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    Home Audio vs Car Audio

    Hi everyone, Might be a newbie question, but would love input from the forum. I recently rented a new Jeep Grand Cherokee and the audio was absolutely incredible. Playback was from my iPhone via Bluetooth and standard cable, but everything sounded amazing - full and deep with great highs even...
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    Paradigm Monitors vs. B&W 685s

    Thanks for the replies, guys. John, budget is flexible, but I'd like to keep it around $2,500 for everything. I've done some research on other brands, but there are so many in the mid-level price range I've sort of stuck with the names that I know. If you have any recommendations, would love...
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    Paradigm Monitors vs. B&W 685s

    Hi All, I've am looking to update a 5.1 set-up that I've had for the past 8 years or so using Paradigm Atoms and the corresponding center and sub. My initial thought was to just go with Paradigm again, but a friend recommended checking out B&W. Of course, I'm familiar with B&W, but wanted...