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    HTF DVD REVIEW: The Six Million Dollar Man - The Complete Series - Recommended

    Ok, it's in stock. What's the scoop? Any official reviews/ comparisons to the region 1 set?
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    FT Cheers & Frasier - Season 6

    Cheers Season 6 and Frasier Season 6. Both sets are sealed and unopened. I'm on Ebay with 100% positive feedback. Here is my want list, looking for brand new and sealed only: Roswell season3 South Park season 5 Remington Steele season 2 Flintstones season 4 Las Vegas season 1 Ellen...
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    FT/S: Jaws 30th plus various TV Box Sets

    Have the following for trade (all still sealed unless noted): Jaws 30th Anniversary Edition(widescreen) Meet Joe Black (Ultimate Edition) Brady Bunch season 2 Enterprise season 2 Buffy season 7 Buffy season 1 (opened but still in shrink wrap) Looking for: Friends season 9 Oz...
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    Family Guy - new bonus DVD and T-shirt

    Has anyone bought this new package of the season sets that has the bonus DVD? Is it the same DVD in both packages or are they different? Also, what's on the bonus disc? Thanks
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    Gilmore Girls Glitch

    On the season 1 set of Gilmore Girls I noticed a strange thing: on disc 3, episode 9 (Rory's Dance), the time skips ahead between the end of chapter 2 and the start of chapter 3. It jumps from 12:07 to 17:34. The same thing happens on disc 4, episode 13: between chapters 2 & 3 it jumps from...
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    Edited and altered films on DVD

    The TV section has a great thread about shows that have been released in edited versions on DVD (edited scenes, changed music, etc). I would like to know what movies have suffered "changes" when released on DVD. Just to get the list started: "The Electric Horseman" - the edition currently...
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    Laserdiscs for sale or trade

    Below is a list of laserdiscs I have for sale. Willing to trade also. There are no set prices, it's basically a "make me an offer" type deal. These are all from my personal collection: no rental discs. Condition is "like new" unless otherwise noted: ACCIDENTAL TOURIST: Letterbox, minor...
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    Tales of the City Region 4 review

    Can anyone comment on the picture quality of the region 4 version of "Tales of the City"? I just received the region 1 version and the picture is terrible, no better than VHS. The only review I've found was for the region 1 version and it said the picture quality was excellent, which is...