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  1. Mark Hamilton

    Future Shop's Boxing Week - BD/HD-DVD 2 for 1 sale!

    You know, that's interesting. The HD-DVD stock at both the Victoria stores is typically quite good, though by all accounts they get much better replinishment. The BD selections are always much more depleted, although it would appear that this is largely because they simply have a smaller...
  2. Mark Hamilton

    Future Shop's Boxing Week - BD/HD-DVD 2 for 1 sale!

    Hello Canadians! I'm wondering if anybody else here took advantage of Future Shop's HD-DVD and Blu-ray 2 for 1 sale this Boxing Week? I did! I grabbed a bunch of Blu-ray discs, including SWAT, Kingdom of Heaven, Lethal Weapon, M:I:III, Tomb Raider, Kung Fu Hustle, The Fugitive, X3: The...
  3. Mark Hamilton

    Paramount is now officially on board!

    FS = Future Shop, Canada's largest electronics retailer.
  4. Mark Hamilton

    Paramount is now officially on board!

    You know, I still remember logging into the Steve Tannehill's DVD Resource Page back in the fall of 1998 and seeing that Paramount (and later Fox) were joining the DVD party (at last). Glad they didn't wait so long this time.
  5. Mark Hamilton

    Warner Unveils Aggressive Catalog Initiative for 2006

    Maybe WB will finally step up and release the CLASSIC film "CLASS ACT" starring Kid N' Play!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Mark Hamilton

    Will Sony start supporting all formats ever?

    I don't understand why Sony is the one constantly at blame for the looming HD-DVD-Blu-ray squables.... the last time I checked, the majority of major electronics manufacturing firms have announced support for the Blu-ray standard. Further, virtually every single motion picture studio has also...
  7. Mark Hamilton

    Lists of Blu-ray & HD DVD Titles (Scheduled, Announced, Rumored, Wish List)

    I bought the Sony DVP-S7000 back in the day and almost 9 years later it is still as brilliant as it was the day I set it up~~~ It's never so much as choked on a disc and the build quality by today's standards is exceptional. With the exception of the DVP-S3000 and the DVP-S7700, Sony has built...
  8. Mark Hamilton

    Long Kiss Goodnight observations

    The Long Kiss Goodnight was one of the very first DVDs I picked up, way back in 1997 to be precise. I believe I grabbed it at Future Shop, who were actually stocking quite a selection even at that time.
  9. Mark Hamilton

    DVD Review HTF Review: The Bad News Bears (2005)

    Nice review, this will be a must-buy for me since I thoroughly enjoyed the original(s).
  10. Mark Hamilton

    It's Official: HD DVD and Blu-ray Can Limit High Resolution To HDMI Only

    I grabbed my first DVD player very close to launch back in 1997, a Sony DVP-S7000. It still does fulltime duty now in my parent's home theater. My original intent was to splurge and grab Sony's initial flagship Blu-Ray player under the pretense that I might get 8+ years out of it like the...
  11. Mark Hamilton

    Panasonic DMR-ES20S DVD-writer question (frustrated)

    Hello folks, I'v been trying to help my friend setup his new home theater. He elected to go with the Panasonic DMR-ES20S DVD-writer as his DVD player because it would enable him to eventually make quick and easy DVD copies of his old home movies (VHS). Great. However, every single time...
  12. Mark Hamilton

    Movies found on laserdisc, that are still not out on DVD...

    Oh just a little comedic gem called CLASS ACT. When will Warner Brothers realize that I, and probably only I, want this classic Kid n' Play film on DVD~!
  13. Mark Hamilton

    What the?!?! My Event Horizon and R1 Scream DVD are... ANAMORPHIC! (EDIT: probably not)

    Could you drop the disc into your PC? You'd probably be able to identify it as anamorphic in PowerDVD or something very easily.
  14. Mark Hamilton

    Movies found on laserdisc, that are still not out on DVD...

    Class Act: 1992 ~ with Kid & Play. Oh Warner Brothers, why will you not bless my DVD with this terrifically unbrilliant but funny urban comedy of two high school youths caught in their years of troubling adolescence!!! PS - Paully Shore has a cameo. PSS - I saw Freebie and the Bean on LD...
  15. Mark Hamilton

    I saw a DVD being played at the local multiplex

    Chris, Matt, thanks for the clarification.
  16. Mark Hamilton

    I saw a DVD being played at the local multiplex

    maybe it's because DVD piracy is so rampant, and legitimised by established B&M outlets, that they believe it's the only recourse to the situation. Could you please explain to me how you feel video piracy is legitimised by established retailers? Thanks.
  17. Mark Hamilton

    A few words about....Blu-Ray

    There are some very interesting titles amongst those listed, including many that I have been tempted to purchase on DVD for some time.
  18. Mark Hamilton

    Harry Potter 3 packaging question

    HP: POA arrived at work the other day and before I locked it in the cage I checked to see how the 3-pack was packaged. I was HOPING that the first tw films would have been repackaged in keep cases but they aren't. They remain in digipacks while the third is a keepcase.
  19. Mark Hamilton

    Store pays for breaking street date

    I'm pretty sure Wal-Mart and Best Buy don't condone mass street date violations on MAJOR titles. All retailers will occasionally have a store put out a title or two early now and then, it happens. I can tell you from experience, Best Buy is EXTREMELY serious about street dates. Associates who...
  20. Mark Hamilton

    Is there only one version of Lethal Weapon 4?

    There is only one Region 1 version of Lethal Weapon 4. I'd love to see 2-disc SEs of any of them at some point.
  21. Mark Hamilton

    Inauguration Day for new TV...

    If you are anything like me, no matter what you watch for the first few days you'll spend the entire time tweaking the brightness, contrast, color, sharpness, etc. Choose wisely.
  22. Mark Hamilton

    Top 5 Most Wanted DVD's!

    1 - Class Act 2 - Batman SE 3 - Blue Chips 4/5 - domestic release of Taxi 1 & 2 with subtitles.
  23. Mark Hamilton

    TMNT Reviews

    I would be shocked if the second or third installments were given a special edition treatment. I'm not really sure what might motivate New Line to remaster the original TMNT film either. I have the original and the transfer isn't very good, but it's also not so bad as to be entirely...
  24. Mark Hamilton

    Most Improved: Universal and Paramount

    I usually don't get upset about stuff as silly as this, but Universal really pisses me off. For whatever reason, not having an insert is pathetically cheap on their part. Forced previews piss me off as well. But what gets me most angry is their eratic price drops. They tend to drops prices on...
  25. Mark Hamilton

    KILL BILL: The multiple versions thread (6 from Miramax; Japanese, SEs, etc.)

    I believe Germany has a scheduled Kill Bill Volume 2 DVD release date of September 7 or 9 or something. I would assume ours would be close to that date.
  26. Mark Hamilton

    What DVD would you like me to buy?

    Clueless... Batman... CLASS ACT~!
  27. Mark Hamilton

    2004 NHL Playoffs: Round 1

    East (1) Lightning over Islands (2) Canadiens over Bruins (3) Devils over Flyers (4) Senators over Maple Leafs West (1) Red Wings over Predators (2) Shars over Blues (3) Canucks over Flames (4) Avalanche over Dallas
  28. Mark Hamilton

    Schindler's List Box Set - Maybe worth a pop at under $30!!!

    At least those who bought the item in a regular brick & mortar store should have 30 day price protection.... and will be entitled to the pricedrop difference.
  29. Mark Hamilton


    Universal recalled this one a few months ago along with Dazed and Confused and a few others. We were quite surprised as they always sold very well.