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  1. Eric Howell

    2006 Top Ten Lists - Time to Throw Down!

    Criteria = North America 2006 Screening : 1. Fong juk (aka Exiled) 10/10 2. Shi gan (aka Time) 9/10 3. Severance 8/10 4. Rang De Basanti (aka Paint It Yellow) 8/10 5. Wang-ui namja (aka King and the Clown, The) 8/10 6. Laberinto del Fauno, El (aka Pan's Labyrinth) 8/10 7. For Your...
  2. Eric Howell

    All-Male or All-Female movies?

    I'm pretty sure Gerry shouldn't be on this list. I don't have the movie to confirm, and it has been four years but... Doesn't a family (with at least one female) pick Damon up in the end?
  3. Eric Howell

    *** Official Oscar Nominations and Discussion Thread

    A few thoughts: Commercials: In addition to the M. Night Shyamalan, some of us were treated to a black and white French language Sonic commercial that I doubt will ever get played again, amusing though it was. I have no idea what I’m talking about, but being somewhat local to this scene...
  4. Eric Howell

    The New World (2005)

    Aye, it would also help focus the complaints on the alleged historical inaccuracies of the film.
  5. Eric Howell

    The New World (2005)

    Googled this This is in line with Kirk’s interpretation of the term. As to why he would use the term and perhaps enforce the stereotype, I don’t think it is any worse than perpetuating the use of the term “Indian”. Chalk it up to innocent...
  6. Eric Howell

    Running Man question

    Agreed with Andrew about the Running Man dismissal. The HTF has recently closed down a 5,209 posts 242,471 views thread about a sci-fi movie that hadn't even been released, and yet the Running Man has to take shite after two posts? I know joe was just cracking a joke, but it still reflects the...
  7. Eric Howell

    Running Man question

    Lemme preface all this with the admission that I don’t know about any cut scenes or anything like that(I have the bare bones DVD), so this is my view based on the feature film. Greg, I realize that Captain Freedom’s objections weren’t to killing, but rather to how dishonorable it would be to...
  8. Eric Howell

    Running Man question

    Hey! The Running Man is the best. I don’t think they “filmed” a fight with stunt doubles and then overlaid the contestant’s faces on top of the doubles. My view of what happened is that Captain Freedom walked off the set (aka quit), and they digitally animated a fake fight for the last zone...
  9. Eric Howell

    2005 Foreign, Alternative and Independent Films

    3-iron: This was my favorite film last year (slightly edging out Life Aquatic and Eternal Sunshine). It was also the first Ki-duk Kim film I’d seen, and have since been able to see “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter,… Spring” and “The Isle”. This guy really seems to know how to put a film together...
  10. Eric Howell

    Palindromes - Premiere April 29

    I think in the end, we will find that one’s enjoyment of this movie will hinge on how much one buys into / accepts the “gimmick”. I’ve yet to read a review of someone who liked the gimmick yet hated the movie, nor anyone who loved the movie yet hated the gimmick. People who can only manage to...
  11. Eric Howell

    2005 Foreign, Alternative and Independent Films

    Eros: The First two segments (Wong Kar Wai’s and Steven Soderbergh’s) are definitely worth the price of admission. Sure, Wong Kar Wai doesn’t explore any new territory for him, but his style and characters will always be fascinating to me. Conversely, Soderbergh’s comedic segment is a real...
  12. Eric Howell

    2005 Foreign, Alternative and Independent Films

    Ahh, so Millions is in limited release I see. This film made my top ten last year, and I can certainly recommend it. As someone who normally can’t stand children in movies, I know a movie is good when I can get over that aspect of it. Also out in theaters now, Nobody Knows. Another film...
  13. Eric Howell

    *** Official 2004 Academy Awards Discussion Thread

    I hate to be the one to say this, but many of the uses of the words “should,” “deserved,” and “robbed” are incorrect in this thread. The Oscars go to the film/person who gets the most votes, so unless you are asserting that there was some kind of miscount or fraud involved you are misusing these...
  14. Eric Howell

    *** Official 2004 Academy Awards Discussion Thread

    Eastwood is doing a flic on Iwo Jima (marines raising the flag imagery). Scorsese is doing a remake on the HK film Infernal Affairs(Where the cops and gangsters each send a mole into each other’s ranks). probably xposting this info with a billion other people
  15. Eric Howell

    Nobody Knows – starting to get into theaters

    Nobody Knows is a terrific Japanese Drama by Hirokazu Koreeda (After Life). I prefer to go to movies without a lot of plot information, but the setup is basically a single mother and her 4 young children trying to survive everyday life in modern day Japan. This drama is at times heart breaking...
  16. Eric Howell

    Actor/Singers: Hong Kong compared to US

    Thanks so much for your efforts in setting me straight Danny. Keep in mind I’m not a follower of the canto pop music, so the information I have on the relative stardom of these singers is limited to the supplements on DVDs and the bio info I could find on the net(if it happened to be in...
  17. Eric Howell

    The Golden Globes

    Those four bastards will have to go through life knowing they lost an acting award to William Shatner.
  18. Eric Howell

    Lost Season 1 ongoing thread (merged)

    Instead of just concentrating on why the compass is wrong, perhaps it would be interesting to determine why Locke would give a compass to Sayid without mentioning that it wasn’t operating properly(surely Locke noticed this).
  19. Eric Howell

    Actor/Singers: Hong Kong compared to US

    Ricardo, thanks for the info, it sounds like the US is at one extreme and Hong Kong is the other, and of the folks in between lean more towards Hong Kong’s view of stars. Jason, you are correct that Will Smith really should be included in this discussion, since he has probably come the...
  20. Eric Howell

    Actor/Singers: Hong Kong compared to US

    Having watched many Hong Kong movies over the past several years, something about the stars of many of these movies has peeked my interest. Why is it that so many of the top Hong Kong actors and actresses are also pop singers? The ones that immediately come to mind are Andy Lau, Tony Leung Chiu...
  21. Eric Howell

    Asian Horror questions

    I'm guessing multi-region will be needed for a lot of the new Asian horror. One old one I’ve recently rented from NetFlix that I can whole heartedly recommend is Onibaba.
  22. Eric Howell

    Superhero Movie List?

    well, bugga, the keywords for Elektra(2005): * assassin * based-on-comic * martial-arts * resurrection * vigilante * violence * marvel-comics * based-on-comic-book * marvel-entertainment * spin-off * dark-heroine Apparently she's a dark heroine, but not a superhero... according to...
  23. Eric Howell

    Superhero Movie List? keyword = "superhero" The above search yields 659 results or 378 matches if you don't include TV and direct to video(unfortunately it still shows video games). Weeding out the video games manually, you get 332 matches(listed below by date then title). 1925 Maciste...
  24. Eric Howell

    HTF Top 10's of 2004: Time To Throw Down!

    My Top Ten Based on first Release USA/Canada: 1. The Yes Men 2. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou 3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 4. Last Life in the Universe (Ruang rak noi nid mahasan) 5. Hero (Ying xiong) 6. House of Flying Daggers ( Shi mian mai fu ) 7. Spring, Summer...
  25. Eric Howell

    2004 Film List

    Criteria: USA/Canada first screening Sorted Alphabetically: 9/10 3-Iron (Bin-jip) 6/10 50 First Dates 6/10 Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy 5/10 Bad Education ( Mala educación, La ) 6/10 Before Sunset 6/10 Breaking News (Dai si gein) 7/10 Bush's Brain 4/10 Calvaire 7/10...
  26. Eric Howell

    Hey, whatever happened to exploding helicopters in movies?

    I think someone's having Airwolfe withdraw. Back in 80’s TV the worst place a plane or helicopter could be is on the other side of a mountain from the camera.
  27. Eric Howell

    Election Day episodes

    Simpson's - When the two aliens secretly take the place of the two Presidential candidates(think it was Dole and Clinton at the time. South Park - The recent Turd Sandwich vs the Giant Douche episode.
  28. Eric Howell

    Robert DeNiro tops Empire's Poll of Greatest Living Movie Stars

    I’m pretty sure people are missing the whole “over 50” criteria. I’m also thinking Empire is talking more about “star brightness” rather than “acting prowess” or maybe it is a little bit of both, dunno, I guess we would need to have access to the original article(if it is even available yet)...
  29. Eric Howell

    *** Official SAW Discussion Thread

    I’m guessing this is now the discussion thread too… so here goes… SPOILERS Below, so don’t read, darn it I rather liked the movie but I did have problems with the end. It has been a while since I saw it, but as I remember, every victim had a clearly defined simple task set before...
  30. Eric Howell

    Dukes of Hazzard movie partially casted....

    I suppose Burt's character in Striptease could be considered in the ballpark. The main question is if they are doing a parody or a serious remake of this show. Oh, and who gets Waylon Jennings role of narrator? Additional casting has been announced: Cletus = Anthony Hopkins Roscoe = Jack...