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  1. Xphile620

    American TV shows that only got complete disc releases in other countries

    Crossing Jordan, complete series released R4 (Australia) but only S1 in U.S.
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    TV on DVD news roundup

    The release of "Deadline" is intriguing. Says the footage was recently rediscovered in a garage. I have never heard of this show but it sounds like something I would like.
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    Shows you'd like books of...

    I'd love an official series companion to Roseanne, but obviously the chances of that are abysmal. Series like The Golden Girls get really well-done companions and I'd love to see that for more series that had just as much cultural impact.
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    Norm Show

    I considered purchasing this a year or so back, as I'm a fan of Laurie Metcalf and interested in the portrayal of social workers on a U.S. TV comedy (as I'm a social worker myself), and wish I had nabbed it for $30-35 then. Because now it's...
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    Unreleased movies on DVD for 2019 Hopes?

    "The Bell" miniseries, broadcast in the early 1980's on BBC, based on Iris Murdoch's novel...
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Ingmar Bergman's Cinema -- in Blu-ray

    So has it been confirmed Criterion will have a second printing?
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    2019 TV DVD Predictions?

    I would pay just about anything to get Jack & Bobby on DVD. That is my Holy Grail release.
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    Merchant-Ivory Re-Releases?

    A 4k remaster of The Bostonians is up next. Releasing next week in select theaters, with a BD/DVD release likely to follow early next year... <iframe src="" width="500"...
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    TV on DVD news roundup I'm very excited to see Whose Line Is It Anyway? get a complete season release! Will definitely be getting this!
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    New Fox condensed all-in-ones

    The X-Files got repackaged this way, with Seasons 1-4 packaged together and sold at Walmart. Same packaging as the MASH and MTM sets.
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    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    Found Season 1 and Season 3 (original Sony releases) of Soap at book sale. (Ordered Season 2 from Amazon.) Found Crossing Jordan: Season 1 (unopened) at book sale. Only $2!
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    Merchant-Ivory Re-Releases?

    So since Cohen acquired the collection, we've had Howards End, Maurice, Heat and Dust, Autobiography of a Princess and Shakespeare-Wallah released. Anyone with an idea or intel on what the next films may be?
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    The X-Files Season 11 DVD/BD

    As a massive fan who was so excited when the revival episodes were announced, I am glad that it appears the series has finally concluded. It needs to be left alone. The revival episodes were, for the most part, not up to the par of the original, and the series creator trashed the mythology. I...
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    Your Favorite Ten TV Shows of ALL Time

    The X-Files The West Wing Roseanne Veep Home Improvement Jack & Bobby Family Guy Three’s Company Desperate Housewives
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    ROSEANNE reboot — what are your thoughts?

    True. Roseanne still benefits financially from the original series (as she should) but in order for the show to continue, it had to be a spin-off.
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    ROSEANNE reboot — what are your thoughts?

    What about a rehab stay? It was set up pretty much in the last couple of episodes, right along the knee surgery... And yeah it would probably be easier to kill her off, but I don't think that would work in terms of the show's tone. I really don't think the ratings would support the show past...
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    ROSEANNE reboot — what are your thoughts?

    And due to all the legal stuff BTS with Roseanne, it's important to note this is a spin-off. This is a separate series. So if it's utterly awful, we have Roseanne Seasons 1-10, and then this would be the Season 9 dream season redux. I'll be checking it out, but I really hope they don't kill...
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    The X-Files Season 11 DVD/BD

    Finally announced for July 23!
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    ROSEANNE reboot — what are your thoughts?

    Yeah, and that's where I don't know. I mean, I think the only way to believably do it would be to have her die offscreen. I feel like there's no good way to do it, at least any way that would last past a handful of episodes...
  20. Xphile620

    ROSEANNE reboot — what are your thoughts?

    IF ABC went ahead and retooled the show without Roseanne (and I'm not saying that's a wise decision), the only way I could even see it POSSIBLY working would be to title it "The Conners." I don't think branding it "Darlene," as some reports have suggested, would work. I don't think she's enough...
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    Predictions for 2018

    I'd be happy to pay you for a copy, too! :)
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    Predictions for 2018

    Question: Given the day's events with ABC cancelling "Roseanne," what do you think are the chances we'll see Season 10 make it to DVD?
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    Still like my DVD in hand. But..

    I've begun to avoid Amazon, primarily because of their terrible business practices. I can usually find what I want through other online retailers or Ebay, and a lot of the time if you hunt, you can get a better deal than Amazon.
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    ROSEANNE reboot — what are your thoughts?

    I really enjoyed the revival. It's already been renewed for another season. I'm a huge fan of the OS, own all the seasons on DVD (some from the original Anchor Bay, some from the Mill Creek re-releases) and thought the quality pretty well held up. Eager to see so many of the original guest...
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    So What Unreleased /Stalled Shows Still Have A Chance?

    Any idea why Boston Public was never released? Music rights? I remember that being very critically acclaimed during it's run.
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    Gay-Friendly Blu-rays

    Hell yes! Can't wait for this release!
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    Running on Empty coming from WAC

    Great news! One of my favorite films... I would love to see something on here as a bonus feature though! Couldn't we have an audio commentary at least?
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    Gay-Friendly Blu-rays

    Yes!! I've been eagerly awaiting news of this. Can't wait for the Blu-Ray release!
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    Blu-ray Review Miss Sloane Blu-ray Review

    This was really an underrated film that got next to no press at its release. Great cast, solid script. Wish this were better known than it is!