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  1. BertFalasco

    FS:Custom Gaming PC + 17" CRT + Mouse/Keyboard Bundle

    First and foremost, specifications: -Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition (SP1)-AMD Athlon XP 2500 (Barton) (11 x 166) (Disclaimer: The BIOS [Pheonix-Award BIOS v6.00PG] is very friendly in allowing overclocking as well as changing the multipliers, etc.) -Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe (5 PCI/1 AGP/1...
  2. BertFalasco

    Laptop purchase help, under $1k please.

    I am trying to help my uncle buy a laptop for when he travels and he asks that it be a "simple" system that he can check his e-mail with (so wireless card coming with it), fairly decent speed, resolution, etc. He would like to spend at most a thousand dollars. Any comments appreciated...
  3. BertFalasco

    FS: Mint Condition Pair of Klipsch SF1 Mains and Klipsch RC3 center

    Reply if interested and we can discuss pricing. -Bert
  4. BertFalasco

    FS: Pair of Klipsch SF-1 mains and/or Klipsch RC-3 center Mint Condition

    Respond if you have any interest and we'll come together on a price. Aside, I have a JVC XVS45 DVD player and a Sony STR-DE675 A/V receiver. Everything listed is in mint condition. -Bert
  5. BertFalasco

    Want to buy my [custom] optimized computer?

    It's a custom built system. To be vague (sorry, I have work in 5 hours, no time to type) : A7N8X-E Mobo Radeon 9800 128MB (AGP) 512MB PC3200 Corsair XMS Series nForce 2 (Analog/Digital Audio) AMD Athlon XP 2800 (1.85 GHz) 80 Gigabyte Harddrive (7200 RPM) 54x CD-RW (Blue in color)...
  6. BertFalasco

    FS: Mint Condition Pair of Klipsch SF-1 Mains and RC-3 Center

    I posted this great bundle on eBay but am gettig no bids most likely because of the fact my digital camera broke and I had not uploaded pictures... Perhaps one of you is interested. I took extremely good care of the mains and center. The mains are the SF-1's (Synergy series) and the center is...
  7. BertFalasco

    MK6 (Deception)

    This taken from (now known as , the most trusted MK site by Midway) regarding a big unveiling in PSM's April issue. This is such amazing news.
  8. BertFalasco

    TV Convergence Problem: Need help immediately ASAP.

    This happened to my TV once before and we had to go through a bunch of crap just to get a bunch of new parts installed on our Mitsu. HD and now it's back to doing the blue counter parts on everything and then on the right side there is a vertical yellow transparent bar thats about 3 inches wide...
  9. BertFalasco

    Nice Tribute Flash Animation I Found.

    I was just browsing and came across this out of the, Newgrounds, ordinary and wanted to share it with you. Sarah M. does the song and the sound quality is very good. Touching too :
  10. BertFalasco

    *** Official THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING Discussion Thread

    Just went to a Monday night screening with a group of buds. Fantastic, three and a half hours of a phenomnenal conclusion! You will not be disappointed.
  11. BertFalasco

    Jedi kid is in therapy, here's his successor!

    So mean, but laughing is healthy...
  12. BertFalasco

    Verification for my mom that DVD players are significant to the video quality.

    My mom picked up Pirates of the Ca... today and is presently watching it and she is right when she says the picture is grainy and so on. She has a 65" Mitsu HD and it came with an awful unknown DVD player (via RCA no less). I just wanted to post and get replies so that my mom can read this...
  13. BertFalasco

    After years of dialup, finally connected via broadband!

    This is so awesome. Only bad thing is Dishnetwork had used all my jacks so I sacraficed my viewing pleasure [in my room] for broadband, but I can go in the backyard and switch the cables...I know I can get the splitter but it was $30 and money unfortunately does not grow on trees. In Orlando...
  14. BertFalasco

    Mario Kart : Double Dash Discussion

    Wow, it is Thursday and no thread about this highly anticipated game, what is going on? I have noticed this for quite some time, not much encouragement or gaming posts compared to about 4 months ago.... Anywho, I would like to read your impressions as I would like to pick this up.
  15. BertFalasco

    True Crime (Gamecube) Discussion

    Wow, nothing for True Crime.... I picked this up yesterday and I am contemplating whether or not to exchange it for new disc because sometimes (happened 2 consecutive times) I'll be driving and then itll skip every other frame, so it skips, and the background reappears in the distance and...
  16. BertFalasco

    Akira Voicing

    Ever since I first saw Akira (phenomenal) I always wondered if the voice of Tetsuo is one of the voices from Digimon and the narrator for those Tower Record commercials where it supplements a band into the sequence and the narrator says "We think they're the next best thing!" (Voice from all 3...
  17. BertFalasco

    I love film!

    I was reading the Revolutions discussion and I just got overwhelmed with how fantastic film is! I appreciate it so much, the potential it has, and the innovativeness of much of it is amazingly intriguing. Every aspect of any given movie can be cut up, seasoned, and interpreted, isn't it...
  18. BertFalasco

    Love Liza : A Comic Tragedy

    I picked this up today due to my abrubt DVD buying urges and just finished watching it. A bit short but I liked it. PSH did an amazing job. He seemed too good at gas sniffing, perhaps there is Hollywood school for rag sniffing . How do you all feel about the film? If you're a fan of...
  19. BertFalasco

    John Romero and Tom Hall Join Midway!

  20. BertFalasco

    ***Official Viewtiful Joe Discussion Thread***

    Been playing the demo a lot and since I am picking it up tomorrow, how about a head start on discussion! I can't wait for the 10+ hours of sweet innovative gameplay/interface!
  21. BertFalasco

    Run Ronnie Run straight to DVD!

    I had thought RRR would be a theatrical release. I tend to associate straight to home releases not good enough to contend with others (theatrically released) as if the movie wouldn't make much and I hate that association, especially since this is RRR!!, which comes out Tuesday. I can't talk...
  22. BertFalasco

    Anyone here in the Polar Bear Club or heard of it?(NY)

    I doubt anyone here is in it because of the size and probability but here's hoping. Also if you have heard of it, look out for a documentary my cousin filmed (he is in the club as well) which he is trying to sell to HBO. Oddly enough, his best friend Devan R., the kid who played Buzz in...
  23. BertFalasco

    Gamecube Progressive Scan Problem

    Past few weeks I have been noticing that DVDs on this garbage DVD player that came with Mitsu HDTV appears very awfully, the colors are distributed terrible, and it has the shadow effect [like text have duplicates in red behind them]. Does my TV need to unlock component video feed some how. I...
  24. BertFalasco

    The City of Lost Children

    This film/DVD worth a blind purchase? I took note that Jean-Pierre (Amelie) directed it and perhaps it might be just enough justification to pick it up. Thanks for any input. -Bert
  25. BertFalasco

    25th Hour Questions (and praise)

    Searched but unfortunately found no official anything on this, sorry if I missed. Just watched it, fantastic. First question : what is the name of the song [and artist] that performs the club techno song [it was also in the theatrical trailer]? Second question: Is the ending supposed...
  26. BertFalasco

    Artist/Song Name in bar scene in DareDevil

    I have not seen the film but a friend wants to know what the name of the artist [and song name] that plays during the [Bullseye] bar scene. Any input is, as always, appreciated. -Bert
  27. BertFalasco

    Appraise 2 seperate Audiofile 583LR Audio 5.1

    My friend managed to get ($300!!!!) 2 583LR boxes, BRAND NEW floorstanding huge mains. Any input on the best way to sell these (obviously for him to profit) would be appreciated and for how much would be valid as well. He has a set of main speakers. No confusion. -Bert
  28. BertFalasco

    Question to help my uncle.

    I am visiting my uncle in NY for the holiday weekend and I was giving him suggestions with his dilemma: He has a new nice recievcer along with a new nice DVD player and his issue is switching his Svideoe cables. Let me explain.He has one SVID input in the back of his set.He wants to utilize...
  29. BertFalasco

    Mortal Kombat 6 will be the game we hoped MK5 would!

    Although MK5 was a great game in it's own, it just did not deliver the bloody lusciousness we wanted. It is ashame we had to wait for MK5 and have that make Midway learn our expectations. From :