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  1. Bill McCamy

    Babette's Feast and Camille Claudel: Are the Subtitles Visible on 16x9?

    MGM released "Jean de Florette" and "Manon of the Spring" with terrible transfers. Worse, the subtitles cannot be read on a 16x9 display with these non-anamorphic transfers. "Camille Claudel" and "Babette's Feast" were released at the same time. Neither is anamorphic; BF is 1.66:1, while CC...
  2. Bill McCamy

    OneCall is clearing out the HK AVR 8000 for $1139

    I thought some here might want to know that OneCall has clearance priced the HK AVR 8000 at $1139 plus $38 shipping.
  3. Bill McCamy

    War and Peace delayed. Anyone know why?

    Bill Hunt noted that the new Image release of "War and Peace" has been delayed. He hinted that the wait would be worthwhile. Does anyone know what's going on with this release? And will the Canadian release, which is now showing a delay at, be similarly "improved?"
  4. Bill McCamy

    The Forsyte Saga (1969 version) to be released Feb. 25

    Several e-tailers have "The Forsyte Saga" available for preorder. All 26 black and white episodes on dvd, finally.
  5. Bill McCamy

    Nine Queens (Nueve Reinas)

    This movie is now out on dvd. It is a great con game from Buenos Aires. The characters are conned, and the audience is never sure when it is being conned, but it surely is. A fun film with that outdoes "The Sting." I thought I'd break this one out of the "foreign film ghetto" thread...
  6. Bill McCamy

    Bargains at Amazon's canadian site has a couple of coupons for five and ten dollars off. While that discount is in Canadian dollars, so are amazon's prices. Band of Brothers is under sixty (U.S.) dollars. The new Walt Disney Treasures are each about $USD16.50. Back to the Future is about $USD27.50. While...
  7. Bill McCamy

    Adventures of Sherlock Holmes volumes 4, 5, & 1-5

    While the information was posted late last year here, this is a reminder that Volume Four of "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" will be released February 26. Also, Volume Five is scheduled for release on April 30. For those who waited on ordering the earlier discs, Volumes 1-5 will be...
  8. Bill McCamy

    How to save streaming audio?

    The BBC is beginning its 13 episode dramatization of LOTR this Saturday. It will be broadcast on the internet with Realplayer. Is there anyway to save that streaming audio signal to the hard drive?
  9. Bill McCamy

    OneCall is finally clearing out the Atlantic Technology 350THX speaker system

    Three years ago, this forum led me to these great speakers. has been carrying them for several years, making them available over the internet only. It appears that AT has finally discontinued their manufacture. While many feel that the subs are overpriced, and not up to SVS...
  10. Bill McCamy

    U.S.S. Arizona desecrated by Discovery Channel bugs

    The Discovery Channel just presented an excellent documentary reconstructing the sinking of the U.S.S. Arizona. There were interviews with survivors, and a frame by frame analysis of a restored home movie (the original color version of which has been lost to history). Incredibly, important...
  11. Bill McCamy

    History Channel looks at Wayne's Alamo tonight

    I just caught the last 15 minutes of a very good documentary on "The Alamo" on the history channel. I only mention it here because it will be repeated on the West Coast at midnight. I hope this note does someone some good. Should have made it clear that I meant midnight of November 28...
  12. Bill McCamy

    Obi's preferred settings for RV 80

    Could not find the original thread regarding the discontinued RV 80. I recall that Obi had stated his preferences for the picture settings. Does anyone have a copy of that review? Also, I'm curious what settings others prefer.
  13. Bill McCamy

    Mists of Avalon and the TNT bug: AARRRGH

    Pretty much says it all. Maybe we need a consolidated thread to bitch about the bugs. I really have been looking forward to this adaptation of the Zimmer novel. Now TNT is showing maximum disrespect for the audience that it delivers to its advertiser clients, and to the programs that it airs...
  14. Bill McCamy

    Store Display of 4x3 program on 16x9 set

    I'm probably quite a few years away from replacing my 4x3 RPTV. Nevertheless, I dropped by a decent home theater shop in Sacramento. All the sets that were displaying broadcast programs had the screens filled with a distorted flattened picture. The salesman claimed that they did not use the...