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  1. Gregory Pauswinski

    In the market for a 4k projector

    Hi! I'm setting up a proper Home Theater room and looking to replace my current HD projector and go 4k. In a perfect world, I'd get something that supported all of the HDR formats, but I don't think such a thing exists. I don't even see a lot that support Dolby Vision. My budget is...
  2. Gregory Pauswinski

    Need help with a large bonus room

    Hello everyone! I recently bought a new house and one of the considerations was having enough space for a Home Theater room. This house has a large bonus room on the 2nd floor over the garage. In my old house, I used the living room as my Home Theater and had a projector screen I pulled down...
  3. Gregory Pauswinski

    Looking for a pull-down Projector Screen recommendation

    I have owned a PT-AE1000U for quite a while and have been using an Infocus 70" pull down screen that came with my previous Infocus projector. I've been rearranging my living room and am thinking about going bigger. I've been looking at 92" screens and realize that I have absolutely no idea...
  4. Gregory Pauswinski

    Looking for Dolby Headphone

    I'd like to be able to watch movies at night and not disturb my wife. I don't particularly want to give up my surround sound, though, so I think that Dolby Headphone is the technology for me. Unfortunately I've been looking at new receivers and I'm not having much luck finding very many that...
  5. Gregory Pauswinski

    Looking for good hardware to support 5.1 audio through headphones

    Recently my girlfriend changed jobs and goes to bed pretty early. I now find myself watching movies at an extremely low volume so as not to wake her up. I like watching movies in my Home Theater at a loud volume, so it's killing me. I want a good headphone setup. I remember some years back...
  6. Gregory Pauswinski

    Hellraiser 20th Anniversary Edition coming 10/23

    At the EMA Home Media Expo, I had the opportunity to speak with some of the Starz representatives, and picked up an October sales sheet. Here's what I learned: - Released October 23, 2007 - New interviews with Ashley Lawrence and Andy Robinson - A look at the Hellraiser score - They found...
  7. Gregory Pauswinski

    PS3 Firmware v1.90

    This update has already hit Japan and will be available in the US soon. Here's the feature list: * Ability to rearrange games on the XMB * Option menu now includes "eject disc" * Press triangle on the XMB to eject the disc * XMB backgrounds * Change the folder classification *...
  8. Gregory Pauswinski

    The time is ripe for Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth

    The entire Hellraiser franchise is available in widescreen on DVD except for Hellraiser 3. It has not been released in the US yet and worldwide it is only available in poor quality Pan & Scan. Now is a great time to correct that! The Hellraiser franchise has had life breathed back into it by...
  9. Gregory Pauswinski

    Any Freddy's Nightmares reviews?

    If I'm not mistaken it came out today in the UK so can anyone give us a review? Here are the specs from Amazon DVD Special Features: Freddy merchandise Photo Gallery The Legacy of Freddy Kruger DVD Technical Information: Aspect Ratio: 4 x 3 Soundtrack: Mono Episodes...
  10. Gregory Pauswinski

    24 Hour Party People

    Has anyone found any reviews of this DVD yet? The UK release is a 2 disc set while the US one is only 1 disc. Here's the only review I've been able to find and it's of the UK version. I'm really curious to determine what the differences are between the two versions...
  11. Gregory Pauswinski

    Do it yourself DVD commentaries

    Has anyone seen this yet? Basically it's a site where people can share their own commentary tracks for a movie. What a great idea! Of course I haven't listened to any of them yet so maybe it's not such a good idea. Gregory
  12. Gregory Pauswinski

    Any chance of UK TV show Brass Eye on DVD?

    I was over in the UK last December and a friend showed me a few episodes of the hilarious satire show Brass Eye. I just got a DVD player that will play PAL DVDs and I really want to get this series. Has anyone heard anything? Thanks! Gregory
  13. Gregory Pauswinski

    Warner: I am looking forward to Michael Moore's Roger & Me

    In an online chat with Michael Moore, he recently said that Roger and Me is being worked on for a DVD release. This is great news and I'd just like to mention some extras that I'd love to see included on the DVD. 1) Commentary (Moore recorded one for the second season of his TV Series The...
  14. Gregory Pauswinski

    David Lynch news

    John Neff, David Lynch's sound mixer and collaborator has had some interesting things to say recently on the LynchNet message forum. Eraserhead DVD: The cleaned DVD will be out and available in the 'store' in just a few weeks. The DVD is done...
  15. Gregory Pauswinski

    New David Lynch programming - Dumbland

    Has anyone checked out the first two episodes of David Lynch's Dumbland? I really don't know what to think yet and I'll warn everyone that Dumbland is pretty extreme. I am glad that Lynch finally has an outlet to bring his works directly...
  16. Gregory Pauswinski

    Anchor Bay: Thanks for the quick Opera replacement

    I received my replacement copy the other day and I just had to say Thanks! Allowing us to sign up for a replacement online was very convienent and including a free Moonlighting Pilot DVD was a nice bonus. I look forward to getting Bad Taste next week. Thank you for being such a great...
  17. Gregory Pauswinski

    Psychedelic Furs - Live from the House of Blues DVD

    I was looking at the list new releases for this week and I discovered Psychedelic Furs - Live from the House of Blues. I cannot find any reviews anywhere, but here's a link to the press release: Gregory [Edited last by Gregory...
  18. Gregory Pauswinski

    MGM: Thanks for Dressed to Kill

    I just have to say Kudos to MGM and the folks who put this DVD together. This DVD gives us everything we could want - Unrated and Rated versions, a 16x9 picture, 5.1 and original mono soundtrack, interesting documentaries, trailer, and a very reasonable pricetag. GREAT JOB EVERYONE!! When you...