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  1. DanC

    Disappointed in WWE Wrestlemania Anthology

    I'm very happy to own these sets - I bought the first 2 volumes. The cut music (especially Demolition) is a little irritating but not to the point that I'd rather hunt down (or keep) the VHS versions. The majority of the theme songs are there and intact. As for the picture quality, I have no...
  2. DanC

    Any details for WWE Wrestlemania sets?

    Just what's listed is as far as I know. Being that these events are over 3 hours usually, I highly doubt we'll see any sort of substantial extras. The events themselves are good enough for me considering 1-14 have never been on DVD before. However, a bonus disc of extras would be nice. BTW...
  3. DanC

    Any details for WWE Wrestlemania sets?

    Here's the cover art courtesy of IGN: Wrestlemania DVD Anthology From Hulk and the Warrior to Savage and Steamboat, every Wrestlemania in one boxed set. by Jon Robinson August 26, 2005 - You remember the moments like they were yesterday. King Kong Bundy squashing the midget. Hulk and...
  4. DanC

    Update on upcoming Bret Hart DVD

    Here are the matches per the wrestling observer: -- Clips of Hart in Stampede -- Hart vs. Tiger Mask in New Japan from 1982 -- Hart Foundation skits -- Team Canada skits from 1997 -- Hart vs. Davey Boy Smith at Wembley Stadium in 1992 -- Hart vs. Austin at Wrestlemania 1997 -- Hart vs...
  5. DanC

    Post layer change problems with Casino 10th Anniversary

    Yes, I'm having similar problems at the layer change as well. My copy goes blocky for a few seconds but then straightens back out. I was thinking about returning it to see if it was just my copy.
  6. DanC

    Weekly RoundUp 6/7/2005

    Sopranos S5 for me...early Father's Day gift.
  7. DanC

    Free 9-11 Documentary "Up From Zero" DVD

    Man, I'd forgotten about this DVD a while back but it showed up in the mail a few weeks ago. Haven't had a chance to watch it yet though.
  8. DanC

    What the hell is the problem with Project ALF!?!?

    Yeah, I had it pre-ordered from Amazon from day one but recently cancelled my order until this get this straightened out.
  9. DanC

    Lord of the Rings EE Slipcase $3

    I never received the order conformation (If I did, it went to my Bulk which I never check) but I got the shipping conf. about a week ago and received the box today in perfect condition. It really looks great...even the wife commented on how nice it looked!
  10. DanC

    Name a DVD jam packed with bonuses on 1 disc.

    Jurassic Park 3 was packed with extras from what I remember.
  11. DanC

    DVD Review HTF Review: Duel - Collector's Edition (Highly Recommended!)

    I sat down and watched this last night and forgot how well crafted of a movie it actually was! I was still on the edge of my seat after all these years. I'm with Colin on the audio, I was simply blown away! Everything about the soundtrack sounded like a new film. The video wasn't quite as...
  12. DanC

    Weekly RoundUp 8/17/04

    Looks like I'll be heading to BB for the Goodfellas SE & Circuit City for the Duel SE. I'm glad I checked this thread again before heading out Tuesday, I was planning on getting them both at BB. Thanks Mike!
  13. DanC

    NBA Dynasty Series - Los Angeles Lakers - The Complete History

    Noticed this early this week on the official NBA site. It looks like a VERY comprehensive package. I wonder if the games included are the actual full length games? If so, I just waisted quite a bit of time transferring some of them to DVD recently. Anyway, this set is definitely mine on...
  14. DanC

    ****Sopranos Season 5 Season Guide (Spoilers)

    Mark, I believe that's the bada bing girl that was going to have Ralphie's baby (season 3) until he went ape one night & killed her outside the Bing. I think her name was Tracy. BTW, regarding last nights episode, it wasn't my favorite ever but I do agree with pretty much everything in...
  15. DanC

    James Cameron's "Ghosts Of The Abyss" Mini-Review

    Tino, thanks for the mini-review. We checked out the Titanic artifact exhibit in Birmingham yesterday (everyone should check this out if it's in your area) so this is definitely peaking my interest again. I say again because we saw it theatrically and weren't all that impressed. However, that 90...
  16. DanC

    Is Friends: S7 still "Super-Sized"?

    David, I believe they're all still supersized. I have the set but haven't had the time to go through it yet to be 100% sure. However, based on the run times posted in the DVDMG review, it looks like they are:
  17. DanC

    Panasonic DMR-E50 and Ritek Discs?

    Sam, I own the E-50 model and use Ritek 04's exclusively. So far out of about 80 blanks, I've only had one coaster. The only bad thing about them so far is that I couldn't get them to play on my father-in-law's Pioneer DVD player. Other than that, compatibility hasn't been a problem for me.
  18. DanC

    Friends: The Series Finale - Exclusive Limited Edition (5/11)

    Here ya go Sam:
  19. DanC

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Something's Gotta Give

    I'm 24 and actually loved this film. But then again, I pretty much enjoy anything Jack is in. I actually thought in this case that Keaton stole the show however. Hate to hear about the sub-par a/v but I'll definitely be picking this up Tuesday. Thanks for the review Michael.
  20. DanC

    Sopranos Anyone????

    9/8 Central Bring on S5!! Woohoo!!
  21. DanC

    DVD recorders that can improve image quality from VHS?

    I find that my E50 does *somewhat* improve upon the original source. Most of the time, it's not enough to even notice but I can see an overall "smoother" appearance. Heck, even my wife has noticed the improvements before! However, as mentioned earlier, having a good source tape & using a...
  22. DanC

    DVD-R recording quality

    Jeremy, I did quite a bit of research after initially purchasing my E50 and the consensus seems to be: Input - Darker Video & SVideo Output - Lighter Component Output - Normal I've used these settings with all of my recordings and everything looks great. I *think* if you set the...
  23. DanC

    "Flight of the Navigator" in June!

    Wow...that's good to hear! Definitely one of my childhood favorites. Thanks for the annoncement Patrick!
  24. DanC

    What was your very first DVD?

    Mid '99 - The Siege.
  25. DanC


    Rented it this weekend and wish I had just went ahead and purchased it! I'm not a huge Western fan but David is right on about the film. Both Duvall & Costner were at the top of their game IMO. The DVD looks wonderful and David couldn't be more right about those gun shots...WOW! I felt like...
  26. DanC

    DVD-R's...the best?

    I own a Panny DMR-E50 and have had the best luck with the Ritek brand. Burned about 20 - 25 so far without any coasters.
  27. DanC

    Making copies of DVD-R's

    Awesome...that's exactly what I was looking for! It does seem like something with a HD would probably be my best bet. However, the DVD recorder was a Christmas gift and being a new father, the $ isn't there for personal spending like it used to be. My in-laws did just purchase a new PC with a...
  28. DanC

    Making copies of DVD-R's

    Scott, when you say digital-analog-digital...what exactly are you referring to? I'm guessing you mean the source (dvd-r) is digital and then it's once again coverted to analog for transfer and then back to digital again for recording? Does that make sense? Also, you say it wouldn't be a...
  29. DanC

    Making copies of DVD-R's

    Forgive me if this is a simple question but I'm quite new to the world of DVD recording and had to ask. First off, I'm using a Panasonic DMR-E50 for all of my recording...which so far has been VHS -> DVD via composite inputs. My question is this. If I wanted to make another backup copy of any...