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  1. James W. Johnson

    SB12-Plus or MFW-15

    Title says it all , which of these 2 subs is the better bang for the buck? Being one who has built , hmm probably 10 subs and 2 IB set ups I have aquired a taste for good bass. Why not build another? That is a long story, in short I got a traumatic brain injury in a motorcycle accident...
  2. James W. Johnson

    Id really love some Pulp Fiction commentary tracks.

    I dont think ive ever though id love to hear a commentary from a DVD til the other day when seeing Pulp Fiction again and after the show I though that id really love to hear several commentaries on this film , the actors , Tarantino and more even. Its not my favorite movie but its a movie...
  3. James W. Johnson

    Infocus 4805 DLP Projector, needs bulb.

    I hate parting with this projector because it produces a beautiful image and has served me well ..however I cannot afford a bulb right now since I just bought a small LCD TV and don't watch alot of movies in the summer and I hate to have it just sitting there. I will buy a new projector in...
  4. James W. Johnson

    Looking for a DIY kit that might rival the Onix Reference Ones.

    I hear these are pretty good sounding speakers...ive love to make something similar.. Anybody got a kit out these days that might rival this speaker? I am looking to build a new front stage with these so a matching center would be...
  5. James W. Johnson

    WTB: Decent , clean entry level reciever $200 or less .

    Let me know what you have, email for quickest respose [email protected]
  6. James W. Johnson

    Pioneer Elite VSX-54TX

    Pioneer Elite VSX-54TX Mint, about a year old. $500 + shipping
  7. James W. Johnson

    SAC D and DVD-A s' For Sale

    DVD-A: Donald Fagen , The Nightfly $9 In Time, The Best of R.E.M. $9 The Who: Tommy $15 DVD-A Sampler (Neil Young, Grateful Dead and more) $8 Frank Zappa Halloween $9 Blue Man Group: Audio $11 Creative Labs DVD-A sampler $5 SACD: Norah Jones 'Come Away with Me' $9 Beck 'Sea...
  8. James W. Johnson

    FS: 3 sets of Audioquest interconnects

    FS: Correction ...4 sets of Audioquest interconnects 1 meter fell thru so for sale again. I want $80 shipped for all 4 cables.
  9. James W. Johnson

    Denon DVD-2900

    For Sale: Denon DVD-2900 , I bought this from an authorized dealer in Sept. 04' , its been to Denon for service once and has worked perfectly since then. Unit is is excellent shape. Awesome picture quality. price dropped to $380 + shipping email me for fastest response...
  10. James W. Johnson

    FS: 2 Blueprint 1804 drivers / QSC amp / EQ --- A $775 killer IB subwoofer package.

    UPDATED:ONLY THE BERHINGER IS LEFT! 2 Blueprint 1804 drivers , both barely get any use as I am powering a small room with them. $175 each + shipping SOLD!!!!! 1 QSC 1850HD SOLD! 1 Berhinger Feedback Destroyer Parametric EQ, comes with orignal box. $85 shipped email me @...
  11. James W. Johnson

    What else can I do with my 2 Blueprint 1804s ?

    Ok so I rent my place and I am very much considering moving out after 4 years of renting. The landlord probably ain't gonna want an IB subwoofer so I need to yank the drivers and repair the wall which is no biggie but it needs to be done if I do decide to move for sure. Anyways I am...
  12. James W. Johnson

    FS: Denon DVD-2900

  13. James W. Johnson

    Several DVDs For Sale

    Monty Python's Flying Circus Collection $95 shipped Alien Quadrilogy $50 shipped John Waters Collections: Polyester/Desperate Living $18 shipped Beastie Boys Anthology $20 shipped 24 Season One $25 shipped Toy Story UTB, Original Region 1 mint: $90 shipped Kill Bill V1 and...
  14. James W. Johnson

    FS: Aragon Soundstage

    SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An Aragon Soundstage 5.1 preamp processor, Aragon had 2 channel enthusiast in mind when they made this unit, its based on the Aragon Aurum pre-amp. This is a great sounding pre-amp for 2 channel use as well as for 5.1 audio. It has a small dent in the...
  15. James W. Johnson

    Mr. Bean problems

    I recently purchased this set and on disc 3 around chapter 5 @ 18 min and some change I get some freezing and pixeling. I just wanted to check here firs to see if there are any known issues with this disc before returning it to Columbia House for a replacment. thanks
  16. James W. Johnson

    FS: Panasonic RP-62 w/faroudja DCDi

    RP-62 with the fli2200 chip, older player but still works fine. It can be touchy with scrached DVDs and CDs. was $95 now $75 shipped!
  17. James W. Johnson

    FS: Jazz: A Film By Ken Burns DVD box set

    FS Jazz: A Film By Ken Burns 10 disc box set, authentic US region 1 , brand new and sealed. $115 shipped.
  18. James W. Johnson

    Couple of M8A questions

    I am about ready to try something else so unless Adire quickly throws something new together I think I am going to build some M8As (or whatever they are called. ) 1. I have a smaller room and a subwoofer so I was considering an MTM in a 100 liter /32Hz enclosure, is there any reason I should...
  19. James W. Johnson

    What kind of shape would we be in if everyone took heed to this.

    While this advice may be good in many ways, is this kind of thinking really healthy for our economy?
  20. James W. Johnson

    Avoiding the unavoidable: when is it time to put my dog down?

    I hate to have to ask this question but I have to at some point and now is probably a good time. My oldest Pit Bull is about 11.5 years old, he has really began to show signs of growning old and just today I realized that its probably close to the time where I am going to have to put him...
  21. James W. Johnson

    Are there any DIY DAC kits around?

    Looking for a reputable , good sound DAC kit to build. thanks
  22. James W. Johnson

    FS: Lot of 6 SACDs and a DVD-A

    SACDs: Jorma Kaukonen, Blue Country Heart Alison Krauss+ Union Station Live Biber Missa Salisburgensis The Police , Every Breath You Take Steely Dan , Gaucho DVD-A Donald Fagan, The Nightfly $70 + $5 shipping inside the Cont USA.
  23. James W. Johnson

    WTB: VGA to 3 RCA cable with high quality terminations, prefer DIY

    WTB: VGA to 3 RCA cable with high quality terminations.... Prefer something DIY with high quality Belden and Canare.
  24. James W. Johnson

    Philips HP910 audiophile headphones / Nike Philips PSA256MAX MP3 player

    I have two pairs of these sweet headphones, I am selling the new pair with box for NOW $70 + shipping. (were $150) Trades glady considered. The pair was pulled out of the box for testing and used for a day or two then put right back in the box so they are basically new. Nike...
  25. James W. Johnson

    Sony SCD-C2000ES vs SCD-C595

    I purchased a 595 a few weeks ago and like it quite abit, today I am going to pick up a C2000ES to do a comparison, as it stands I could easily live with the 595 for a long time but I like it enought that I am curious how much better/ if any the C2000ES sounds. I pulled the 595s cover off and...
  26. James W. Johnson

    It seems I am unable to drive my amps to full power with my Aragon Soundstage.

    I THINK I am unable to drive my Parasound amps to full power with my Soundstage, the gain is up all the way on the Parasounds yet when I reach 80 on my Aragon Soundstage it seems that its not as loud as it should be...or its still clean sounding and seems I have alot more headroom left to get...
  27. James W. Johnson

    Is this an insult? .. "Since you have little taste for the wrong side of the cow"

    So a guy at emailed me back a price on something and threw this in.. "Since you have little taste for the wrong sode of the cow, $935 shipped, I have several in stock" ??? I looked it up on Google and did not find anything quickly so I figured Id ask here. Was I...
  28. James W. Johnson

    Comcast just upped my email storage to 250mb and personal website storage to 175mb

    >>>>>> As some of you may have noticed, Comcast recently raised the mail storage limit from 10MB per account to 250MB per account. Since Comcast provides up to 7 e-mail accounts, you are now getting 1.75GB of total e-mail storage. This storage is in addition to the 175MB of total Personal Web...