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    PS3: November $499 & $599 Configurations Scroll to the end for launch details. Is PS3 still Blu-Ray's trojan horse, or will gamers shun the system in favor of the cheaper XBOX360 and Nintendo Wii?
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    The Bits CES report - will it ever come?

    Not to rag, but how many times has Bill said he's "just waiting for a few more documents" or that "the full report will be up later today/by the end of the week/early next week/etc."? It's been almost a full month since CES, 2 weeks since the Andy Parson's interview...I'm starting to wonder if...
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    HELP - Philips DVD962SA Lost SACD Playback

    About a week ago I tried converting my dad's Philips DVD962SA to region free using a commonly available RC6 code that is supposed to work for all Philips players. It didn't work and while the player still plays DVDs and CDs fine, it's choking on SACDs. Some hybrid discs will play but the display...
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    The Killer - Spectrum R3 DTS HK Contemporary Collection

    I've been looking for a decent version of The Killer and I found this at but haven't been able to find any info/reviews of it elsewhere. Supposedly it was released last August and the cover art displays the DTS logo. Can anybody compare this to the Hong Kong Legends edition or...