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    Gone With the Wind physical copies are now sold out everywhere... (Thanks to HBO Max)

    As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster.
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    Gone With the Wind physical copies are now sold out everywhere... (Thanks to HBO Max)

    Should the intro be compulsory viewing? Do you think it will? My opinions are no and partially. Personally I don't think it would be effective with a simple title card stating the obvious. But I think that a good intro might take 20 or 30 minutes preferably with film clips and I think that's...
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    Win a copy of The Ten Commandments Special Edition Blu-ray Digibook

    Well I didn't enter so I didn't win. I do have a question. How are the disks different from those included in the Box O Junk version, which I have and love
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    Top Thirty 3D thread settings

    For most threads I see 20 posts per page and however many pages the thread generates. However with the Top 30 3D movies thread it is not broken down into pages so I appear to be stuck with 11000+ posts that take forever to load. Did I accidentally do something that more or less makes this discus
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    Press Release BVHE Press Release: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (4k UHD) (Blu-ray)

    Well I'm going to order the 3D version even though I was underwhelmed and watch the 4k version on Disney+ whenever it arrives. I think I would have preferred the Treverrow version but as my daughter pointed out to me, we don't even know if the stuff that's floating around concerning Duel of the...
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    Which is the best Harry Potter movie?

    Prisoner is my favorite book and probably my favorite movie. I really like Sorcerer’s Stone because of the age of the young wizards. In general I prefer the movies to the books because in the books Harry seems too often to be a whiny brat. I did prefer Deathly Hallows book to the movies. I...
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    Buying a TV from Costco vs. Sam's Club

    What I heard a dozen years ago or so was that each retailer might have their own model numbers for the same set. This allowed the retailer to promise to not be undersold. So If you went to Best Buy and said that Sams was selling their TV for $100 less they could say "Ours in the model xyz321...
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    CBS Press Release: Mission Impossible: The Original TV Series

    I hope they don’t screw it up like they did the dynamite stick version from several years ago. They converted the early episodes (and maybe all of them??) into widescreen 1.77 AR. Had I known that I might not have purchased the set.
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    Disney+ Disney+ Streaming Service (Official Thread)

    I apologize if this question has already been answered but at least through page 56 of this thread does not appear to answer it. what happens if I am watching a particular show and someone else on my family starts watching it on another device? Or if I quit in the middle of something and...
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    Black Cherry Soda

    If you're in the south, there's nothing like Cheerwine. I'm not sure that it tastes like cherry soda should taste but I like it. Unfortunately with my bad A1C I've limited myself to maybe one sugary soft drink per week. Coke Zero is what I'm mostly using now.
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    Iger confirms that Disney+ will be on FireTV, large FX presence on Hulu

    I've installed the app on my Apple TV 4k, my Amazon Fire TV 4K and my iPhone. They all seem to work although the traffic is very heavy at this time.
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    Disney+ Disney+ Streaming Service (Official Thread)

    well I have Verizon wireless and my wife, daughter, and I all have phones so that’s 3 customers on 1 account. So that’s a possible explanation
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    UHD Review Men in Black: International UHD Review

    My wife and I saw it on the theater. It was nowhere as good as the original but about as good, maybe a little better, than the sequels
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    Value Electronics to perform "world's first" demo of LG's UST projector

    Can someone post about 3D capabilities of this device.
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    Cataracts Anyone?

    I had cataract surgery about 10 or 15 years ago for both eyes (about a month between eyes). I opted for the more expensive radial lenses. The cost was about 1500 per eye after insurance. I haven't worn glasses since then and can see like I could when I was young except for one thing -- My...
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    Movies better than the book, and vice versa

    I've been listening to Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep on my daily walks and suddenly came to realize that my entire list (above) could be summarized by " I prefer the one I experienced first." I'm sure that there are exceptions for me but other movies and books I think of tend to fit this...
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    UHD Blu-ray Player Shopping Question

    To Play UHD disks you must have a UHD player. You should probably also make sure that the player supports HDR.
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    UHD Is this UHD Blu Ray Home Video aggregator useful?

    How did you choose the four items to vote on? The one I use to filter disks is HDR (although I know that it should not be used everywhere) and it's not even on your list.
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    Will you be watching the Oscars?

    In its entirety? Surely you jest. In the past my wife and I have watched the opening monologue. I then go to my home office and do computer stuff while keeping a browser window open to IMDB to see what won various awards. That way I know the winners but don't need to listen to the winner's...
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    Will You Watch the Superbowl - Predictions???

    I will watch. I do every year. Partly for the commercials, although there was a special on CBS a few days ago about the funniest SB commercials ever, which showed painfully unfunny commercials. I usually don't watch the half-time show. Never watch the post game festivities (except when my...
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    Movies better than the book, and vice versa

    2001. The book was written concurrently with the film. Film better. Ready Player One. Book much better particularly the audiobook. Ender's game. Book better. Hitch hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Book better, then the radio play then the tv series, then the movie. Most of the Harry Potter...
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    Things You’ve Seen in Movies or TV But will Never See in Life

    I can't believe that after 57 posts, no one has complained about my favorite. When is the last time you saw a (fist) fight and one or both of the combatants were bleeding? Later, occasionally, someone will have a bandage but no one bleeds during a fight.
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    AMC A-List & other theater subscriptions (See Post #2314)

    Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to promise that they will not change their plan half way through the year. The last movie I saw under movie pass was incredibles 2. When I disputed the charge with my credit card company I got a multi page reply copying info from movie pass showing that I had used...
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    The Good Place - Season 3

    Holy forking shirtballs. Best. Episode. Ever. Maybe. Has anyone here ever wondered how long this show can possibly last at it's current creative level? And assuming that the show takes place in the "present" who got in to the good place in 1497? I don't know enough about any of the following...
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    2018 Black Friday Deals

    Thanks. Obviously my new bedroom tv will not be 3D. My family room Panasonic ST60 plasma is and I don’t see moving my Oppo 203 away from that set. I was basically trying to insure myself in case things happened.
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    2018 Black Friday Deals

    I'm going to update my bedroom tv from 32" to 43" and decided to go 4k HDR. Last night I got an Xbox one s from target for $200 (with a free $20 target gift card) to use as my 4k player (which also does 3d which is probably irrelevant). Anyhow it's still in the box so I could return it and get...
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    I told myself I'd never build another PC again...

    So what did you order? and why? I'm considering a new build at the beginning of the year.
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    Fahrenheit 11/9 (2018)

    I'm trying to decide whether exorcizing above is a typo. Personally I've always thought that Michael Moore was more of a propagandist than a documentation.
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    Sony's New 4K HDR Home Cinema Projectors

    I checked the specs and thankfully (at least to me) all of them are "ready for immersive 3D" which I think means, they don't include glasses.
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    I'm sure you've watched them all by now, but I would have chosen Big Hero 6 (Don't have DM3 or Lion King)