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  1. Westly T

    Upgrade to 5 channel amp?

    Thanks for your thoughts, I actually do have a SVS sub, it’s one of the huge tube models with a built in 800 Watt amp, from quite a few years ago, but I forget the exact model. As I mentioned, I’ve run out of space, so I really can’t just add another amp. The way my room is setup My entire wall...
  2. Westly T

    Upgrade to 5 channel amp?

    The Denon is an AVR-X3200W, it is stated to be 4 ohm stable, but doesn’t list specifications at 4 ohms, 105 Watts at 8 ohm. I suspect THD is not great at 4 ohms if they don’t even list it. All the Polk LSi speakers are 4 ohm, and when I listened to the LSi15’s powered of the receiver, I was not...
  3. Westly T

    Upgrade to 5 channel amp?

    Hello, I was thinking of moving to a 5 channel amp with my A/V setup and was looking for thoughts and suggestions. I’m currently running a $1k recent Denon receiver, Polk LSi15’s powered off a NAD 2400 stereo amp, and my LSiC and LSiFX are powered off the Denon receiver. I’m thinking of...
  4. Westly T

    DVI to HDMI and HDMI to DVI and which cables - connectors?

    I got my HDMI cable at Monoprice, quality seems very very good on their 24G cable and is very, very cheap!! 6" HDMI High Quality model $18.80 Budget model $7.65 6" HDMI - DVI High Quality model $18.87 Budget model $6.44 Other lengths available as well as...
  5. Westly T

    Yamaha RX-V2600 heat. Help a noob.

    Give that a try first and see how it does...
  6. Westly T

    Putting receiver in an armoire?

    I used a basic thermostat from Home Depot to control fans in a previous house where the equipment was all in an in wall cabinet. Worked very well, just get one that can control forced air AC units and it has relay contacts that will close when the temperature goes above the set temperature when...
  7. Westly T

    Yamaha RX-V2600 heat. Help a noob.

    There are many sources for fans, but on the power issue, you have some choices. There are small computer like fans that run on 120V and could just be plugged into the switched outlet on the back of the receiver. I tried a few of the more quiet models I could find at a couple odd supply and...
  8. Westly T

    To iPod or not to iPod, that is the question.

    I actually bought a Sony 20GB tiny player that looked very cool. But the software they used was buggy and I could not get it to transfer my music to the player. It would go part way through and fail. You could not just start where you left off, and there were thousands of songs being...
  9. Westly T

    Sony STR-DE898 vs Onkyo TX-SR603X

    I think you got a deal on the Sony and might just keep it and look at your speakers after you save a little more. In a couple years you'll likely need some new features and can upgrade to a nice unit then. There will be some changes in formats and video formats you will probably want to take...
  10. Westly T

    Cable Volume Gets TOO Loud

    Problem I have is Dolby 5.1 is much quieter then 2.0, so each time it switces, the volume at commericals or when switching channels.
  11. Westly T

    To iPod or not to iPod, that is the question.

    I have an Ipod, and these are my reasons: I primarily use it in my car and at 1)I wanted a large capacity unit, enough to fit my entire collection, that had available mounting/interface/power kits for automobiles. 2)I wanted an easy dock system for the office so i can just...
  12. Westly T

    Question about adding an amp

    Many times a better, more powerful amp WILL sound better even at low levels, far below the limits of the amp. This is especially true for difficult loads.
  13. Westly T

    Help With Separates

    I think the reason you can get better pricing on the receivers is simply the quantity sold. Mfg's will have to charge more to develop a pre-amp because they sell very few of them compared to receivers.
  14. Westly T

    $2500 to spend Receiver or Amp / Proc?

    I have a local authorized dealer that would sell it to me for $2800, so you never know.... I've never found anyone local to give me a better deal then my current dealer, at least not an authorized one. I got the AVR-4306 for $1599 from him.
  15. Westly T

    Looking at a new receiver purchase in the next year. What's coming?

    I just got a Denon AVR-4306 from a local dealer for $1599, it has a new remote but uses the same technology as the one the 3806 comes with. It's not a real touch screen, but LED's light up graphics that apply to the mode you select. So each button can be one of a few different selections. It has...
  16. Westly T

    Yamaha receivers

    From what i remember of DCM sound, I think the Yahama is a good choice to mate with those speakers. RickRO, I have never been impressed with Yahama speakers, I think the receivers connected to Polk and Paradigm had an unfair advantage due to them being better speakers. I personally don't...
  17. Westly T

    Will receivers convert HDMI to component?

    Agreeded, No you can't. I have the Denon AVR-4306 and nothing is scaled through component either, it's just converted and remains in the same resolution. You have to use HDMI to take advantage of the advanced features. I have a 65 Mits that doesn't have HDMI or DVI, I'm hoping someone will...
  18. Westly T

    question about getting 5.1 sound using a comcast hd box

    I picked up a converter at Radio Shack a while back because it was very cheap (Less then $10 I think), they may still carry them. It has optical and coax digital in and out. You can connect either a coax or optical to it's input, and then get both Optical and Coaxial outputs. It's just a tiny...
  19. Westly T

    Will Sony start supporting all formats ever?

    Hi Richard_G Both are high resolution, stereo or multi channel audio formats that are often included in DVD players. They usually require 5.1 analog inputs to be connected to the receiver, and since most receivers only have one set of 5.1 or 7.1 inputs it's important that one player can do it...
  20. Westly T

    WTB Marantz MA700 MA-700

    I'm looking for a good deal on a pair of the MA-700's, let me know if you have some you need to get rid of.
  21. Westly T

    Will Sony start supporting all formats ever?

    I've not really kept up on all the chats and information, but after reading a little, these are some thoughts. With it looking like Blue-ray will be the next format, I can't help but hope Sony will make a universal player. I moved away from Sony DVD players primarily because they have chosen...
  22. Westly T

    polk speaker newbie owner needs receiver -please advise

    I really like Denon gear too, I just popped for the AVR-4306, and probably a bit more they you want to spend. I also have Polk speakers, the RT series. I recently listened to the monitor line of speakers and found them to be "Muddy" when compared to the RT line. To my ears they sounded like very...
  23. Westly T

    Need advice on receiver upto $2000 for B&W 804s + 805s

    I like the AVR-4306, I just bought it, but it does not have i-link..... I didn't find any pre-amp I liked as well anywhere near the price, but I don't have the speakers I eventually want right now either. Until I move and have space for what i want, the Denon will keep me happy. I plan on...
  24. Westly T

    Is a 400 disc DVD player the best library?

    I had a 200 Disk DVD and it was not bad, but technology changes fast. When it came time for Progressive scan I scrapped the changer idea and went with a quality single disk, all format player. I don't like a changer unless it can play and hold my entire collection (And all formats, CD, SACD...
  25. Westly T

    FS Outlaw ICBM-1

    ***SOLD*** ($190 PayPal)
  26. Westly T

    Speakers that sound like many times their cost (and ones that don't)

    I would think as a general rule, the more high end, the less bang for the buck too. You can get most of the way to near perfection cheap; it's those last few percent that are soo hard to come by. It takes extreme measures and many times the cost to get just a little closer to that unattainable...
  27. Westly T

    DENON AVR-4306 vs YAMAHA RX-V2600

    I'm not sure about HK's quality, I have a very old model that sounds great, but I just hate the new look they have taken. I'd have to hide the thing!
  28. Westly T

    Sony STR-DA777ES

    no bites, Put it up on Ebay with photos... $679 list with $719 buy it now. *** SOLD *** ($690)
  29. Westly T

    FS Outlaw ICBM-1

    ****SOLD*****Outlaw ICBM-1 for sale! It's in perfect condition, in the original box with manual. I have photos upon request. Asking $185 FREE SHIPPING (US). [email protected]
  30. Westly T

    Sony STRDA777ES - To repair or not to repair; that is the question

    That is a very high quality amp, I have one. I would say to fix it, I was looking at tehm on ebay and they are still selling int the $800-high $900 range used. The main reason I'm thinking of upgrading is for features mine lacks, but it's build quality is much better then the new stuff.