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  1. Spencer Draper

    Can a Plasma TV make speakers blow diaphragms?

    I’ve had a weird issue pop up and have been posting around trying to see what people think. My main setup was built around my HDCRT originally. About six months ago I found a plasma to play with and so I've had to have my Panasonic ST60 on a stand in front of my CRT stand and receiver. Suddenly...
  2. Spencer Draper

    Need some new speaker wire, stick with 16 gauge or get a different gauge?

    I'm needing to rewire in my surrounds and wondered if changing wire gauges would be any improvement. Currently I'm using plain old 16 gauge Radio Shack wire into this setup: L,R,LS,RS: Klipsch KG.5 C: Klipsch KV 1 Sub: Klipsch SWV Receiver: Sony STR DE-675 Is 14 or 12 going to be that much of an...