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  1. sidburyjr

    Top Thirty 3D thread settings

    For most threads I see 20 posts per page and however many pages the thread generates. However with the Top 30 3D movies thread it is not broken down into pages so I appear to be stuck with 11000+ posts that take forever to load. Did I accidentally do something that more or less makes this discus
  2. sidburyjr

    UHD Should I buy 4k disks?

    I have a UHD HDR 3D player (Oppo 203) but my TV is a Viera ST60 [ last 3D plasma from about 2013 ]. Since I'm retired I will probably not upgrade my main TV for a while (maybe 5 years). I've gotten several 4K disks in the past -- 4K/3D combos of Ghostbusters. Passengers, Guardians 2, and a...
  3. sidburyjr

    UK Codes for sale/trade soon(?)

    I just ordered The Hobbit Extended Edition trilogy 2D/3D from (27.99 GBP reduced by 3 GBP [34/04 USD), and it's my understanding that the digital codes are not usable in the US. I do have a VPN so maybe I could find a way... However, I'm interested in finding someone who can use...
  4. sidburyjr

    I need an inexpensive (<75) blu-ray player

    My wife has come to prefer watching stuff on our 60" Viera Plasma, so I need to buy a player for our bedroom. The TV is a 32" (LCD) and the main thing I need (that most players don't seem to have) is the ability to stream from my computer directly to my TV. I have both mac and windows machines...
  5. sidburyjr

    Pioneer SC-1222-k HDMI(?) problem

    TV: Panasonic Viera P60ST60 Speakers: Magneplanar MG2A left and right channel, some small inexpensive KLH speakers for the rear and the center channel. Receiver: Pioneer SC-1222-K Inputs: Comcast HDDVR, Apple TV (version 1), PS3 Receiver is connected to the TV via the HDMI-2 connector which is...
  6. sidburyjr

    3D Blu-ray

    I don't know if this has been posted yet but last night I went to amazon UK and saw a disney sale of SOME 3D titles 2 for 20 pounds. Add shipping and subtract VAT and this might be a deal. If you order more than two then only two will be discounted (the cheapest two). I think the sale goes...
  7. sidburyjr

    Bones Season 10

    Well the ending was a shocker. Bones is a show my wife and I have on our must-watch list although it doesn't seem to be breaking any new grounds. I hope the current story line does not go on too many episodes. Bones has been one of the worst shows that I can remember when it comes to...
  8. sidburyjr

    Can someone explain this?

    I'm in the process of getting ready to move from PA to SC. While packing my 50+ boxes of DVD/BDs, I found a package from Amazon that I had ordered around the Christmas season of 2011 but somehow had never opened. I know, sometimes I order a lot of stuff from Black Friday until ... and I'm...
  9. sidburyjr

    Where to have our Media Room

    media room. [I inadvertently posted this before finishing the topic and I cannot figure out how to cancel the post or modify the topic] We just bought a house whose former owners left in not quite peak condition. So, I will be painting a bunch of rooms before we move in. My wife asked me...
  10. sidburyjr

    Panasonic ST60 or Samsung F5500 ?

    I'd appreciate input on what to buy. Well my ancient (by today's standards) Sony KP61-HS10 has finally become semi-unwatchable and in a moment of weakness my wife indicated that we could probably get a new TV. When I saw the difference in prices between 60" and 64" /65" inch sets, I decided...
  11. sidburyjr

    VCR? Yes, I still have several

    And haven't used them in several years. I needed to look at some old home movies and discovered that none of them seem to work. I'm guessing it's a transport problem since they all can be used in pass-through mode. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I might do to try and resuscitate...
  12. sidburyjr

    I got a Roku 2 XS for Christmas and...

    I'm looking for a channel to stream content from my computer(s). The only ones that I can find are pay channels and I'm reluctant to buy without an idea of which one(s) are worth the price. If anyone has a suggestion, I'd appreciate it.
  13. sidburyjr

    Time to replace my 10 year old Sony KP61-HS10

    It's 61" 4X3 which is equivalent to 55" in 16x9 mode. I'm not willing to downgrade the size. So I want a 55" or larger screen. Since I'm retired I'd prefer to spend between 1000 and 1500 but might consider up to 2k. I've had very good luck with Samsung monitors and a friend has a nice 48"...
  14. sidburyjr

    Harmony 550 or 676??

    Does anyone who's tried both have a preference or should I get the cheapest? Why? Thanks. dick