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  1. Gordon McMurphy

    Frankenstein: The True Story

    It's great to see this gem on DVD finally, though there are a few cons, apparently: It's always hard to say if TV movies from the 70s were protected for 1.66 or 1.85:1 matting, but I'd say that 1.33:1 is the best way to go, seeing as that is how...
  2. Gordon McMurphy

    The War Lord (1965)

    One of the many films that Universal licensed out to Goodtimes back in the early days of DVD, was Franklin Schaffner's modestly budgeted ($3.5m) 1965 10th Century epic, starring Charlton Heston, The War Lord, based on Leslie Stevens' (The Outer Limits creator) play The Lovers. A terrific film...
  3. Gordon McMurphy

    Which MGM/UA titles should Sony re-issue with a new transfer?

    MGM created a fair amount of poor and merely adequete transfers for some of their best titles. They also released all of their 1.66:1 titles with non-anamorphic transfers. A lot of bare bones editions, too. Sony are trawling through their library now, so which titles should they definitely...
  4. Gordon McMurphy

    The Exorcist - why is the original version OOP?

    The "25th Anniversary" edition of The Exorcist went OOP a few years ago - why? Simply to make way for the "Version You've Never Seen", but it's pretty rare for a Warner DVD to go OOP, even when a new edition comes along and it is doubly confounding, seeing as the "25th" edition is the true...
  5. Gordon McMurphy

    The First Great Train Robbery - anamorphic edition?

    I saw this listed HERE at today. The previous transfer was a fairly soft NON-anamorphic 1.85:1 affair, which didn't do full justice to Geoffrey Unsworth's gorgeous cinematography, so a new anamorphic transfer would be most appreciated. Any thoughts - will this be a new transfer?
  6. Gordon McMurphy

    Ikarie XB 1 (1963 Czech sci-fi)

    DVD Savant review Available HERE. Including shipping, it cost me 652 Czech Kroners (£15.63 / €22.66 / US$27.00). I have the dubbed AIP version, Voyage to the End of the Universe on DVD-r from a panned and scanned VHS tape and I have always admired the film, regardless of this...
  7. Gordon McMurphy

    New Apocalypse Now DVD set this year?

    I discovered this by chance today at Sounds interesting.
  8. Gordon McMurphy

    The Portrait of Dorian Gray (1945) French DVD in March!

    Warner Bros. France are releasing Albert Lewin's 1945 film adaptation of Oscar Wilde's legendary story, Portrait of Dorian Gray in March: page Review Sound like a good transfer. Best of all, the English track is there and the French subs can be turned off! A very nice surprise.
  9. Gordon McMurphy

    The Wizard of Oz: THREE-DISC set now available in UK

    The Wizard of Oz: THREE-DISC set now available in UK, Exclusively from HMV Everyone thought that Warner was skimping, but I guess not. Why have they released this months after the 2-disc - after Christmas, no less?! I have been a bit worried at ordering the expensive R1 set, as it might get a...
  10. Gordon McMurphy

    DVD Import login problems? The site has been revamped, as you can see. I tried to login, but I was not recognised as a customer. I actually managed to register using my hotmail address I used previously, which surprised me. I have the Peckinpah box on order with DVD Import but it and the...
  11. Gordon McMurphy

    Cross of Iron: Special Edition in April 132 minutes Anamorphic transfer Audio commentary by Stephen Prince, author of Savage Cinema English and French mono Original theatrical trailer Photo gallery of German lobby...
  12. Gordon McMurphy

    Vote for films to be released on DVD at TCM's Database Enter title in the search box on the top-left. Main pages for titles look like this: On the right of the screen is an orange box labelled "VOTE" with the number of votes logged for the film. TCM collate...
  13. Gordon McMurphy

    Ten Little Indians (1965, George Pollock) from Warner on March 14

    Listed HERE at CD Universe lists the following: I wonder which version we'll be getting? If Warner used prime elements, then it might include the gimmick version. Seamless branching would be appropriate here. So... is this a good movie?
  14. Gordon McMurphy

    BFI to release "Godzilla" and "The Mysterians"

    Godzilla - 1.33:1 - Original Japanese mono - Optional English subtitles - Full voiceover commentary - 12 Japanese Fishermen: short film - Featurette on the Godzilla suit - Feature on adaptation from original short story to finished film - Original poster/stills gallery The Mysterians...
  15. Gordon McMurphy

    Empire Of The Sun: 2-Disc Special Edition - UK DVD in March listing Basically, it is the same as the region 1 edition, but as a 2-disc instead of a DVD-14 (dual-layer/single layer flipper) with the 45-minute documentary narrated by Martin Sheen on disc 2. Dolby 5.1 and trailer are also retained. Spielberg's best 'serious' film, I feel.
  16. Gordon McMurphy

    Day Of The Dolphin - UK DVD in February listing Good film. I owned the HVE edition that had interviews and a gorgeous anamorphic 2.35:1 transfer. I hope that this edition has an equally good presentation.
  17. Gordon McMurphy

    Cool Hand Luke - upcoming UK region 2 bare bones?

    The UK finally sees a DVD edition of Cool Hand Luke on February 13th - almost a staggering nine years after the region 1 release. It looks like a bare bones affair, which is very disappointing. But will it have an all-new transfer, at least? The Australian region 4 edition is NTSC, not PAL. From...
  18. Gordon McMurphy

    Pink Floyd - Reflections And Echoes (2-discs plus book) 27th Feb?

    Pink Floyd - Reflections And Echoes, a 2-disc set with book? What is this?
  19. Gordon McMurphy

    High Anxiety (UK region 2) on 26th December

    Mel Brooks' Hitchcock spoof, High Anxiety will be released on the 26th of this month. Maybe I my eagle eyes are on the decline, but I have not seen any discussion of this on any sites - and God knows that it is a much-demanded title. Bare bones, but anamorphic at least. £9.99 at
  20. Gordon McMurphy boxed set sale: 60s Star Trek sets for £40!

    I had been waiting for the 60s Star Trek boxes to appear in a sale and my patience finally paid off: All three of the boxes are £39.99, postage free. An amazing bargain. I ordered all three. Alien Quadrilogy: 9-disc set only £35.99! Blimey!
  21. Gordon McMurphy

    El Topo coming soon from Criterion / Eclipse

    Over at the Criterion Forum (you have to register to read posts), someone who was interviewed for a job working on artwork for El Topo for Criterion posted their news and said that the transfer is complete and it should be coming soon. Astounding news. It may actually be an Eclipse release, the...
  22. Gordon McMurphy

    Criterion to release "Spirit of the Beehive" soon?,00.html (Scroll down a touch) This seems to infer that copies of The Spirit of the Beehive were handed out and not simply copies of existing Criterion DVDs. Time, as ever, will tell.
  23. Gordon McMurphy

    Horror Express (1972, Cushing & Lee) anamorphic in Germany! Horror Express - Anamorphic - German mono - English mono - Limited 500 copies!
  24. Gordon McMurphy

    New anamorphic The Whip and the Body in Germany soon! The Whip and the Body - Anamorphic 1.85:1 - English DD 1.0 - German DD 1.0 - Italian DD 1.0 - Tim Lucas commentary Release date: 2005-09-29 I heard last year that Tartan were going to release loads of Bava titles in the UK in 2005...
  25. Gordon McMurphy

    Sony to release Torture Garden, The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane and more!

    From: I believe these will be released on the 4th of October. There are some long-awaited titles there. I'm a bit confused regarding The Fog "remastering". The current transfer, sound, extras are all superb, I feel. Any thoughts?
  26. Gordon McMurphy

    Taking of Pelham 123: Is there an anamorphic edition in Germany, France or Japan?

    The Japanese DVD listed at CD Japan states that a "commentary" is included - what's that all about?! Can any of our Japanese members translate what the red sticker says? The German and French editions are listed as anamorphic/16:9. I cannot locate reviews for them; does anyone here...
  27. Gordon McMurphy

    Wake in Fright / Outback (1971, Ted Kotcheff) long-lost negative discovered! I have searched the Net (including Australian DVD stores) trying to find out if a DVD is in the works, but I can't find anything. United Artists distributed the film back in 1971, but I guess that the rights...
  28. Gordon McMurphy

    Terminator (1984) Ultimate Edition coming 12th September in UK! Very cool, as my "Special" Edition got rot and died late last year and I was going to buy the R1, which has the original mono, but I held off and I am now glad I did. I have really wanted to see this gem again, as I recently saw Harlan...
  29. Gordon McMurphy

    Bridge On The River Kwai - Superbit coming soon!

    Well, in the UK at least: I take it that it will be a 2-disc, if it has all the extras ported over, unless they are just hangovers from the old/current release? I myself feel that the transfer holds up well, but I know that others here...
  30. Gordon McMurphy

    Pretty Poison (1968) finally to be released on home video! Absolutely AMAZING news. This movie has - to my knowledge - never had a legit Beta, VHS, Laserdisc or DVD release in the USA, UK, Australia, and has seldom been shown on television. This is a momentous release. And we're getting a...