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  1. Dave_P

    The Americans Season 1

    It's good to hear this show has been picked up for another season. I am really liking the styling and storytelling going on here. One of a few shows on television that I consider worthy of my viewership.
  2. Dave_P

    computer problems

    Thanks guys! Does anyone else have any other ideas about the IE problem? I also cannot have multiple IE windows opened at the same time. I could two days ago, but it seems like today that I cannot. I appreciate the responses.
  3. Dave_P

    computer problems

    Just curious for all those more knowledgable than me about computer things. How can I get rid of Adware on my brother's pc? He's handicapped and small programs like this are literally taking over his computer. I have a virus scanner on the pc, but the Adware has to be quarantined (because you...
  4. Dave_P

    who should I buy the Rava from?

    You won't be sorry with the purchase of a Rava sub. I've had one for over a year, and I love it.
  5. Dave_P

    Anyone heard GR Research Speakers?

    Danny, Brian, or anyone who can respond...... Can the av-1's play loud? thanks, David
  6. Dave_P

    Looking for Phish New Years concert ticket......

    I didn't see anything about not being able to do this in any of the Rules (unless I somehow missed that section). Here's the deal: I have two tickets for the upcoming Las Vegas show that I would be willing to trade for a couple of New Years tickets. Also, if somebody does not want to...
  7. Dave_P

    2 albums to discuss / recommend

    I'll check out that DJ Shadow recommendation. I just picked up a couple of new ones last night. I bought Paul Van Dyk's..Out There and Back and Journeys by DJ..70 mintues of madness. So far I've been diggin both of these albums. One album I would highly recommend to people would by DJ...
  8. Dave_P

    What are the best sunglasses for driving?

    I just bought a pair of Oakley Half Wires about a month ago. They are a brand new style. I think they are quite nice looking. I'm waiting for replacement lenses to come out so that I can try different looks. They were $150. These sunglasses replaced an old pair of Sungear (out of business or...
  9. Dave_P

    Anyone else have a FEAR of DATING???

    Patrick, I totally agree with you on that one. If I know too much about a women's wild past, I have a problem getting off to a good start if I'm already having negative thoughts about her. I don't really won't to get into the possible social problems of past experiences effect on...
  10. Dave_P

    Which Doors song is this?

    I'm kind of partial to 'soft parade' myself for a song that is lesser known. I had two bootlegs from shows in the late 60's from the Matrix. I ended up giving one up to a scottish exchange student that came over as part of a soccer team. The other one I still have is insane. It's on tape...
  11. Dave_P

    Bela Fleck DVD-A

    Mike, I don't have this DVD, but I did just see these guys on Tuesday night at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom. Unfortunately, they didn't play Two Horny Blues which is my favorite tune. Jeff Coffin plays two saxophones at the same time during that one. The band is now using cordless...
  12. Dave_P

    Tales of the Trail

    On the public bike trails where I live, the ones that are paved have a dashed line painted down the middle like a road. This implies for people to stay to the right as if in a car. I've never had any unforunate incidents while riding. I'm sorry to hear that your travel into the biking world was...
  13. Dave_P

    Anyone else have a FEAR of DATING???

    I would be in your category Philip_G. I haven't been on a date in about 2 years. I've had the luck to fall in love twice in my life. Unfortunately, both girls cheated on me. I tried to nurture them the best that I could. Both of them said that they were not deserving of a guy like me after...
  14. Dave_P

    Are Ya' Ready For Some Football!!!!!!

    Rumors are flying and almost certain to be true as the Patriots have scheduled a "business related" press conference that the Patriots will rename CMGI Field to Gillette Stadium today. Check out for details.
  15. Dave_P

    GR Research's next step!! WOW!!!

    My only concerm about off axis response would be that a lot of times I put music on when I'm around my place cleaning, showering, and the like. I would want to hear everything when I'm not sitting in the sweet spot. However, I feel that Danny knows what he is doing. He is obviously a very...
  16. Dave_P

    GR Research's next step!! WOW!!!

    Well, I have been saving up for a pair of AV-1's, but it looks like I will have to wait until reviews and opinions go out about these little babies. They look sweet, though that prototype is obviously not a cabinet Danny would have these in as a final product. I wonder about the off axis...
  17. Dave_P

    *** Official 2002 Major League Baseball Season Thread

    It's too bad we had to give up Seung Song to get Cliff Floyd. Song is one of Boston's best young pitching prospects. He throws hard and at the corners with great control. We have to live in the present on this one I guess. Let's hope Floyd brings some explosiveness to our lineup.
  18. Dave_P

    Slamball - Anyone see it?

    It may be shortlived, but I enjoyed some of what I saw the other night. There are some crazy, unbelievable dunks in this game. It's a game for testosterone freaks imo. I'm bigger, stronger, and tougher than you are boy. Try to stop me from taking this to the hole.
  19. Dave_P

    hTop 10 Things to NEVER say to a COP....

    An old girlfriend and I got pulled over for speeding late night one time. When the cop came up to the window she slurred "I had one too many officers tonight Mr. Beer." She had not been drinking that evening. The cop didn't seem to think it was that funny. He barely cracked a smile, but she got...
  20. Dave_P

    And the all time cutest smile award goes to...

    I don't know about the rest of you, but the daughter from Gilmore Girls has a smile that melts me everytime I see it. She's in one WB promotion shot that absolutely knocks me out everytime I see it. Alexis Bledel is her name. She definately has a cute smile.
  21. Dave_P

    NHL Free Agency discussion

    Jim_C, I know how you feel pal. It has been a downward spiral since Oates left for the Capitals. I remember him speaking up that year about management. Since then, we have said good bye to Bourque, Jason Allison, Anson Carter, Byron Dafoe(this ones ok with me), and soon Guerin. We have...
  22. Dave_P

    NHL Free Agency discussion

    I hope the NHL institutes a cap come the 2003-2004 lockout season. It will save me some pain watching the Bruins let go of another top tier player because they cannot/refuse to pay a player what that player feels is justified. Though, wouldn't we all just love 1 million to sit on the bench . I'd...
  23. Dave_P

    I need some good "chillin" music!

    311 - Transistor is my favorite album by them. Use of Time is my favorite song on the album. Second would probably be Electricity. Incubus is a pretty good band. I like a lot of their older stuff. However, Science is a poorly recorded album and is hardly listenable on my system. I haven't...
  24. Dave_P

    World Cup appreciation thread - games are on NOW!

    I've been following the World Cup closely. The Eng/Swe game was very good. David Beckham is magical with his right foot. What a beautiful touch that guy has to his play. Too bad England cannot beat Sweden. I watched Brazil/Turkey yesterday. I believe Turkey was wronged in that game. The ref...
  25. Dave_P

    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

    I loved the book, and this movie is about as well done as I could have hoped. ...."poor bastard will see them soon enough"
  26. Dave_P

    Boston Public 5/20 - Spoilers

    Jason, Now that you mention it, I remember the same women mentioning WGBH during the opening credits. I think it was a PBS DVS track as you say. It was weird, but interesting to watch the show with this commentary. I must have turned it on through my VCR without realizing.
  27. Dave_P

    Boston Public 5/20 - Spoilers

    Did anyone else hear the strange commentary along with the episode last night? There was this women that was commenting on the feelings and cues of the actors/actresses in between moments of the dialoge. Ie: When Steven is in the hospital room talking with Gruber, this women was...
  28. Dave_P

    'Undeclared' not on Fox fall schedule

    This sucks! I really enjoy this show. It takes me back to my college years.
  29. Dave_P

    Paradigm dealers in New England?

    The Ensemble store in Nashua, NH is still in business. The phone number is 603-888-9777. What happened was they closed the store in Arlington, MA, and they opened up a new larger Ensemble in Salem, NH off of Route 28. It's right next to Tweeter. How's that for a new store location? I'll bet...
  30. Dave_P

    Adire Audio Rava

    My experience with the Rava has been great. Dan Wiggins supplies a great product that has a lot of value. The sub suits my needs for a great musical sub as well as performing better than I expected in a HT environment. I have a small room of only about 10x14'. The sub does great in this...