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  1. DanielSmi

    FS: Pioneer Elite DV-38a

    This was Elites flagship player at the time list was $2000, I'm selling for $500 or best offer. It has excellent build quality better than anything on the market costing twice it's price today. Email me at [email protected] Daniel Smith
  2. DanielSmi

    Please help me improve the sound of my room

    My parents are going to redo the walls in their 13x20 family room and they asked me what they could do to ithe walls to mprove the sound quality of the room. Currently the room is horrible for good sound it has a tile floor, three of the walls are wood or maybe fake wood, it has a sliding glass...
  3. DanielSmi

    Its official Denon 5900 has been approved to use DVI

    I'm surprised this hasn't been posted already the news came from DenonJeff today but was official 9/26/03. See here Also he's already updated the Denon website. So if you want a 5900 wait until they activate the port so you don't have to go...
  4. DanielSmi

    Channel Delays Due To Video Processing

    The Pioneer 49TXi, 59TXi, 55TXi, Denon 5803 I believe the Yamaha RX-Z1 and RX-Z9 and I think Onkyo has some but I don't know the model numbers. These are receivers are you looking specifically for a pre-amp? I don't know if these preamps have it but I'd expect them to Anthem AVM-20 and D1, B&K...
  5. DanielSmi

    speaker placement and toe-in issues

    I have Klipsch Rf-5s and I tried this golden ratio speaker placement formula that people raved aboutand now I'm having some trouble. It seems that when I'm in the sweet spot I have a wider soundstage yet not as precise as when I moved them closer together. Also I have my speakers toed-in isn't...
  6. DanielSmi

    Pioneer Elite Announces New Receivers the 55TXi and 53TX

    That's right the i in 55TXi does mean i.Link while the 53TX doesn't have it. Among that the 55TXi and 53TX also seems to have a 9-band equalizer for Automatic MCACC. They still use dual Motorola DSP same as the 45 and 43 so this brings up the idea of maybe an upgrade at least for the 45TX...
  7. DanielSmi

    Where can I buy compressed fiberboard??

    does anyone know. I need some sheets not tubes. Daniel Smith
  8. DanielSmi

    where to place acoustic panels?

    I know I should place them at the first reflection points on the side walls but what about the back walls behind me could I put them where the sound bounces of the back wall and then back to me? Would this have a similar effect as putting them behind the speakers on the front wall? Daniel Smith
  9. DanielSmi

    Help, Please, Thanks!!

    In the next few minutes I am going to start taking down a wall of mirrors in my HT room. The mirrors are on the back wall and take about 70% of the wall. My question is what sort of effect will my removing of the mirrors have audio wise in the room? I heard that mirrors weren't that great for...
  10. DanielSmi

    B&K amps = slow!?

    Now, I don't want anyone to yell at me but I was just looking at the specs of the B&K amps and they didn't look to fast. Yes, it's true I've never heard them before but I was wondering if this was true? I'll give some examples: Damping Factor: 450 at 50Hz Dynamic Headroom: 1.2dB Slew...
  11. DanielSmi

    What color temp do you use? (6500K)

    I've been playing with my TV and adjust all sorts of settings. I've used the S&V setup disc for my tests and in this dvd they say that I should set my tv temp setting to 6500K or to the "warm" setting for sony tv's. I've found that while this setting is good for movies and provides a more...
  12. DanielSmi

    Sony Service Menu

    Hi, I've just accessed the service menu for my 27" wega. I used the recommended settings found at this site. It only had a few settings for my particular TV, then I found this site. I was wondering if their any other sites out there that are worth looking at? So far a was able to get rid off the...
  13. DanielSmi

    It's Official, 49TX Upgrade

    WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU GUYS!!!!!! Am I the first to notice this, the news has been out for 20 days. They announced it at CEDIA I guess everybody missed it here's the link:,92308,00.html I'd do it if I could afford it but not right now. Daniel Smith
  14. DanielSmi

    Good News for Pioneer 49TX owners, plus good and bad news for Denon 5803 owners

    Here's a link about the single cable hi-res audio connection. Denon has announced it has the ability to pass all DVD-A's throught it's DENON link cable and should be releasing an upgrade, also they say they it's very likely they won't be able to implement SACD capability on to the Denon-9000...
  15. DanielSmi

    Pioneer Elite DVD player problem

    I have the DV-38a and I found out last night why I hve a somewhat transparent red stripe along the right side of my tv. There is some problem with only the component output of the player where there is always some red stripe transmitted in Pr (red cable)cable. I have this on all of my movies but...
  16. DanielSmi

    Monster Power defective?

    I know this doesn't have to do with receivers but you guys would be the only people that might be able to help me. I built my own computer in april and have had problems with the power supply actually I've gone throught 4 different power supplies (2 compaq, 1 Enermax), 1 since April (Antec). The...
  17. DanielSmi

    Sub Equalizer

    Is there such a thing a an equalizer just for LF signals? I don't need an eq for 1k or 500k, etc. I need one for 50Hz, 80Hz, 40Hz, is there something on the market that focuses on bass signals only. This would be a great tool for taking out an peaks in your room, of which I have at least three...
  18. DanielSmi

    Dolby Headphones

    I tried it out for about 10 minutes and I didn't think it was that great, I mean I guess it's better than regular stereo for headphones but it didn't create the "illusion" of 5.1 as it stated it would. For example in Pearl Harbor when some went across the screen from FL to C to FR, it sounded...
  19. DanielSmi

    test pic

    Daniel Smith
  20. DanielSmi

    B&K Ref 50, Ref 200.7, & B&K AVR 507

    I know this info isn't up on the B&K site yet but in the advertisement I got in the mail today from SOUnd Advice the have pics and some specs on them. Apparently the REf 50 and Ref 200.7 are available in silver. Both the Ref 50 and 507 will have IEEE 1394 (firewire) ports, whether...
  21. DanielSmi

    What is Jitter?

    I know vaguely what it's about something with the 1, and 0's not being packaged together as bytes instead being transferred as bits indiviually so there's no checks or sums (what are checks and sums?), then something happens and it has a negative effect on the audio? What is that negative...
  22. DanielSmi

    Another Power Cord Subject??

    Ok, just wondering with everyone talking about powercords, do they make 2 prong versions my VSX-49TX and Velodyne HGS-10 both have detachable 2 prong powercords so are there any good powercords our there that are 2 prong. I can't see myself spending more than 200 on a powercord so no 10,000...
  23. DanielSmi

    Amp Wattage Overkill?

    Hopefully soon I will be purchasing a pair of Klipsch Rf-5's. When I do that shortly after I will bi-amp them I'm considering getting the Parasound 2205 or 1205. Would I be overkill to get the 2205 because then I would have 440 watts for each speaker and I think my ears would explode and I would...
  24. DanielSmi

    Dual Sub Inputs and Outputs

    With this other post going on right now about the "y adaptors" I came up with another similiar Q. I have the Vsx-49tx and my sub is a JBL PB-10 (hopefully to be a Velodyne HGS-10 in a few months) and the receiver has dual sub outputs. Would I experience any difference in sound if I plugged the...
  25. DanielSmi

    Rotel Rmb-1095 vs. Parasound 2205AT

    First off I would like to address some issues I noticed with variances in claims of specs for the Rotel amp. I was looking at the specs of the 1095 at and noticed they have differnent specs then on the Rotel website. Example: says Rotel amp has "Eight 22,000 uf British-made BHC...
  26. DanielSmi

    Damping Factor???

    What is it and what effect does it have on audio quality, is a higher factor better than a lower factor? These is a real new term to me I know nothing about it, so if someone could help me out that would be great. Daniel Smith
  27. DanielSmi

    Vsx-49tx Bi-amp Question?

    While answering another thread I came up with a question. This for anyone that has a Pioneer Vsx-49tx. I know if I bi-amp my front speakers I'm limited to 5.1 from the receiver but is it possible to output the rear surround channels with the preouts and send them to a 2 channel amp and still...
  28. DanielSmi

    vsx-49tx ref level question?

    Thanks for your help you guys were right, I've gotten almost all vibration to stop. Yea Gladiator is really loud at ref level. That brings up another question does the vsx-49tx adjust the loudness level so that reference level would be at the same level on every system even though you have...
  29. DanielSmi

    Where does the problem lie??

    Today I decided to watch Gladiator at reference level volume, and I noticed that when the action scenes came up like the opening scene and a couple of the coliseum fight scenes where there was a large demand for power for the receiver (vsx-49tx) I saw my monster cable hts 5100 powercenter's amp...
  30. DanielSmi

    Where does the problem lie??

    Today I decided to watch Gladiator at reference level volume, and I noticed that when the action scenes came up like the opening scene and a couple of the coliseum fight scenes where there was a large demand for power for the receiver (vsx-49tx) I saw my monster cable hts 5100 powercenter's amp...