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  1. ChristopherBlig

    Warner Archive Discussion Thread (FEEDBACK)

    Any chance to pay via PayPal for some that don't have a credit card? I think there should be alternate means for all!
  2. ChristopherBlig

    Films that need DVD Releases with their Original Aspect Ratio, anamorphic if need be!

    According to the late Sydney Pollack on the commentary of The Yakuza, he had filmed all of his movies wide up until Out of Africa. Absence of Malice needs to be formatted to the right aspect ratio if that's the case.
  3. ChristopherBlig

    The Friends of Eddie Coyle

    any way for the image to be posted on here clueing to Eddie Coyle
  4. ChristopherBlig

    Weekly RoundUp 1-8-2008

    Zodiac Directors Cut at BB is 22.99
  5. ChristopherBlig

    The missing trailer thread and where i can find those missing trailers

    Is Warner joining the ranks of not including the trailers since recent releases of Lucky You and Ocean's 13 are not including the trailers...but many fall under the habit of having the trailer appear on other titles...this section should keep track of that too.
  6. ChristopherBlig

    TITANIC: You all knew this was coming...

    and then in that new happy ending they bore a son named Richard and he went on to host the FAMILY FEUD!!!!
  7. ChristopherBlig

    The official BLADE RUNNER SE thread. (Check out page 8 and #790.)

    I saw this on my net viewings and it brings up this this how the Final Cut begins? is this an additional add to the film that hasn't been mentioned?
  8. ChristopherBlig

    Casino Royale (2006) on 3/13/07

    More importantly, does anyone know if either one of the trailers are on another DVD for its not on here?
  9. ChristopherBlig

    Has Paramount quit releasing classic films to SD DVD?

    don't forget the Otto Preminger classic SKIDOO!!!!!! Trailer is on YouTube to get a peek and I second the vote for The Naked Prey!!!! And in all honesty, let's not put it in synch with a known person's new release in the movies to coincide, sometimes you gotta say what the f^&* as Risky...
  10. ChristopherBlig

    Notice on 6-20-06 Weekly RoundUp

    and early rumor of a two disc Superman Look Up in the Sky from Best Buy, not advertised, true??
  11. ChristopherBlig

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Tora! Tora! Tora! (Cinema Classics Collection)

    Looks and sounds like a great set, if only they would've included the episode of AMC Backstory on here for it covered the making of the film nicely as well as in continuity for other Fox titles released recently (Poseidon Adventure, Towering Inferno, upcoming Valley of the Dolls)
  12. ChristopherBlig

    Anchor Bay's "SIX PACK" starring Diane Lane

    Any trailer? I miss seeing this film since the days of WHT (the east coast Z Channel practically) Where's Brewster Baker? He had to shake the dew off What? He had to take a p--s!! And that's the story!!! Check for Chuck Woolery in a cameo as one of the racing commentators
  13. ChristopherBlig

    Steven Spielberg's Munich - 5/9

    Any word if the trailer to this film will be included or will we be disappointed yet again as Dreamworks goes the route of both Paramount and Universal in the senseless fight against putting trailers on DVDs. (No problem for Get Rich or Die Tryin but where the hell is the WOTW trailers???)
  14. ChristopherBlig

    Weekly RoundUp 3-7-2006

    How did you find out about Jarhead Collector's Edition at Circuit City at 24.99? I checked the flyer and and found nothing. What's the deal? I wanna pick it up tomorrow but would love a confirm
  15. ChristopherBlig

    Weekly RoundUp 2-28-2006

    Happy birthday DAVE!!!
  16. ChristopherBlig

    Weekly RoundUp 2-28-2006

    I tried to price match today the Walk the Line 2 Disc with the ad from Electronics Expo (which had the poster cover of the 2 disc listed for 12.99) and both CC and BB refused to price match me...sounds to me like the places are cutting hours and losing money to me!!
  17. ChristopherBlig

    2001 Special Edition?

    for all of you in NYC interested... they are playing 2001 in a triple bill with Close Encounters and Alien March 17th-19th and March 22nd at the Ziegfeld theatre nothing like catching it on a screen of great credibility such as that!!!
  18. ChristopherBlig

    Ronin Se - 5/9/06

    would it kill them to include both the teaser (which is genius with all of the members of the cast walking down a street with the letters forming from the shadows) and theatrical trailer?? Let's think over this 2 disc dammit
  19. ChristopherBlig

    Casino: 10th Anniversary Edition 14th june

    It's hard for me to play a keyboard in a DVD player too, I heard Casio makes watches as well
  20. ChristopherBlig

    Kingdom of Heaven - Director's Cut - 5/23/06

    Any chance for a theatrical release before the DVD release on the East Coast. I certainly would love to experience this film on the big screen!!!
  21. ChristopherBlig

    for the record it's not
  22. ChristopherBlig

    To Kill a Mockingbird SE at Best Buy - $9.99

    I got my copy for the same price, and they did have the pics in's all in the weight of it...I picked up an extra copy to put away for my own treasure trove...thanks just can't beat that
  23. ChristopherBlig

    New PLANET OF THE APES information made available to HTF

    Can this thread be combined with the other current Planet of the Apes thread???
  24. ChristopherBlig

    Weekly RoundUp 1-31-2006

    Is the Man on Fire and I Robot the regular release or the two disc after?
  25. ChristopherBlig

    My top 10 and honorable mentions, what's on your list

    Here's the big list, the moment you've all been waiting for and even though we're a month into 2006, it's good anytime and here it is: 1) The Fly 2 Disc Collector's Edition- With the always reliable David Cronenberg at the commentary helm and a killer documentary that goes through all range...
  26. ChristopherBlig

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Red Eye

    saw this in the theater and the way it began up until Cillian Murphy comes into the picture was eh but things picked up when it was between the two (agreed) and I could've done without the disgruntled couple (came off phony adding an Hollywood "fun idea" element and the Chips captain has done...
  27. ChristopherBlig

    Oscar Watch 2005 - pre-awards discussion

    Makeup The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Cinderella Man A History of Violence The New World The Libertine Mrs. Henderson Presents Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith Sound Editing The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe...
  28. ChristopherBlig

    WORST FILMS OF 2005...anyone? Anyone?

    Well, I haven't seen many awfully bad movies this year, but one that really comes to mind was a Oscar bait in August release Asylum. Now I like Natasha Richardson and Ian McKellan and their respected works and this is far from any of them and it turns a 90 minute picture into a high brow stiff...
  29. ChristopherBlig

    Weekly RoundUp 12-26 & 12-27-05

    Has anybody been lucky enough to get Twilight Zone Season 5 at Costco? I work near one and they have a sign for the first 3 season deals but nothing stockwise out yet. Wasn't sure if it was the same all over or just the place near me. If they are in stock at the other Costcos, is it the same...
  30. ChristopherBlig

    Oscar Watch 2005 - pre-awards discussion

    Speaking of the GGs, what's the deal with that Christmas song in contention? Elizabethtown had a decent original song offering and it lost out to a movie not even released in 2005 (2004 to be exact) what gives??? Might not matter since the award went to the song from Alfie that wasn't even...