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  1. DanielSmi

    FS: Pioneer Elite DV-38a

  2. DanielSmi

    FS: Pioneer Elite DV-38a

    This was Elites flagship player at the time list was $2000, I'm selling for $500 or best offer. It has excellent build quality better than anything on the market costing twice it's price today. Email me at [email protected] Daniel Smith
  3. DanielSmi

    Please help me improve the sound of my room

    My parents are going to redo the walls in their 13x20 family room and they asked me what they could do to ithe walls to mprove the sound quality of the room. Currently the room is horrible for good sound it has a tile floor, three of the walls are wood or maybe fake wood, it has a sliding glass...
  4. DanielSmi

    Denon Link jack

    What? Where did you hear that? DLInk will not disable the player that's stupid. DLink version 2 can output everything except SACD. Dlink can output DVD-A but not SACD. Denon Link only works with Denon products and currently there aren't any pre/pros avail from Denon now. Neither Denon Link or...
  5. DanielSmi

    Vocals & Picture "out-of-sync" on a DVD ?!?!

    I know of two other players the Pioneer Elite DV-05 and Sony PS2 the old ones at least. Daniel Smith
  6. DanielSmi

    Digital Cable Box, Uh-Huh, Sure...

    The DD logo means that it can decode a DD signal and downmix to two channes and output via analog cables. Remember DD isn't always 5.1, it can be 4.1, 4.0, 1.1,.1, etc whatever. Daniel Smith
  7. DanielSmi

    Yamaha RX-Z9 Flagship Receiver the new Leader?-

    Actually DenonJeff will be releasing upgrade cd to activate the DVI ports on monday. Also the next batch of 5900 will already have the port activated. Right now it's just abouting getting them on the market. The reason the the 59avi hasn't been released is is because it's gonna be released in...
  8. DanielSmi

    Thanks for the tip but,

    I think you meant to hit the "post reply" button not "new thread". Daniel Smith
  9. DanielSmi

    Its official Denon 5900 has been approved to use DVI

    I'm surprised this hasn't been posted already the news came from DenonJeff today but was official 9/26/03. See here Also he's already updated the Denon website. So if you want a 5900 wait until they activate the port so you don't have to go...
  10. DanielSmi

    DVD Layer Change in Denon DVD-2900

    Why can't I edit my last post there's no "edit" or "quick edit" buttons to choose anyone else experience this? Anyways I have the DV-38a not DV-8a which doesn't exist. Daniel Smith
  11. DanielSmi

    DVD Layer Change in Denon DVD-2900

    I'm interested in the 5900 and Denon doesn't quote how much memory it has does anybody know? I'm sure it won't have the layer change either though; I have the DV-8a and the layer change is horrible on it. Daniel Smith
  12. DanielSmi

    Help with acoustics!

    What are you homemade absorbing panels made out of and where are they placed? If you want to improve you bass you should look into some bass traps see here for info about DIY bass traps and acoustic panels The changes in the treble...
  13. DanielSmi

    Firewire port, should there be 2?

    Sorry I took so long to reply I forgot about this thread. Anyways there would be no benefit for running a loop. The Ref 50 and TGPIII don't support that tranfer of audio through i.Link they just coincedentally have an i.Link on the port for a different reason. John the component has the...
  14. DanielSmi

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Dreamcatcher

    One of the main reasons I wen to see it was to see the Animatrix short in the beginning. I remember afterwards agrueing with my friends about the complexity of the story and what was going on. I did like the schizophrenic guy but I didn't like Morgan. He as well as Samuel L Jackson seem to star...
  15. DanielSmi

    Channel Delays Due To Video Processing

    I know it hasn't neither has the 59TXi or the RX-Z9 Daniel Smith
  16. DanielSmi

    xbox pcm is it possible?

    I think you'll have to use the analog outputs on the xbox and connect them directly. You won't have a benefit of using an external decoder or even turning on the DD option in the xbox if you're listening through headphones. Whatever the device is it would have to decode DD 5.1 and then downmix...
  17. DanielSmi

    HK AVR 325...Salesmen said quality issues...

    Dave I believe you got a refurbished unit that's why there were marks and scratches on the receiver so instead of J&R sending you a new receiver the sent you a B-stock one they had lying around. So I'd yell at whoever sent you B-stock instead of new if was J&R or HK. Daniel Smith
  18. DanielSmi

    Channel Delays Due To Video Processing

    The Pioneer 49TXi, 59TXi, 55TXi, Denon 5803 I believe the Yamaha RX-Z1 and RX-Z9 and I think Onkyo has some but I don't know the model numbers. These are receivers are you looking specifically for a pre-amp? I don't know if these preamps have it but I'd expect them to Anthem AVM-20 and D1, B&K...
  19. DanielSmi

    Is this what clipping sounds like?

    James you're getting carried away with this clipping thing. You'd have to be playing at extremely loud levels in order to clip. For example with just ONE watt of power your speakers put out 90dB of sound that is already 5 or 15dB (depend on who you ask) above reference level which is very loud...
  20. DanielSmi

    How much weight is too much for a center channel ontop of a RPTV

    Aww that's nothing I got my 42lb Klipsch RC-7 sitting on my 27" wega. I know I don't have the biggest speaker but I wouldn't worry about 34lb on an RPTV I don't have any problems with mine I except I can't get it to point down towards me. BTW FiesalK I love your quote it took me a few times...
  21. DanielSmi

    Is this what clipping sounds like?

    What are you walls made out of? If they're concrete or you have sliding glass doors, tile floors, stone fireplace all that stuff you worry about your kids chipping their teeth on. If you have any of that then that would be your problem. I made my own acoustic panels I made two panels which...
  22. DanielSmi

    THX certifies Yamaha Components

    Touche Lewis. Daniel Smith
  23. DanielSmi

    THX certifies Yamaha Components

    That is for consumer audio Sony does make THX certified stuff for movie theaters. Daniel Smith
  24. DanielSmi

    Is this what clipping sounds like?

    It could very likely be your room that's causing the problem. Your room makes up the sound if your room sounds bad then the music sounds bad expecially at higher volumes. I used to have a similiar problem that when playing at loud volumes the treble would get really loud and hurt my ears. This...
  25. DanielSmi

    anybody got Pioneer VSX-59TXi spec yet?

    That's why you shouldn't listen to those people. Since they don't own them personally they don't spend the time trying learn all about them instead they spend they're time trying to figure out what to say so that you'll buy one. In their defense they do sell alot of products it's almost...
  26. DanielSmi

    MSRP on Pioneer 47Ai and Upcoming Relacement?

    Hi it's me. It's weird reading about people mentioning me. Anyways, the MSRP is $1200, dvd players go at about %50 off online. I got my DV38a at about $1000 and MSRP was $2000 same with the 45a, and 47Ai. I'd also expect the same from the 59AVi and even the 5900. I'm stuck between these two and...
  27. DanielSmi

    What is a subsonic filter

    That's the first I've ever heard of subsonic filters in receivers, very interesting. Now a days they're used generally only in subwoofers that's why I thought this thread was in the wrong forum. I have Velodyne HGS-10 and it has a subsonic filter at 20Hz. Lee a subsonic filter is not opposite...
  28. DanielSmi

    anybody got Pioneer VSX-59TXi spec yet?

    A good deal of misinformation in your posts David. There's no such thing as 7-band MCACC never has been never will be. The numbers 5 and 9 were chosen for a reason the 9-band is one EQ every octave while the 5-band is one eq every 2 octaves. You don't own a 49TXi I couldn't imagine an owner with...
  29. DanielSmi

    Best Way to Keep Light From Entering Theater

    I have this thing were I can't sleep with a bunch of light in the room and it's hard to take a nap in the middle of the day. So what I did was take some black material and tape it over the windows, it does a great job and now my room is the darkest in the house. The idea actually came to me...