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  1. Shawn O

    Audio Refinement Multi-5 in Canada

    Silver,excellent condition with obm and receipt.A little over 1yr old. Price includes shipping in Canada.Will split shipping to US. $1600 cdn.obo Email or call me 519-727-6801. Thanks, Shawn
  2. Shawn O

    Iscan pro w/ obm

    Selling my Iscan pro w/ obm.Going back to HTPC. $160 Shipped. Thanks, Shawn
  3. Shawn O

    WTT..Iscan Pro for cpu/mobo/ram combo

    Hi all, I'm wanting to trade my Iscan Pro(W/OBM) for a cpu/mobo/ram combo to use in my htpc. Thanks, Shawn
  4. Shawn O

    Best high school math software?

    Greetings All, I've decided to go back to school to study computer science.Anyway,I took an online test to gauge my math skills for class placement and the result was down right awful.embarrassing to say the least. Does anyone know of some really good math software that covers...
  5. Shawn O

    how to register with search engines?

    Greetings all, A friend of mine wants to register his company website on the major search engines.I've noticed that there are companies that will do this for you.Does anyone know which companies are reputable as there seems to be a ton of them? Also,are there any other methods of...
  6. Shawn O

    Which Paladin die for Canare FP-C5F F Connector

    Greetings all, Does anyone know which Paladin 8000 die will work w/ Canare FP-C5F F Connectors on Canare L5-cfb? Thanks, Shawn
  7. Shawn O

    Affordable 100+ page ADF Scanner

    Greetings All, I'm in the process of purchasing a scanner for a new business.I'm looking for something that will hold at least 100 sheets for ADF,more is better.B&W and Simplex are perfectly fine.Duty cycle is about 1000 pages per day.PPM is the least of my concerns and any decent resolution...
  8. Shawn O

    WTT:Denon AVR-5700

    Greetings, I'm looking to trade my AVR-5700 w/ original box for some entry level seperates.Processor and 5ch amp.I no longer need all of the video switching capabilities so I'm looking to simplify. The unit looks as good as the day it was purchased.I'm the original owner. Thanks for...
  9. Shawn O

    Windsor/Detroit area PSB Stratus C-6 $350

    Greetings, I'm selling my Stratus C-6 center speaker in High Gloss Piano Black.This unit is a 9/10.It looks the same as it did when it was brand new.Looking for someone to pickup as I have no box.I'm in Windsor Ontario.$350 obo. Thanks, Shawn
  10. Shawn O

    Windsor/Detroit area Definitive Tech BP-8's $300

    Greetings, I'm selling a pair of Bp-8's in very good condition.They are used as my rears.I would rate them an 8/10.Pickup only please as I don't have boxes or manual.I'm in Windsor Ontario.$350 obo. Thanks for looking, Shawn
  11. Shawn O

    Windsor/Detroit area Definitive Tech BP-30's $1000cdn

    Greetings.I'm selling a pair of BP-30's in very good condition.My tastes have changed towards horns.I'm looking for someone to pick these up as I have no boxes or mauals.I'm in Windsor ,Ont. Thanks for looking. Shawn
  12. Shawn O

    WTT:Bryston 4bst & Definitive BP30's for LaScalas

    Greetings, I'm looking for a pair of la scala's,1990 or newer,black prefered,in perfect working order. I would rate both my products as 8/10.4bst is 19"(black,handles) w/ obm & spec sheet.DefTech's have no boxes or documentation. Looking for someone in South Western Ontario or Michigan...
  13. Shawn O

    Opinions on Dell 600m wanted.

    Hi all, My wife is going back to school so I've been looking for a laptop for her.I would also like to use it as a gaming machine whenever she's not using it. Anyway,I came across the Dell 600m here .Right now they have a free ram upgrade from 256 to 768MB and free shipping.What do you...
  14. Shawn O

    What is a USB memory key?

    Hi all, I've been looking for a notebook for my wife and I keep comming across USB memory key as an option,either in 16 or 32MB .What exactly is it?Are there any advantages or disadvantages in having it? Thanks, Shawn
  15. Shawn O

    How to daisy chain speakers?

    Could someone please tell me how to correctly "daisy-chain" two sets of speakers? Thank you, Shawn
  16. Shawn O

    How to install a new HD?

    I'm looking for advice/instructions for a noob on how to install a new hard drive.It will be an UDMA66 drive.I would also like to transfer my existing drive information onto it as is.I can't just add a new drive and keep the old one as I am out of PCI slots. Any info or links will be greatly...
  17. Shawn O

    WTB..$1300 amp..Bryston 4Bst perhaps.

    I'm looking for a 4bst or something similar. Thanks, Shawn
  18. Shawn O

    True XBox VGA finally?

    Could this be it or just another let down? Scroll down for English version.
  19. Shawn O

    XBox VGA adapter,still vapourware?

    I haven't been keeping current with xbox news so I have to ask.Is there true vga yet? Thanks, Shawn
  20. Shawn O

    Xbox arcade sticks??

    Does anyone have one?If so,where did you purchase it.I can't find one anywhere. Thanks
  21. Shawn O

    Consoles life cycle gettig shorter?

  22. Shawn O

    Any X-Box commercials yet?

    I haven't seen any yet.If anyone has seen one could you please tell me the channel(network) and during what show you saw it? I thought that with a $500,000,000 ad campaign I would be sick of the commercials already. Thanks, Shawn
  23. Shawn O

    New 65" Toshiba already???

    Well,my dealer just had their annual customer appreciation sale.The had a deal on the current 65h80 for $5500 Cdn which is a good price in these parts. To make a long story short,he told me to wait.He said that he had already been informed that Toshiba is totally re-doing the 65".New slimmer...