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    Do Blu-rays rot?

    Just came across a bad disc: The Cowboys from Warner Brothers. It's bronzing, I tried playing it anyway but it freezes right around the 2 hour mark.
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    Blu-ray Review Murder by Decree Blu-ray Review

    Uh.... some controversy over on BR which reports this is an older scan incorrectly timed and graded, one person's post: "Kino Lorber's transfer ruins the film. Gone are the inky blacks, deep-shadows, and lamp-lit pools of light in the fog. In fact, the contrast is boosted so high, gone is the...
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    Pre-Order On A Clear Day You Can See Forever (1970) (Blu-ray)

    I just got the copy I ordered from BullMoose and it's a pressed disc. I only had time to skim through, but it's not a new remaster unfortunately. Probably from the DVD era, It looks pretty good, just not great.
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    New promotion going on: Buy 5, only pay for 3 deal. Includes 4K titles and a lot of movies and TV shows not available in the US.
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    Blu-ray Review The Rockford Files: The Complete Series Blu-ray Review

    Someone on is saying that seasons 1 and 2 of this set have been "remastered" and quietly snuck out in newer versions of this set. Is anyone aware of this? Go to the site and read the last user review.
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    HUGE "3 for 2" sale going on right now, which is basically buy 2 get one free. It includes blu-rays and DVDs and there's a MASSIVE selection. Check your wish lists :)
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    Glad to hear about Grey Lady down, mine is still in transit. Another Universal one I'm really looking forward to is Ffolkes. It's listed as "North Sea Hijack" and is due August 25. One I would recommend avoiding is "The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid". PQ is really bad, it looks like and old...
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    Universal Studios & Warner Brothers Reissued DVD Sets

    Is there a complete list of all the flipper titles (and re-issues) that is kept up to date? I was hoping the original post might be that resource, but no.
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    Exclusive Universal DVD Titles at Wal-Mart

    Thanks for reporting all these, would never have know otherwise. I stumbled across Resurrection on pressed disc a few months ago at a different store, just FYI if anyone's interested in that one.
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    Your new BD titles requests from Twilight Time

    Just rewatched this a few months ago, I'm hoping for a release also. I wonder if the soundtrack has anything to do with the delay.
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    Got the three Concorde releases today. "The Getaway" looks pretty great (some mild filtering, but nothing terrible). "Unlawful Entry" is only fair (more noticeable filtering and a washed out, soft look to it). "Where The Money Is" which is an absolute mess (heavy DNR, heavy EE, no grain...
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    Still waiting on mine. Can you verify if it's the uncut version?
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    Howards End (1992) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    This has been released... with an aspect ratio of 2.50:1 which seems to crop off the bottom. Anyone have any insight as to why this was done?
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    Cannon And Others Coming Back Courtesy Of VEI

    Wow, that's a little sneaky. Thanks for pointing that out, probably wouldn't have noticed it otherwise.
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    SPHE Press Release: SPHE Launches Blu-ray MOD Program

    Take a look at the listing for "The Meddler", a new release coming from Sony next month. It's a BD-R(!)
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    SPHE Press Release: The Meddler (Blu-ray)

    Looks like you're going to have to change that picture, apparently this release is going to be BD-R. That's right, a new release from a major studio... on BD-R. Somebody... help!
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    Blu-ray discs gone unreadable

    Checked my copies of Flightplan and Hitchhiker's Guide and they play fine. I have a Sony 350 and I only have done firmware updates if I have playback problems, the last one was probably 3+ years ago.
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    A few words about...™ Victor / Victoria -- in Blu-ray

    This was posted by user ACJ on "another forum" - a Star-Trek-II-wrong-shot type error: "During THE SHADY DAME FROM SEVILLE sequence, the whole Victoria/matador/fountain scene is cut to show instead, a shot of Victoria leaning to the left where her dancers catch her (which is shown twice)? The...
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    Tequila Sunrise: Last 20 Minutes in SD?

    If you check I'll bet some of those complaints were mine. I got this movie when it came out and I could not believe that no one seemed to care about this error. I posted in forums, I sent emails to Warner Brothers, I emailed the major blu-ray sites, I even emailed Amazon trying to get them to...
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    Shout Factory! at Comic Con - TV Show On DVD Announcements?

    Freaks and Geeks was announced for Blu-ray, haven't heard about anything else.
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    The Facts of Life Complete Series Jan 13th 2015

    True, my mistake, I meant my discs are single layer. I edited my post.
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    The Facts of Life Complete Series Jan 13th 2015

    Could I ask you to pick one of the discs and list it's technical specs? I think I may have received a bootleg set. The discs are single layer and compression artifacts are very noticeable. They also don't have any copyright protection and I checked a few different Shout factory shows I have and...
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    Guesses On Time/Life Yearly Set

    I'd love to have "Family" with Kristy McNichol.
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    Win a copy of Jupiter Ascending on Blu-ray!

    Nicholas Cage from ___________ (insert movie here).
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    Win a copy of The Last Ship Season 1 on Blu-ray

    Going with Jayne Cobb from "Firefly", but only because Linderman (My Bodyguard) wasn't on the list. :B)
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    Hi from Fox!

    An Unmarried Woman :)
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    Win a copy of McLintock!

    I have to go with Rooster Cogburn because it's the first John Wayne movie I saw. I grew up in a small town and I still have vivid memories of seeing this several times in our town's one and only movie theater.
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    Blu-ray Glitch List - Titles you might want to avoid.

    Tequila Sunrise should be added to this list. Starting at around the 1hr 36min and all the way to the end of the film the picture turns VERY blurry. It almost look as if a gaussian blur filter was applied accidentally. This isn't just a dated master/ original elements issue, somebody made a...
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    WHV Announcement: Tequila Sunrise (1988) Blu-ray)

    There's a serious encoding issue with this release that everyone should be aware of. Starting around 1hr 33min into the film (and all the way to the end) the picture turns blurry, or should I say VERY blurry. Check out the last two screen shots posted here...
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    Any news on a Carol Burnett Show DVD?

    Wow, one episode got cut down to 35 minutes... :(