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  1. Brett_M

    Ballers - Dwayne Johnson

    Interesting "former football great turned sports agent" pilot with some unexpected humor both dark and more broad. As I watched, I couldn't help to compare it to The Decline of Western Civilization: The Metal Years. Although it is not a documentary, the grandiose words and behavior of these...
  2. Brett_M

    Netflix's The Fall - Gillian Anderson

    I watched Gillian Anderson on Jimmy Fallon promoting this. I was binge watching it and it ended abruptly - I expected 10 to 13 episodes and there are only 5. I hope they return with more episodes. Anyway, it is a great police procedural. Quiet and atmospheric, tense and deliberately paced...
  3. Brett_M

    Rise of the Planet of the Apes -- Reviews

    Saw this in a matinee with my kids today. I liked it a lot. Andy Serkis should get most of the credit -- his mo cap work is awesome and the CGI apes were believable and effective. A few nods to the original classic and a wide open door for sequels. The cheese was limited and there was heart and...
  4. Brett_M

    FS: OPPO 971H

    OPPO's killer player. Complete with manual & remote. (No cable because I connected via DVI.) Like new condition -- will be shipped in original box. $160 shipped via USPS PayPal only. PM questions.
  5. Brett_M

    Noob question: help

    Hi all, I have a Sony 55" 1080i RPTV. I currently use an Oppo 971, upconverting to 1080i. If I went with BR, would I see any difference in quality? Bottom line: is it worth it to jump on the bandwagon? Thanks in advance.
  6. Brett_M

    Dancing With The Stars - Season 8

    The Hotness returns tonight. Personally, I'm bummed out that Jewel is not going to perform this season. I was looking forward to that body.
  7. Brett_M

    Movie help

    I need a list of movies that rely on a first-person narrative that could connect to Gatsby in terms of doomed relationships, social class, etc. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Brett_M

    Razzie Nominations

    via Worst Picture: Speed Racer Disaster Movie and Meet the Spartans The Day the Earth Stood Still High School Musical 3 The Hottie & The Nottie Dungeon Siege The Love Guru Postal Rambo The Happening Meet Dave Witless Protection Worst Actor: Zac Efron Dane Cook...
  9. Brett_M

    Actors and their signature characters

    I was looking at the new Dirty Harry DVDs the other day and it occurred to me that Eastwood is one of only a handful of actors who have more than one popular or beloved film character -- a defining character, in other words. Who are the actors with more than one signature role to their...
  10. Brett_M

    *** Official SEMI-PRO Review Thread

    Caught this last night at a sneak preview. It's about what you'd expect. Some funny stuff separated by a lot of Ferrell doing Ferrell (a lot of yelling, crude humor and "jokes" puncuated by foul language). The good -- opening credits are laugh out loud funny. Some cool basketball scenes...
  11. Brett_M

    American Gangster Extended Edition

    Has anyone seen this version? I'd love a brief review. I enjoyed the film but there was something missing for me, something missing that keeps it out of "excellent" territory. Is the extended treatment akin to that of Kingdom of Heaven, albeit with only an extra 18 minutes? Any help...
  12. Brett_M

    Some short, humorous Netflix reviews...

    Rent -- The opening song is great. (end review) The Ring Two -- One Ring too many. Final Destination 3 -- Not worth the plastic it's imprinted on. Planet of the Apes -- This movie sucks eggs. Carlito's Way: Rise to Power -- A steaming turd with no resemblance whatsoever to...
  13. Brett_M

    WTB; Laserdisc player

    Looking for a player. No frills needed -- I just need one that works. PM me with price including postage. The cheaper, the better. I have DVDs/laserdiscs for trade. Send wants. I've bought and sold on the Software forum. See ebay feedback for kizzstuff. Thanks, -Brett
  14. Brett_M

    Re: *** Official BEOWULF Review Thread

    Agreed. It was quite similar to the opening pull-out shot in Contact.
  15. Brett_M

    Re: *** Official THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM Review Thread

    Desh DID notice him on the skooter. He saw him in the side mirror. Desh was after the CIA station chief, not Bourne.
  16. Brett_M

    The Road coming in 2008...

    from director John Hillcoat (The Proposition) with a screenplay by Joe Penhall. For those of you who don't know, "The Road" is the 2007 Pulitzer Prize winner for fiction. It's set in a post-apocalyptic southeastern United States. A father and son are traveling to the coast, searching for food...
  17. Brett_M

    DVDs For Sale/Trade

    I have the following DVDs in EXCELLENT condition For Sale/Trade: Hamburger Hill -- original release. $5 Ray Limited Edition -- 2-disc harcover booklet -- $10 Legend Ultimate Edition -- $8 Protocol -- $3 Don Juan DeMarco -- $3 L.A. Confidential -- $5 Walk the Line -- single disc -- $5...
  18. Brett_M

    Star Wars Limited Edition DVDs $9.99 at Costco

    If you held out on buying the 2-disc release with the letterboxed original versions, Costco has them for $9.99 each. For $30 I may just cave and buy them to replace the single disc editions from the box set. I'll hold off until after Celebration IV -- I don't want to be duped by the beard...
  19. Brett_M

    Help me with movie title...

    Back in the 80s, I saw a trailer at the movies and it scared the hell out of me. I only remember a couple things: (1) Mad Man Mars and (2) a guy being ripped from his car through the driver's side window. Anyone know it?
  20. Brett_M

    M:I:III DVD PQ Issues

    Did anyone else notice a lot of moire and line noise during the Vatican scenes in M:I:III? I was looking forward to this DVD because I greatly enjoyed it theatrically but was taken out of the movie on several occasions because of the line distortion. My HT includes an Oppo 971...
  21. Brett_M

    Re: *** Official X-MEN: THE LAST STAND Review Thread

    Not to go off topic but I couldn't let this go. Compared to William Petersen in Manhunter, Norton came off as a whiny doofus, imo. I think Ralph Fiennes' Francis Dolarhyde made Ratner's take worth watching. Brett Ratner is a hack. He copped Dante Spinotti to lens his version because he did it so...
  22. Brett_M

    HTF Members: I need your help!

    I need titles for movies that deal with national service like the Peace Corps or the draft. I'll do the research -- help me with titles. Thanks!
  23. Brett_M

    Anyone else out there love The White Buffalo?

    This is one of my favorite films -- I watch it every time it's on Flix or Encore. There is something about the score, the screenplay (genuine frontier gibberish), Charles Bronson, Will Sampson and Jack Warden that make this fun to watch. There is a melancholy surrounding the whole...
  24. Brett_M

    3 Days of the Condor SE anytime soon?

    I saw on Laser's Edge that this was released on 3/28 with a new cover. I assume it's the same anamorphic widescreen 5.1 disc from '99. This is one of my favorite films but I never took the plunge in hopes that it would get SE treatment. At around $10, it's not a huge deal but $10 is $10...
  25. Brett_M

    DVDs For Sale

    The following DVDs are in excellent condition. Most have been viewed only once! Widescreen unless otherwise noted. They need a good home. Price is negotiable -- help me make some room! **Previously viewed discs are from Blockbuster and play perfectly. MEDIA MAIL POSTAGE IS INCLUDED IN THE...
  26. Brett_M

    Korean DVDs

    Anybody bought a region 3 Korean DVD (of a US release) and found it was censored for violence or nudity? Also, how much is airmail postage (usually)?
  27. Brett_M

    Japanese DVD retailers?

    Any reputable DVD retailers for Japanese versions (meaning better) of US releases? Like "Last Action Hero" Superbit, etc. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, -Brett
  28. Brett_M

    Oppo DV971H -- A review

    Received my new Oppo on Saturday and spent the next two days watching movies. My initial thoughts...WOW. $213 postage paid from Extremephono. Took less than a week via FedEx. Set-up was a breeze. (Free 4 m DVI cable included in price.) There are a lot of video tweaks that could be done...
  29. Brett_M

    Question about Sharpness setting...

    I'm using a Sony 51" rear projection HDTV. When calibrating my screen using the Sharpness control, I see no change in the sharpness level. Is there a general rule as to how high or low it should be set? Should I set it when viewing a scene from a flick instead of a calibration screen from...
  30. Brett_M

    Need reliable DV D player... replace my Toshiba SD-4800. It is still working but I am noticing anomolies that could mean impending doom. I have had it for about 5 years and it has been an awesome player. There are so many internet sites and none are very user friendly as far as customer reviews. I watch on a 51" Sony...