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  1. Mark_R

    why didnt they create a 2 in 1 svs ultra?

    They have a more expensive sub... see the SS line.
  2. Mark_R

    No sound from 16-46+

    I have an Onkyo 787 and it doesn't have a problem. I think I did wind up w/ a bad amp that will have to be replaced, but before it went AWOL it was sounding awesome.
  3. Mark_R

    My PLUS has shipped !!

    Mine is headed my way too... should be here the 5th. Yipeee!
  4. Mark_R

    Blue Planet....anyone else watch it?

    FYI Four DVDs (8 episodes) are available for preorder on DVDEmpire and they are cheaper than DVDEmpire has the release date as 5/7 for the last 2, I forgot when they said they would have the first 2.
  5. Mark_R

    jurrasic park box for the trilogy....anyone recieve yet?

    I found mine in the mail yesterday, although poorly packed it arrived in perfect condition (box and DVD).
  6. Mark_R

    WB: What's up with "Babylon 5"?

    Here is another person eargerly awaiting news on B5 season box sets. I wonder how long the 'trial' is; before they make any decisions. And after decisions, how long before we see anything (assuming they decide to go ahead; gotta think positive here)?
  7. Mark_R

    I have 5.1 speaker setups. Which should I get rid of? Paradigm or NHT

    I haven't heard the NHTs; but the Paradigm system is exactly what I'm saving up for (60s, 20s, & center). I would ask for an offer, but I just put in an order today for an SVS and won't be able to buy any other speakers for a while.
  8. Mark_R

    Home theater budget falls victim to SVS.

    I've FINALLY saved up enough to get an SVS that I think will be adequate for my room. I going for a 20-39+ (w/ amp) for a room that is 20' x 17'10" x 8' (w/ 14?' cathedrial ceiling) and a 8' x 7' opening into another room and other various anomolies. Unfortunately after this purchase it all...
  9. Mark_R

    OnScreen Display? Onkyo? Kenwood?

    I don't have any of the mentioned models. I do have a Onkyo 787, and do use the on screen display. I don't use it a whole lot, but it was very helpful when setting up the system to begin with and saved me a lot of time. Just my .02
  10. Mark_R

    Ohm Question

    Thanks to all for the questions and replies. I have found this thread very enlightening.
  11. Mark_R

    I Filled my SVS with Kitty Litter

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned using a combination of litter and shot. Fill up with litter, then slowly add the shot to fill in the gaps between the litter. Will have to add the shot over a period of time as it settles down. Of course you'll have to play it nice and loud to shake things...
  12. Mark_R

    Opinions needed on a Sub and an Amp

    I'm pretty new to the HT thing and currently saving up for speakers. The present plan is to go for Paradigm Reference 60s, CC, and 20s. I've seen a number of posts here where people put an SVS with the reference speakers and loved them. I plan on doing SVS myself for the sub (will probably...
  13. Mark_R

    DeepDiscountDvd- my kind of place

    Media mail by both DeepDiscountDVD and DvdEmpire both are erratic in their shipping times. But for me, its worth the difference in price. For me, media mail shipments arrive more later than sooner, but I'm not complaining considering the price. DvdEmpire has a note stating that media mail has...
  14. Mark_R

    Has gotten back to the top?

    I was an Express customer until they started having trouble. Now DvdEmpire is my vendor of choice, though for some titles I go to DeepDiscountDVD. Every now and then I'll check DvdExpress' website and have found no compelling reason to return. Price and selection is better at DvdEmpire and...
  15. Mark_R

    Here's a good deal: Onkyo TX-DS787 receiver for $600 at J&R Music World.

    Now he tells me... I picked up one of these a few weeks ago and LOVE it. I had to get use to all the options. Now I just need speakers.
  16. Mark_R

    New Ultimate Electronics store...what to expect?

    Ultimate has been in Oklahoma for a while. Originally they were Soundtrak. How/When they changed, I don't remember. I have never bought anything from them personally. A co-worker of mine bought a 32" widescreen Vega. It had problems and had to be replaced. He had a few hassles, but in the...
  17. Mark_R

    Something is wrong with me. I'm deciding *not* to upgrade certain things. Why?

    I'm glad I'm not the only one showing restraint. Actually, the truth is probably closer to not upgrading NOW, rather than not upgrading. I just got a deal on a receiver, but have no speakers for it (yet). Instead of buying something cheap right now, I'm am doing my best to save up for some...
  18. Mark_R

    Just ordered an SVS!! Quick question...

    I'm saving up for one of these (20-39pc) myself... unfortunately... it'll be a little while. I don't even have 5.1 speakers (just got the receiver). I think I'll get the other speakers first... then the sub (if I can resist). I hear this voice..."You will be assimilated; resistance is futile!"
  19. Mark_R

    I have $2000 to spend on speakers, help me decide.

    I'm saving up for speakers myself and was looking at the Paradigm reference series myself. (edit: questioned answered in previous post removed... DUH) [Edited last by Mark_R on October 25, 2001 at 10:41 AM]
  20. Mark_R

    To Warners, re: VHS sales

    I'll chime in with my .02 and voice my agreement that marketers should abandon using VHS sales as a primary predictor of DVD sales. I'd be curious to the formulas the marketers use. If they use: DVD Sales est = VHS Sales * __% maybe they should try something like: DVD Sales est =...
  21. Mark_R

    Warner Bros. - No Babylon 5 release??

    Your right Joe. It is just that I have been on pins & needles ever since the rumors (yes, I knew they were rumors) came out that DVDs might be in the works. Although many will not agree, for me personally, B5 has been the best series on TV in a long time. I would so dearly love to have...
  22. Mark_R

    Warner Bros. - No Babylon 5 release??

    Here's another B5 fan IRKED to hear that the season boxed sets were no longer coming. I've ordered the disc that's coming out in December. I've also had my fill of the 2 episodes per disc (ie. ST:TOS). B5 fans want season boxed sets. Do the petitions need to start again?
  23. Mark_R

    Please look at my hardware list...

    I'm not an expert... but one of the things I'd consider is getting a faster drive (7200rpm and 7ms or less on the access time). If your hard drive winds up fragmented, the 9ms time might give you some dropped frames (although there are a ton of factors that go into frame capture rates)...
  24. Mark_R

    DISNEY: 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea?

    I'd get this disk too.
  25. Mark_R

    Disney/ & Buena Vista, Please release "Flight of the Navigator" on dvd

    I'll throw in another vote for this title too.
  26. Mark_R

    Dish web purchase/promo questions

    Thank you for the quick response and insight. It was helpful.
  27. Mark_R

    Dish web purchase/promo questions

    I have recently moved, and not wanting to do cable I have decided to do Dish. The setup I am considering is 6023/4900 combo (6000 & 4900 receivers, 1x20" & 1x18" dish both with dual LNBFs, SW21 switch, and install kit). The plan is to be ready for HDTV at some point in the future, and also to...