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  1. AntcuFaalb

    WANT TO BUY: Pioneer CLD-79 or CLD-99 remote control

    I'm looking for either Pioneer remote control model CU-CLD120 or CU-CLD117. Send me a PM if you have one for sale. Thanks!
  2. AntcuFaalb

    WANT TO BUY: MCA DiscoVision Laserdiscs

    I'm willing to pay quite a sum for the following titles: The Solar System and The Universe: Beyond the Solar System Le Corbusier
  3. AntcuFaalb

    From the ashes of MCA DiscoVision a home theater nut rises to clean up the mess!

    Thanks! I've lived in Columbia, MD for the past 5 years now. I grew up in Mill Basin, Brooklyn, NY and Freehold/Howell, NJ and moved down here right after university.
  4. AntcuFaalb

    Battlestar Galactica Definitive Bluray Collection New $50

    Is this still available? Does this use the same master as the German BD release?
  5. AntcuFaalb

    Improved dialogue in movies

    I use a ZVOX 580 as part of my primary setup since I mostly watch older movies in mono and stereo and I think it's amazing. For the material I watch the sound quality rivals some of the best systems I've come across. It somehow manages to bring even more life into my favorite Laserdisc PCM...
  6. AntcuFaalb

    Dealing with improperly-mastered US NTSC Laserdiscs (Calibration)

    I have a good number of improperly-mastered US NTSC Laserdiscs where the black level is definitely well above 7.5IRE. (And, no, I'm not talking about JP NTSC Laserdiscs and their 0IRE.) What's the best way to deal with this? My TV is properly calibrated—colorimeter and all—to Rec. 709, but...
  7. AntcuFaalb

    Pioneer PRO-111FD

    Which colorimeter and software should I get to calibrate my Pioneer PRO-111FD? Also, is there a cheap HDMI passthrough box that can apply a user-supplied 3D LUT? Thanks!
  8. AntcuFaalb

    CEBA Video?

    Thanks to ajs3nj I managed to save Charles' MCA DiscoVision collection from the trash in the nick of time. I now have a treasured nearly-complete MCA DiscoVision set thanks to the generosity of the Shishkevish family. 6-8 more titles to go! Woohoo!
  9. AntcuFaalb

    laserdisc players.Anyone on here using them?

    I have a large and growing LD collection including a nearly-complete set of MCA DiscoVision LDs. I just need 6-8 of the rarer titles to be done. I'm in the market for them now, but the production counts were so low that I'm doubting if I'll ever find them.
  10. AntcuFaalb

    WANT TO BUY: MCA DiscoVision Laserdiscs

    I'm interested in purchasing pretty much anything MCA DiscoVision-related. Please send me a message with what you have an I'll make you an offer. Thanks!
  11. AntcuFaalb

    From the ashes of MCA DiscoVision a home theater nut rises to clean up the mess!

    I'm pretty active over at the and forums under the same username. I'm a Laserdisc nut (mostly MCA DiscoVision), but I don't shy away from improvements to home theater technology and make good use of my Pioneer PRO-111FD with my too-small-but-growing(!) Blu-ray...
  12. AntcuFaalb