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  1. Ernest

    Press Release Criterion Press Release: Amores Perros (Blu-ray)

    Great movie I purchased the international Blu-ray 2 years ago and I am happy with it. Not sure if I will buy the Criterion release.
  2. Ernest


    While performing an autopsy a coroner finds a note in the skull of the corpse with his estranged daughter's phone number written on it. This is the beginning of an excellent murder mystery based on the best selling novel by Sebastian Fitzek and Michael Toskos. The Blu-ray contains two audio...
  3. Ernest

    Come on Sony! Give us a blu-ray of Anzio!

    The concern with movies on Blu-ray from France is when the English audio track is selected the French subtitles appear on the screen with NO shut-off. If you own a 4K player, Oppo, Sony, LG or Panasonic you can use the subtitle shift feature to move the subtitles off the screen. The French...
  4. Ernest

    Blu-ray Review Come and See – Criterion Blu-ray Review

    Excellent movie telling in detail how WW II effected the people who lived through that era. Like The Painted Bird, In Darkness, Counterfeiters, The Black Book, Innocents, Frantz and many others movies showing the horror of war not individual battles. Very happy to see Criterion release this...
  5. Ernest


    The director is sparse on detail we understand the story takes places somewhere in Eastern Europe with WW II raging between the Germans and Russians. A family sends their young son to live with his aunt in a safer part of Eastern Europe. Unexpectedly the boy's aunt dies leaving him with no...
  6. Ernest


    I don't know what other members think, I really have no real interest for a retread of Event Horizon or Escape From NY or upgrades to 4K. I want the good stuff on Blu-ray that is missing in action, The Alamo, The Abyss, True Lies, Raintree County, At Play in the Fields of the Lord, Mountains of...
  7. Ernest


    Thank you I saw that in the Spectrum guide but after opening the DVD I recorded years ago I saw no benefit of re-recording. The DVD was recorded in 4 x 3 so it appears on the TV in window boxing. With the OPPO 103 remote you can change the format to cscan which opens up the picture similar to...
  8. Ernest


    Will we ever see a Blu-ray release for "At Play in the Fields of the Lord" an excellent movie shot on location in the Amazon. Starring Kathy Bates, Aidan Quinn, Daryl Hanna and John Lithgow as missionaries trying to bring religion to the indigenous people living in the Amazon. Tom Berenger is...
  9. Ernest


    I can remember sometime ago recording Raintree County on DVD when it was playing on one of the movie channels in HD. I am going to watch it this week to see how good the recording is but I would really love this movie on Blu-ray.
  10. Ernest

    Where is "The Victors"?

    I have a copy of the DVD I really like the movie would love to have this on Blu-ray.
  11. Ernest

    Gone With the Wind physical copies are now sold out everywhere... (Thanks to HBO Max)

    Thank you for correcting my mistake it has been a very long time since I watched Giant and I do need to view the movie again. You are correct the discrimination was directed to people of Mexican descent , not Native American Indians as in Hombre, Cheyenne Autumn and Dances with Wolves.
  12. Ernest

    Gone With the Wind physical copies are now sold out everywhere... (Thanks to HBO Max)

    I will have to watch Giant again even though she was from Mexico I thought she was Aztec. It really makes no difference discrimination is discrimination and both movies discriminate with extreme prejudice.
  13. Ernest

    Gone With the Wind physical copies are now sold out everywhere... (Thanks to HBO Max)

    I wonder of Giant and Hombre will also be pulled? Both movies are very discriminating against Native American Indians.
  14. Ernest

    Amazon and pre orders

    The title was ordered from not a third party seller. I recently tried to pre-order "True Lies" in Bluray from Amazon Spain and again was advised this title does not ship to the USA. I previously received a message on the site that many titles were now eligible to ship to my...
  15. Ernest

    Amazon and pre orders

    Unfortunately, not all Blurays I tried ordering True History of Kelly Gang and received their standard message "this title does not ship to USA". Not sure how they are determining which titles are available for shipment to USA?
  16. Ernest

    Amazon and pre orders

    That is true and disappointing most if not all Amazon International sites are now not shipping to USA. Independent sellers will ship to USA so if you are looking for a specific title try Ebay or Amazon.USA.
  17. Ernest

    Amazon and pre orders

    Shipping is slower and that maybe a result of third party sellers not so much the surge in on line buying caused by the pandemic. I purchased a Region-Free Panasonic UB 420 from Bombay Electronics which was shipped by Amazon. The unit will arrive 11 days after purchase. I purchased the all...
  18. Ernest


    Two very good movies from Russian director Kantemir Balagov with Russian audio and English subtitles. In Beanpole it is 1945 the war is over 2 Russian women who bonded together fighting in an artillery unit try to adjust to life in Leningrad. In Testona a couple has been kidnapped a ransom note...
  19. Ernest

    SUBTITLE SHIFT on Bluray players

    Many Bluray players include a feature called "Subtitle Shift" that allows you to move the subtitles up or down. This is a handy feature enabling you to place the subtitles where you prefer them or in some cases move them off the screen. Some international Bluray disc are coded so when you...
  20. Ernest


    Very interesting move set in the backcountry of Brazil, the story follows a tight nit village community's fight for survival. The movie is in Portuguese with English subtitles. The running time is 131 minutes and most important to members the Region-Code is Region B LOCKED. Very enjoyable...
  21. Ernest

    International The Turin Horse / Satantango

    The Turin Horse and Satantango are two every different movies directed by Bella Tarr. The movies are shot in Black and White with very long scenes and little dialog, if any. The Turin Horse like Satantango is a simple story about very poor people living in difficult times. The homes they live in...
  22. Ernest

    International Pre-Order Waterloo (1970) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    I purchased this Blu-ray when it was first released internationally and it is very good quality as well as a very good movie.
  23. Ernest

    Press Release SPHE Press Release: The Traitor (Blu-ray)

    Excellent movie tells the story of the member of the Costa Nostra, a crime organization in Sicily, that turned informant which resulted in the arrest and conviction of Toto Rhinna and many others. Toto Rhinna was from Corleone the city in Sicily where, Vito Corleone, the central figure in the...
  24. Ernest

    Press Release Criterion Press Release: Roma (Blu-ray)

    I do agree with what you are saying that Netflix business model is based on retaining and gaining customers. Netflix has shown NO interest in making revenue from selling DVD/Blu ray to the general public. HBO, Showtime, Starz and others have proven releasing movies/series on DVD/Blu-Ray is a...
  25. Ernest

    Ford v Ferrari BluRay Problem

    I agree with dpippel I have had this problem happen to me and after cleaning the disc it plays fine.
  26. Ernest

    International MOUNTAINS OF THE MOON (1990) From Spain -- A Quick Look

    I received my copy today and I am playing the Bluray on a Panasonic UB 420 Region A player. The Bluray is "Region Free" and the UB 420 does a nice job displaying the video which is a big improvement over the letterbox DVD. As reported the Spanish subtitles cannot be turned off. The UB 420...
  27. Ernest

    International MOUNTAINS OF THE MOON (1990) From Spain -- A Quick Look

    No you can't nix the subtitles you can only move then up or down which is a necessary feature with front projectors. For me it is very useful because I prefer the subtitles at the very bottom of the screen.
  28. Ernest

    International MOUNTAINS OF THE MOON (1990) From Spain -- A Quick Look

    Moving the subtitles is just that you are not moving the picture at all. The picture remains steady no movement at all as you move the subtitles off the screen. I have a few BluRay titles I move the subtitles off the screen, The Mechanic, Barabbas, MacKennas Gold which are international releases
  29. Ernest

    International MOUNTAINS OF THE MOON (1990) From Spain -- A Quick Look

    I own Blu-Ray players manufactured by Oppo and LG that include the feature "subtitle shift" which allows you to move the subtitles up or down. In most cases subtitle shift will allow you to move the subtitles off the screen. The subtitles are still playing you just don't see them. Great movie I...