) is...
  12. Cory S.

    UHD UHD General Discussion Thread

    My 1080p set is only a year and a half old so of course the wife has nixed the idea of getting a 4K until that TV goes out. My only question to those in the know is that if I got a UHD Blu Ray player for my 1080p set, will I have to switch out the HDMI cables as well? I am glad that it's been...
  13. Cory S.

    The promise of an Apple TV

    So, loving the new Apple TV but I found something very interesting. So, I asked Siri to find "Kate Beckinsale" films and she pulled up all of her films. I chose UNDERWORLD and it showed that I have the ability to play the film but it also shows that it's available on Netflix and iTunes. What's...
  14. Cory S.

    Star Wars on Digital HD/Disney Movies Anywhere in May?

    Han doesn't shoot first on the digital of yet. Read this: Long story short, the story about the 4K masters seems to be dead on with more tweaks and whatnot WITH Han shooting first. But, it's being...
  15. Cory S.

    Blu-ray Review The Hunger Games Catching Fire Blu-Ray Review (Highly Recommended)

    Excellent, excellent review, Matt. Very detailed. Would love to own this on Friday considering how massive of a fan of the films/books that I am but the inevitable box set looms and I think I'm going to hold out for matter how much that pains me! Glad the documentary is excellent...
  16. Cory S.

    Star Trek Into Darkness on iTunes out today

    It's exclusive in how it's represented. One is digital, the other is on disc. Not saying this isn't stupid but that's the deal with both the Best Buy and Target exclusive. Also, Best Buy has an exclusive slipcover that matches the slipcover from the '09 release and Target's version has an...
  17. Cory S.

    Star Trek Into Darkness on iTunes out today

    In the iTunes toolbar, go to Edit, Preferences, then click on the Store tab, and then you can select which you prefer, 720p or 1080p when downloading videos.
  18. Cory S.

    Star Trek Into Darkness on iTunes out today

    The enhanced commentary, airplayed to my Apple TV, looked fantastic. Yeah, it's not BD quality but, to the average consumer, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be able to tell the difference. And it's especially nice (eventhough it should've been on the BD) that the enhanced commentary is the IMAX...
  19. Cory S.

    Star Trek Into Darkness on iTunes out today

    That all depends on the size of the TV. Not saying I can't see a difference but at 9 and a half feet away (living room leaves me no other option) on a 40' TV, it's hard to see a difference between BD and HD digital copy.
  20. Cory S.

    Star Trek Into Darkness on iTunes out today

    As for the extras, the most complete package is the Target exclusive. You get the digital copy code for UV and iTunes and the iTunes code includes the iTunes extras with the digital copy of the film. The Target exclusive is just another 30 minutes of BTS stuff.Best Buy's exclusive is the same...
  21. Cory S.

    Star Trek Into Darkness on iTunes out today

    I AirPlayed the enhanced commentary for this in 1080p from my computer to my TV through my Apple TV. It can be done. It just involves having the right equipment.
  22. Cory S.

    Apple TV continues to add new streaming services

    I used Vevo for almost 2 hours last night. It was a nostalgia thing. I went back to see how many old music videos from my youth were available and I was shocked to find that I added over sixty videos on my playlists. My wife and I had a ball with Vevo last night. Also set up Weather...
  23. Cory S.

    Star Trek Into Darkness iTunes

    I happened to try it by accident. When I was watching my digital copy of Prometheus with the commentary, I saw the AirPlay icon on my computer. I figured, "what the hell, give it a try." And it worked beautifully. Same thing here, although the enhanced commentary balloons the film for...
  24. Cory S.

    Star Trek Into Darkness iTunes

    @Neil, Not necessarily. I AirPlay'ed this enhanced commentary (in HD) from my PC to my living room TV that has an Apple TV hooked to it and it worked beautifully. I did the same thing a while ago with the iTunes version of Prometheus with the commentary by Ridley Scott. Worked just as well.
  25. Cory S.

    Star Trek Into Darkness iTunes

    Interesting development. It seems, as part of the iTunes extras, INTO DARKNESS has an enhanced commentary track, exclusive to iTunes. Get this; the enhanced commentary is the IMAX version of the film, i.e., footage shot with the IMAX cameras opens up to 1.78. This is a seconded encoded file...
  26. Cory S.

    Smart TV users ‘twice as likely’ to cancel pay TV

    My combined cable/internet/telephone bill with Time Warner Cable is 135 dollars a month. Unfortunately, I don't see myself ever being able to cut the cord. Minus my wife's shows that she loves to DVR (even though every station has a damn on demand channel to where she could catch up that way)...
  27. Cory S.

    Roku More Popular Than Apple TV

    One Apple TV in the living room. If we decide to get a second television for our bedroom, we'll get a second Apple TV.
  28. Cory S.

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

    While the team up will happen in the film, this is actually the sequel to Man of Steel. It just happens to feature Batman, like the Dark Knight featured the Joker. Goyer's been working on the script since February and they're already in pre-production. And Goyer was on record during Comic-Con...
  29. Cory S.

    Amazing -- Apple TV makes up over 50% of streaming devices

    Listen, it wasn't meant to be rude or disrespectful to the enthusiast here that continue to strive for the best. More power to you guys. It's just that, over the last year, I've done some soul searching as to whether or not the investment into home theater was even worth it anymore or...