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  1. Patrick Bennett

    Monster's Ball P&S only !?

    I was ready to pre-order Monster's Ball, but just noticed that it's P&S 1.33:1 only. Arrgghhhh!!
  2. Patrick Bennett

    Another Indy meet (movie night)

    Anybody up for another movie night at my house this weekend (Friday or Saturday) ? If there's a lot of interest, I can spread it out over two nights since my seating is somewhat limited (and at least still have people be comfortable that is). I'm assuming the usual characters will be up for...
  3. Patrick Bennett

    Anybody interested in an Indianpolis meet?

    If anybody's interested in an Indianapolis meet, I'm definitely game. I've got a dedicated theater (110" screen, seats about 10) that could also be used as a final stop for the meet. Perhaps we could hit a restaurant/pub somewhere, talk HT, then pick somebody's place for a movie. Anybody...