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  1. Geoff L


    Looks good, all set. Later Test Area
  2. Geoff L


    Test[i]Time correct or not, check check check,......! !
  3. Geoff L

    720p/1080i compnent dvd?

    Yes my Sony 46" RPTV is a (non HD set). Thought "possibly" you might be able to get a slightly better picture even on a SD set.. It appears not...! Thanks Geoff
  4. Geoff L

    720p/1080i compnent dvd?

    Hey sharpies: How about us guys that have not yet purchased an HDTV, be it RPT/LCD/Plasma, etc. I ask those smarter than I, ~{would there be any picture benifit}~ to purchasing a decent, or for that matter, the best upcnoverting player that dose it (over component), for my Sony 46" 4.3...
  5. Geoff L

    Original SVS 12" long throw subwoofer driver

    PM sent 8-5-07 PM replied to Thanks Rodney talk to you soon. Thanks Geoff ¥
  6. Geoff L

    First Reciever you owned

    Marantz 2216-B Amazing sound and headroom from such a low power (16-watts per channel) 2-channel receiver. Also beautiful to look at. These Marantz receivers are worth more now than they sold for when in excellent to very good condition. Many 2-channel receivers along with seperate Amps/Pre...
  7. Geoff L

    Are my old speakers up to par?

    Technics SB-S407 12"/3-way Don't belive they made a bookshelf using the same tweet, mid, ect. You can find these speaks now and then primarly at Ebay. Finding them in good to excellent shape is another thing, tho they sell pretty reasonable. There might be a stamped or sticker...
  8. Geoff L

    interior stuffing?

    Don't know why you bothered to ask anything as you went ahead and just did what you felt like doing. No harm done, their yours to do with what you see fit, correct! The speakers could have been very well designed or they may be a cheaply done DIY and sound, well, like dog doo. I don't know...
  9. Geoff L

    Help me build some reference subs.

    You might consider looking into Rythmik Audios Servo 12 kit. It uses a TC Sounds driver built for Rythmik and the servo needs. I belive the driver is the TC-2+ but customized for the servo sensing. A pair appear to be pretty stout and SQ and Deep Extension is definitely their. The reviews are...
  10. Geoff L

    I won !! I won !!

    Did you at least test it to make sure it is working properly. Might be a hassle to do so if packed away, but better to know now than waiting & finally hooking it up to find something is wrong with it. Just a thought as you did not mention a pre-test before putting it away. Congrats and...
  11. Geoff L

    Small sub: 2 6 1/2" drivers or 1 8"? Which one is better?

    The long throw original released 8" MCM had problems. Not sure if they where/have been addressed or not. Cone sag from it's apparently poor/cheap designed suspension (even when used in a standard front face mount). Said to sound great for awhile and soon, very short time, it's no longer aligned...
  12. Geoff L

    Anyone want to check out the Dayton 15" MK III from PE?

    East Great, glad to see it made it by Friday.! Promise info asked for is coming, alot of typing to do. Just wanted to make sure you know I'm not sitting on my fingers so to say. Keep beating on it, I mean testing, measuring, & comparing. Will talk with you soon. West
  13. Geoff L

    Worst Sub Box Ever?

    Steve I'd take the 2x4's (if done right), over that chip board anyday, but no tweeters please.. Joey Yugo boom box, like it, two perfect fits. LMAO-ROF-LMAOAgain.. Seriously tho: Put a real 2500 watts to it and it would explode, melt down, or go up in smoke like those who likely...
  14. Geoff L

    Fosgate speakers on Woot

    Their nice speaks and worth the 575.00 IMO. The sub will likely dig a little deeper in room as Jims spec's are very straight up. Some might say even modest on their low end rating for all the speaks & sub and usualy dig a bit lower than spec'ed. Very similar design used in a couple of the...
  15. Geoff L

    Worst Sub Box Ever?

    The cabinet wood selection is just stunning! *NOT* The whole thing is just amazing, amazingly bad. What someone may think/find is cool, neat, awasome, etc to build, just blows me away. What a waste of everything. Nice find on how to do just about everything possible, very wrong..
  16. Geoff L

    i come here again asking what driver

    Have no idea if PE will intro a 15" unit in the RSS line. Ask me, it's a no brainer that they should build/sell a RSS-15 Home Theater driver at the least. You'ed think they would, but PE could be waiting on tooling and or (don't want to hurt/take away sales) of their other popular 15"...
  17. Geoff L

    i come here again asking what driver

    You might take a look at (if you have not already), the "newest" Dayton Referance Series ultra low distortion subwoofers at PE. No 15 yet but two different 12's. Part numbers are 295-464 is RSS 12" 295-466 is RSS-HO 12"
  18. Geoff L

    Reducing speaker harshness

    So you have NO powered subwoofer in the system.? Is this harshness noticable in both 2-channel Stereo no sub, and also DD/DTS/etc no sub..? How big a room are you filling, aprox ft^3 wise.? Is the room rather live with a tile or wood floor, bare or not much on the walls, etc,,, or is it...
  19. Geoff L

    Wharfedale speaker

    Don't know what the spl @1w/1m is on any of the Wharf Diamond 9 series is. Assuming their similar to the last Diamond 8's or Emerald-MKIV (86db to 89db) it would be dependent on the size of your room, at what spl level you like to listen, and if a sub is going to be used. If you run the...
  20. Geoff L

    Complete DIY System- Progress Pictures

    Beating the horse again, two tweets on the face of each speaker, BAD idea. Maybe he plans to have one tweet fire from the rear side of the tower.??? Brace and share space for the woofs as already mentioned, better idea IMO also. 5" from bottom to the subs base plate, well it certainly...
  21. Geoff L

    MCM-->Wheres the RAVA cab.!!

    Thank you Jim for your link also.
  22. Geoff L

    MCM-->Wheres the RAVA cab.!!

    A bevy of info as always from you Thomas. Nope, don't see myself puchasing 100 cabs any time soon.! Thank you Thomas for the CO name and Madi's link. Had NO idea they even handeled the cab.. I really do have to get out more.. Cheers Geoff ¥
  23. Geoff L

    MCM-->Wheres the RAVA cab.!!

    Thank you Ken, I have heck of a time finding stuff on their site even using the advance search. Decent cab and real veneer for cheap, but as usual, out of stock and 2 months lead time on re-stock.. Uggg I'll have to call them and see if I can get info on a more accurate in stock date &...
  24. Geoff L

    MCM-->Wheres the RAVA cab.!!

    Last I checked, which was at least 6-months ago, they did still carry the empty 12" Oak Rava cab and for a cheap 99.00 and even free shipping sometimes. I can't seem to find it at MCM now. A new 1" thick MDF empty 12" HG-Piano Black cabinet is now their for 139.00 plus ship, but the...
  25. Geoff L

    More SPL?

    Another thing is if a system is playing clean and it's FR is close to flat at the listening position, it will not appear to sound as loud as it actually is many times. This especially if in a treated (traps) or a really absorbent room. When something is pushed beyond it limits, the weak...
  26. Geoff L

    pairing a 16-46 and a 25-31 for max spl down to 16(or 12)

    Your logic tho interesting, is flawed. Facts are facts, the boys are correct and your "in-correct" in your thinking/approach... I'm not exactally sure that you understand or fully got it from reading your your last post, but hopefully you did. No disrespect intended..! No matter the...
  27. Geoff L

    DIY 15" Quatro complete

    Just curious: How big is the room that you are filling with bass.?? Are you taking your Spl/FR measurments from the listening position and if so "how far away is the sub from you".?? Cheers ¥
  28. Geoff L

    DIY 15" Quatro complete

    5.5ft^³-->4"x 11"= 21Hz tune 6.0ft^³-->4"x 11"= 20Hz-11.12" actualy Your 4" port is either longer than you think, the box volume bigger than you think, applied major eq-boosting down low, or your getting (some un-godly low Hz room gain to be flat to 16Hz)...!!! If thats it, room gain...
  29. Geoff L

    Linkwitz Transform

    Unless you have already got an amp and are planning to build your own LT, you might consider "talking with Brian" over at about a possible plate amp with an LT built in. Rythmik's LT page is *HERE* Even if not interested, there is some nice reading, graphs, and a couple...
  30. Geoff L

    Sonic Boom

    Only those seriously into photography can really apreciate how diffucult this pitcure was to take,,,, and the get it clearly at that. Very very Chu..! Got Audio too..? Kidding... Cheers ¥