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  1. Adam Barratt

    [CES] Funai Announces Sub-$300 Profile 1.1 Blu-ray Player

    Original press release FUNAI NEWS Press Releases On January 3rd, 2008, Funai Corporation, Inc., the North American sales and marketing subsidiary of Funai Electric Co., Ltd., today announced the introduction of its first Blu-ray Disc player (NB500 series) for the North American market...
  2. Adam Barratt

    [CES] Panasonic Unveils DMP-BD50 Profile 2.0/BD-Live Blu-ray Player

    Original press release LAS VEGAS, NV (January 6, 2008) Panasonic Corporation of North America, the principal U.S. subsidiary of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (NYSE:MC), today introduced the DMP-BD50, Panasonic’s latest Blu-ray disc player - the ultimate playback source for high...
  3. Adam Barratt

    The very definition of 'Owned'

    I was sent this link earlier today. It had me rolling. Well worth the read! Adam
  4. Adam Barratt

    Signature. Yay or nay?

    A friend of mine has recently discovered that I post on this forum. Her first comment after reading some of my posts was "Why do you always sign your name? What's the point?" I've never really thought about it, and do it by force of habit now, even though my name is right there in bold text next...
  5. Adam Barratt

    Elf Zapper - Flash Game

    I found this Flash game online today, and thought I'd share: Elf Zapper. I managed to get up to 247th position! (Oh, and this is pretty cool too: Send an Elf, but not a game.) Adam
  6. Adam Barratt

    Pirates of the Caribbean Wins VSDA Best Transfer Award? Say What?

    I just read this in a press release for the VSDA DVD Technical Awards here and I'm a little surprised. This disc is OK, but has edge enhancement and compression artefacts galore and certinly wouldn't be a contender for 'best' transfer in my books. There are vastly better transfers even among...
  7. Adam Barratt

    Panasonic PT-AE500 Projector Review

    Home Theater Forum PT-AE500E Projector Review Not long ago, entry into the world of LCD front projection came with a very hefty price tag, and picture quality was often less than awe-inspiring. Recently however, thanks to companies like Panasonic and Sanyo, there has been a...
  8. Adam Barratt

    BB Gun? Yikes!

    Did you ever shoot at cans with a BB gun when you were a kid? I was sent a link to this site today, and I've got to say today's BB guns aren't quite how I remember them! 1200 rounds per minute? Adam
  9. Adam Barratt

    Gus Van Sant to Remake... Psycho?

    I was just thinking the other day "Say, Gus Van Sant hasn't remade Psycho lately. Isn't about time he did that again?" Seems we may have an answer! Gus Van Sant interview.
  10. Adam Barratt

    Cube SE!

    I just read over at DVD File that Lions Gate are reissuing Cube as a Special Edition on April 15th! New anamorphic transfer, commentary track, deleted scenes, storyboards, trailers etc. Sweet! One of my favourite films finally gets the treatment it deserves! Adam
  11. Adam Barratt

    Mask of Zorro Superbit - Visible Layer Switch?

    I just got around to watching this disc, and noticed it had a non-seamless layer change (at 69:02). This is the first Superbit disc I've seen without a seamless change. Has anyone else seen visible layer switches on other Superbit discs or is this just a fluke? Adam
  12. Adam Barratt

    Andromeda Strain Comments?

    Can anyone comment on the audio and video quality of this DVD? Reviews of this disc seem to be extremely thin on the ground. Cheers. Adam
  13. Adam Barratt

    Do Not Click

    What did I just say? Sheesh. Adam
  14. Adam Barratt

    Spam Wars!!

    Perusing through today I came across the following link and felt like sharing. This is the funniest shit I've read in a long time! Adam
  15. Adam Barratt

    OMG. You Rock My World!

    I just saw the freakiest thing I've ever seen on TV. Michael Jackson's new video for You Rock My World (I'm sure some of you have seen it). It starts with Michael Jackson and Chris Tucker in a Chinese restaurant deciding to go after some women that walk past the window (the 'guy talk' is...