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    Older sci fi releases for U.S. ?

    i am a big sci-fi fan and noticed that IMARRIED A MONSTER FROM OUTER SPACE and WHEN WORLD COLLIDE have been released on foreign shores. Does anyone know if they might be released in the U.S. in the near future? Thanks.
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    Hey, this is the dumb question of the day. But i can't find the answer. Help without insults would be appreciated:). I have an INTEGRA receiver. i must select ZONE 2 when i wish to watch a movie from a projector (or no video is sent), thus turning on the HDMI out for zone 2; and turn zone...
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    google home and mini problems

    Up until about a week ago, i found the google home and mini very useful and reliable. But lately they have been very unreliable. Often commands must be repeated several times and a speaker in another room will answer when a command is given in a different room. I have unplugged/reset several...
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    I use a Logitech remote with my system. I use two SONY players. One SONY player is a 4K that will not convert a program to 3D. The "regular" blu ray player is able to convert a program to no means is it wonderful, but it is kind of nice for movies such as "back in the day, cheezy...
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    Feud Bette and Joan

    Anyone have any idea when this might be available on video? Thank
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    Phantom of the Rue Morgue (1954)

    Title: Phantom of the Rue Morgue (1954) Tagline: Mad passions, madder deeds in the Edgar Allan Poe chiller! Genre: Crime, Horror, Mystery Director: Roy Del Ruth Release: 1954-03-27 Runtime: 83 Plot: One of many films based on the mysterious tale written by Edger Allen Poe...
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    Universal's Sci Fi Ultimate Collection (DVD)

    Recently we have been treated to most of the titles in this DVD collection on Blu Ray. They have been pretty well done and the commentaries provide a neat insight into the works. At present we are only missing: THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN, DR. CYCLOPS, CULT OF THE COBRA and LEACH WOMAN...
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    Horror Classics from Warner vol 2???

    Hope an enlightened insider from Warner might be able to let us know when this might happen. Volume 1 came out three years ago I think.
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    Universal's Blu Ray Legacy Sets?

    Does anyone have any idea if we might be getting any more of these wonderful sets?
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    Warner: Round Two?

    A while ago Warner release HORROR CLASSICS and SPECIAL EFFECTS collections. Hope that it might be time for some more releases of this type!!!
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    The Sleeping Car

    Years LaserDisc history Vidmark Entertainment release a great little slice of cheese called THE SLEEPING CAR starring David Naughton. I would love to see this released on blu or even DVD. Does anyone know where would its rights be at the present time?
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    discs from Mexico

    I have noticed stickers on many of my blu rays: "made in Mexico." A new tax is proposed that would allow Mexico to pay for a wall to be built along the Mex/US boarder. I would be allowed to pay 20% more for the disc that is made in Mexico and imported in the US to cover that tax. How does...
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    Muppets C. Carol

    How much longer are required to wait before THE MUPPETS CHRISTMAS CAROL could get a new that the cut number might be included in the actual Blu Ray presentation? .... maybe with "branching" so those who wished to skip it, could do so and those that wished to watch it could do...
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    Universal Sci-Fi collection anyone??

    Would you believe that I was hoping that IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE would be included in a UNIVERSAL SCI-FI collection. But now those hopes are dashed!!....and perhaps it is a good thing:dancing-banana-04: But how about a UNIVERSAL BLU RAY SCI-FI COLLECTION with the following: THIS ISLAND...
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    oh why not....THE ABYSS

    Just wondering if there are any rumbling on the title....other than most of us would welcome a blu ray!
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    Warner sci fi/horror collections

    Last October (I think) WARNER release two delightful collections. One was a sci-fi and the other a Hammer Horror classics. Does anyone have the slightest hint if other collections on blu will be issued? I am hoping to see others! Thanks.
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    Sony xbr75x910 3D glasses pairing problem

    Purchased last November, all was well with the tv until an update was added a while ago. Now there is a problem with glasses pairing. Once in a while things works properly....but very seldom. This is what i have to do now: 1. Turn turn set up on. i use Logitech. (amp, tv, disc player) 2...
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    If.....Mockingjay 3D

    If you have a region free player....if you enjoyed the HUNGER GAMES series.....if you enjoy encompassing 3D...if you can put up with the idea that the film is not shot in 3D....have a look-see at MOCKINGJAY PART 2 from United Kingdom....just watched and I thought it was fine!!!...but I must...
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    Sony XBR 75X910C....any thoughts

    We've had this set since December 2015. My thoughts are not kind for this product. Though the picture is great when looking at the 4k stuff on Youtube in Bestbuys showroom, watching other programing is not so good. I enjoy horror and sci-fi. blu rays which usually offer many dark scenes...
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    Warner Collection...horror #2?

    Has anyone any insight as to when....or even if...there might be a second Warners Horror collection on blu. I really enjoyed collection # 1 (and the sci fi one as well!!)
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    3D 4k sets displaying 3D

    I have been using a SONY 4K (XBR 75X910C) with my recent and "older" 3D movie purchases; when displaying 3D movies. though the back lighting is FAR from perfect, the lack of crosstalk has been super. Newer titles like THE WALK, COMMIN' AT YA, and PAN have not trace of crosstalk. Older titles...
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    3D 2015 summary

    Could someone with a bit of knowledge please summarize the CLASSIC ERA 3D releases that we have received this The Mask, etc. I want to make sure I have not missed one along the way.....but I think I got 'em all. Then, how about "definite" 2016 GOG. Then...and I...
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    Hammer Horror....and scifi

    I'm a big fan of the Hammer Studio releases from the 50 thru the 70's....probably because I was a kid and the releases almost always managed to scare me...and most certainly entertain me....which they STILL do. It is great to see Warner releasing some of the titles on Blu...and of course I would...
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    International T.S. Spivet (Region B)

    I have a copy of L EXTRAVAGANT VOYAGE DU JEUNE ET PRODIGIEUX T.S. SPIVET. (It's from France) I have the SONY BDP-s6200 player region free from 220 - Following the directions included with the machine, I am unable to get disc (3D) to play. Yup.....I have tried other discs...
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    3D S.T. Spivet Blu 3D import-help please

    Just received THE EXTRAORDINARY.....S.T. Spivet (region B) and tried to play it using my SONY S6200 (region free player) without any luck. I have other region 2 discs and they play fine; but no luck here. Power on, open drawer, press blue button, close door....but that is followed by an error...
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    Disney Movie Reward Certifi.

    I just received my APPLE DUMPLING GANG blu ray from Amazon (yes...cost quite a bit but not going to join the club) and it was sealed with the code sheet enclosed in the front cover as usual. But there is no code printed on the paper! Do you think giving the 800 number a call would give me...
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    3D way back in the 50's and 60's.....

    .....they should have made THIS ISLAND EARTH, WAR OF THE WORLDS and FIRST MEN IN THE MOON in 3D. At least then I could complain that they are still not released on blu ray in 3D....oh.....I guess I still can!!...They are not even release on blu ray at the moment!!...May be they will when they...
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    3D Big Hero 6 3d release

    darn!!! ....Big Hero 6 3d is listed on Amazon UK as region 2 locked...
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    Unreleased Disney

    2015.....has anyone heard any reliable gossip (hummmmm isn"t that a contradiction?) relating to the release of the classic Disney animation Make Mine Music, Melody time, etc....of course....unedited!! and the rest of the vault Hope they might try and plicate us with these releases since they...
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    3D world wide 3D releases?

    Is there a list somewhere, that delineates all non domestic (US) 3D releases? .....and if they are region free or encoded for a specific region. For example: FROZEN.........UK......region free MELEFICIENT.....UK....region free RATATOUILLE....FRANCE....region B/2 only THE...