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  1. Paul Borges

    North By Northwest Restoration for 2009?

    In the recent Warner chat, it was mentioned that an HD North By Northwest would be targeted for a 2009 date for its 50th anniversary. I have read that the film sources are in pretty bad shape. What could be done to bring this film back to its former glory? Do separation masters exist so an ultra...
  2. Paul Borges

    How soon before HD and DVD releases are simultaneous?

    Warner just announced recently some great catalog titles (more Astaire/Rogers, Masterpieces collection, ect.) on DVD. But why not release these on HD simultaneously? I guess its a business decision. When will title releases for HD and DVD occur simultaneously?
  3. Paul Borges

    Has Paramount quit releasing classic films to SD DVD?

    Great! Is it me, or has it been a really quiet year from Paramount?
  4. Paul Borges

    Mogambo and 3 Godfathers at Target this week? DavisDVD is reporting this as an exclusive from Target!
  5. Paul Borges

    Laser Examiner Article - DVD Quality Starting to Lag?

    Here's the link: Why are the studios not using the full capacity of DVDs? Is our ferocious appetite for product leading to a decrease in quality? Should we all be more patient? Thoughts?
  6. Paul Borges

    Were the following films 3-strip technicolor...?

    Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Call Me Madam Red Garters Dangerous When Wet Desert Song, The 1953 Easy To Love Give A Girl A Break I Love Melvin Lili Miss Sadie Thompson Small Town Girl
  7. Paul Borges

    Canada vs USA Versions of Following Musicals...

    I've noticed on the net that the following Warner musicals have different UPC codes for Canada and USA. 42nd Street UPC Canada = 085391922926, UPC USA = 012569500129 Yankee Doodle Dandy UPC Canada = 085393098025, UPC USA = 012569504127 plus Easter Parade Band Wagon which have already...