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  1. DeeF

    Giant (1956) directed by George Stevens

    One of the great movies, I have watched it countless times, on television in 1080i, in the theater (a "restored" version in the 90s), and the DVD. I have never seen it look good, or sound good. It's contrasty, devoid of grain (and details), poorly registered in many places, and the music sounds...
  2. DeeF

    A DVD of Porgy and Bess -- Need of Restoration!

    At a screening of a 35mm print of Porgy and Bess last night at the Ziegfield Theater in NY, it was mentioned that the original elements all exist, and would cost about $2.5 million to restore the film. Since the film was not a hit, originally, I suspect that the elements aren't in bad shape at...
  3. DeeF

    A question about The Searchers on competing formats

    I own the collector's edition of The Searchers, a beautiful DVD package. I also own the HD DVD of The Searchers, a magnificent way to view the movie. This disk also contains the features found on the recent DVD, including 2 beautiful new documentaries (shown in standard definition only, no...
  4. DeeF

    Astaire and Rogers: The Complete Film Collection

    I got the partial collection in the mail today. Wow. I have rarely been so excited about a DVD package. The Complete Film Collection includes their 10 films together, plus an extra disk with a new documentary, Astaire and Rogers Partners in Rhythm. All of the movies come in ThinPaks...
  5. DeeF

    Where is Robin Hood?

    The Adventures of Robin Hood (HD-DVD) was due to be released today. Has anyone seen it? DVDEmpire says it is "currently unavailable," though Amazon continues to list it. I don't think it can be bought in any retail store in Manhattan (and I would know about this). What has happened? It's a...
  6. DeeF

    I Bought the Toshiba

    ...even though I don't have HDMI and I won't have it any time soon. I've got a Fujitsu 50" plasma that's 4 years old, and I'll be using component inputs. I'm just a sucker for all your good comments, I guess, though I hope I haven't made a mistake. I bought it for a very good price at...
  7. DeeF

    East of Eden and Rebel Without A Cause preview

    These movies have been given very, very good DVDs, the best of their era, courtesy of Warner Home Video. I'll let others review the movies (East of Eden is astounding -- I never saw it before, and Rebel is right up there, too) but these 2 DVD sets provide the best value I have ever seen in a...
  8. DeeF

    Fred Kaplan on Warner Home Video at

    A very nice article by Mr. Kaplan references a blog post by... me.
  9. DeeF

    Movies with Bad Music Scores

    There's a major piece of news on the web. A movie, Major Dundee, directed by Sam Peckinpah, is being re-scored. This must be a first, setting a precedent (if it's successful) for other older movies. So, let's make a list and send it to ... er, ... them!
  10. DeeF

    William Wyler, Hollywood's Finest Director?

    ...just asking the question. I've started a new thread/list about Wyler, since I've added so many of his movies to my collection in the last few months. The Letter and Carrie are the latest additions. Here's my collection of Wyler films, in reverse chronological order like IMDB: Funny Girl...
  11. DeeF

    Howards End DVD -- A Cool Experience

    I love the movie Howards End, the best of the Merchant/Ivory works based on Forster. I didn't buy the original DVD, because I had heard that the quality was bad. That version is out of print, and can hardly be found anywhere. A couple of weeks ago, I found a used copy of the VHS version of...
  12. DeeF

    Question about the soundtrack of MY FAIR LADY

    I've bought this movie three times, first on videotape after the 94 restoration, and then on DVD in its initial incarnation, and now the 2-disk SE. I also own the soundtrack recording on SACD. It appears to have a very odd (to me) music soundtrack. In several places, there are two vocals...
  13. DeeF

    Praise for a Warner Executive

    On the basis of some of my favorite projects, Meet Me In St. Louis, the Gypsy and King of Kings soundtracks, and now Sweeney Todd, Mr. Feltenstein is now my favorite person working in DVDs and film and soundtrack restoration. I have very little information about him, but keep it up, George! You...
  14. DeeF

    Will and Grace, Season Two (a problem)

    There is a big mistake with the last two discs. The liner notes list the episodes in order with air dates, but the first episode listed on the last disc is actually the last episode on the third disc, and then the episodes on the fourth disc are totally out of order, starting with the last two...
  15. DeeF

    Will and Grace, Season Two (a problem)

    There is a big mistake with the last two discs. The liner notes list the episodes in order with air dates, but the first episode listed on the last disc is actually the last episode on the third disc, and then the episodes on the fourth disc are totally out of order, starting with the last two...
  16. DeeF

    My Fair Lady SE

    I received mine tonight. I put the movie in, but I don't see any difference in the transfer (from the original DVD). Does anyone know if it was altered, beyond perhaps giving it more bitrate overall?
  17. DeeF

    Mary Poppins in 2004

    On the DVD of The Music Man (Disney TV film with Matthew Broderick) there is a preview of the new Mary Poppins, 2-disk special edition, completely restored. All it says is, coming in 2004. We've been expecting it, I know, but it was nice to see real evidence.
  18. DeeF

    Trading Spaces $100,000

    I thought this show really showed up the designers. Though they each had $50,000 to spend, instead of the usual $1,000, the rooms looked little better. Both of the couples seemed more impressed by the plasma TV (donated by Sony!) than what the designers did with the rooms.
  19. DeeF

    Spencer's Mountain, anyone?

    I haven't seen this movie since I was a kid, but I picked it up yesterday and watched it on my 50" plasma. The movie was adapted from Earl Hamner's novel about his upbringing in West Virginia, but the location was changed to Wyoming. It's basically about self-sacrificing parents who slave at...
  20. DeeF

    1960 vs. 2002

    Why does the picture on the DVD of King of Kings (1960) look better than the picture on the DVD of Gangs of New York (2002)? Is it 70mm vs. 35mm? Is it just a "look" of Gangs of New York? King of Kings looks amazing, clear, sharp, colorful, with no artifacts of any kind, and nothing...
  21. DeeF


    I'd be interested in your lists of movies that you have bought more than once on DVD, and particularly, why. I don't have that many, but here they are: Singin' in the Rain Obviously, the special edition could not be passed up. Charade I originally bought the Criterion, but then this...
  22. DeeF

    Punch-Drunk Love and other previews

    I was able to pick up these movies in the last few days. I'm sure some will be reviewed here at the site. I haven't made my way through them all, yet. Punch-Drunk Love I did watch this one. What an amazing movie, and amazing performance by Adam Sandler. I can't recommend it highly enough...
  23. DeeF

    Gangs of New York (preview of review)

    I picked this up today, and watched it. Am I allowed to say what I think about the DVD?
  24. DeeF

    Kiss Me Kate, a little review

    I didn't see any other review here, so... I'm sure this movie is quite familiar to y'all, but I've purchased the brand-new DVD, and it is completely splendid, so I thought I'd write up a little review here. Feel free to chime in with exuberance or loathing. I've seen the movie before, on...
  25. DeeF

    MGM: Fix West Side Story

    Scene 13, the "Balcony" scene featuring the song "Tonight," is out of sync, the sound preceding the picture. It is out on both DVD versions, but it is worse on the Special Edition just released. Please fix this scene, and send us a new disk.
  26. DeeF

    Charlie Chaplin, diminished?

    Has anyone else noted that Chaplin's reputation as a great and influential movie director has been slipping in recent years? In the 70s, when A Woman of Paris was seen at some film festivals, it was a huge event, instantly catapulted into the Top 10 movie events of the year (although 50...
  27. DeeF

    Journey to the Center of the Earth

    I saw no review thread for this, so I'll start one. I got it and watched it yesterday. It looks quite amazing, better than it has ever looked (since it premiered in 1959). The picture is vibrant color, slightly soft, but beautifully detailed. I noted a little bit of edge enhancement in the...
  28. DeeF

    The Music Man reviews, and television musicals

    I found The Music Man to be, overall, no better and no worse than any of the recent TV versions of great musicals. The best and most insightful comment came from a friend the other night when he said, "they don't know how to do them anymore." They don't know how to walk down that very narrow...
  29. DeeF

    The Music Man, 2/16, High-Def? Aspect Ratio?

    The Music Man, 2/16, High-Def? Aspect Ratio? Inquiring minds want to know.
  30. DeeF

    Roman Holiday Special Edition - DVD Review

    I purchased and watched this last night. This Paramount disk is worth its weight in gold. The movie itself is fantastically well-done, a Cinderella story with high sophistication. The restored picture (by Lowry) moves to the head of the class of black and white features. And the disk features...