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    3D Poll: Would You Buy A Glasses-Free 3D Display?

    As someone with glasses it's a pain in the ass to use another set on top of them. Yes, the depth was a slight issue but I liked what i saw at Dolby.
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    Wreck-It Ralph - quick review

    I have to second what others have said. I like it enough to go see it again (in 2d this time so i could compare and contrast it).I have to say i liked the 3d version of this film more then others. Thanks for so much for allowing us to see this film before it was released into theaters. it was a...
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    Warner talks with HTF about their 90th Anniversary

    I loved seeing the 90th anniversary documentary as well as the Clint Eastwood one as well. I can't express how much I really liked these two things. I can't thank Jeff Baker enough on that. I loved how you had stories within the documentary without having to show clips of various films. The...
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    Interview Universal Studios Monsters Collection Making the Invisible Man, Visible Again

    Like Sam said, Adam you have a lot more detail then i remember. For me, we started out by the company store. Got to take some pics of the Minions outside as well as the giant posters on the studio buildings. We then hopped into the bus and started moving out. I remember going to the film vaults...