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  1. Rolando

    Help with 4K settings - My biggest fear came true, someone gifted me a 75” UHD TV

    Yes, I know I am being dramatic but it’s true. It sounds petty but I’ve always taken months of research to choose and buy a new TV. A very nice person gave me a Samsung 75NU6900 as a thank you gift. They knew I was shopping for a 75” TV and surprised me. return or exchange is not an option...
  2. Rolando

    What is best way to get digital copy support from fox?

    Hi guys, First of all I have to mention that so far support for Digital Copy has been amazing. Most of the time redemption is smooth but I had a few cases where I had a small hiccup response from studios was impressive. Warner Bros, Universal some even answered within the hour of request sent...
  3. Rolando

    HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: THE EVIL DEAD Limited Edition Blu-Ray

    Hi, Just bought the Bluray but unfortunately found out too late that there a movie only edition WITHOUT the bonus feature DVD. Are there any features exclusif to this BD? I have the Elite DVD, the BOOK OF THE DEAD edition and the ULTIMATE EDITON DVD. do I have all the features?
  4. Rolando

    John Williams still gets Star Wars

    I was not sure which section this would go. It's about the music but it's obviously also about the actual films themselves. I was listening to my Star Wars soundtracks and enjoying the original trilogy scores particularly. I decided to re listen to the soundtracks for the prequels. I had not...
  5. Rolando

    3D Why is my 3D movie not as nice as at the store?

    Hi guys, I thought this might go in the display section but because it was specific to 3D movies only maybe this is better. Of course mods feel free to move it if you feel you should. I bought an LG 55 W5700. It is a passive 3D TV and in store despite poor lighting conditions the picture was...
  6. Rolando

    Please help with audio sync problem

    Hi guys, did a search but did not turn up anything that helped. I have a pioneer VSX 1326 and an LG 5700 3D TV The video is slower than the audio. If I go HDMI out from PVR or PS3 to TV it is ok but through the amp no. It is 10 times worse watching Netflix through PS3. The sound from speakers is...
  7. Rolando

    I would pay $100 to $150 for a truly complete saga that includes the Original (original un-altered,

    Hi guys, Although I know this thread is likely to muster up some strong feelings let's please keep it clean. The idea is simple; many have said Lucas is losing money/slash leaving money on the table. Many believe the only way to really vote is with our wallet and that as long as we keep...
  8. Rolando

    How do I watch superbowl commercials on my TV

    Hi guys, it's 2011 and I still cant figure out how to watch something from the net on my TV other than plugging my PC to my LCD. Here is my equipment and tell me if there is something I can do or a software I am missing. I have a Gateway PC, decent specs for a 4 year old tower. 1Gb...
  9. Rolando

    Canadian release Versus U.S. release Blu Ray

    Hello everyone, Many might not remember but back in the days of DVD, yes way back then, I had a thread of Canadian VS US release of DVDs. It was a constantly updated first post where many joined in and posted discoveries made in the variations between a same title but from a Canadian...
  10. Rolando

    Is it me? I just got Transformers Season 2 part one and... That's not the Transformers theme song!

    Please tell me I just have a bad memory. I have the Rhino Season one Boxset. Never got a chance to pick up the other sets. Just saw Season 2 part 1 and figured for under $30 I can't go wrong. Boy was I ever. First heard the music on the menu and thought it was wrong to try to modernize the...
  11. Rolando

    Panasonic BDP60 (80) or Samsung BDP 1600 or something else?

    Hi guys, thought I had posted this already but can't find my thread. I can get a great deal (as in pretty much cost) on either of these players. Which is best? Looking mostly for best picture possible as well as best sound and I know both are great in this respect. However the fact that BD80...
  12. Rolando

    Maybe we should petition NOW for a proper AR release of Evil Dead On BD.

    Hi guys, I was thinking that maybe we should start sending the signal to Anchor Bay/Starz now BEFORE they even announce plans for Evil Dead on Blu ray. Now other more knowledgeable people can come in with the actual facts but I don't think 1:1.85 is the right AR for the original Evil Dead...
  13. Rolando

    LCD TV, out of nowhere a stuck pixel in the middle of the screen, now what?

    Hi guys, hope you can help. I have a 32" LCD TV. Had it for almost 9 months and has been great. Now all of a sudden the is a little stuck pixel in the middle of the screen. Not dead center more like to the right but very noticeable. I am watching a TV show and it is on somoene's face like a...
  14. Rolando

    cannot hear PIP commentary on Pan's Labyrinth HD DVD

    Yes I know, dead format but I am trying to watch Pan's Labyrinth with the PiP commentary and I cannot hear what Guillermo is saying. Tried changing audio tracks but no go. I have an HD-X2 with nothing but an HDMI wire out to a Pioneer VSX-9120. any help would be great. thanks!
  15. Rolando

    question about 1080p24 on a Toshiba 40XF550U

    Anyone out there have detailed specs other than the websites? anyone seen a preview or read early reviews? I read on the Canadian website spec something that sounded good: 24Hz 5:5 Display does that mean it accepts 1080p24 and converts it to 120Hz by doing 24 times 5 as opposed to...
  16. Rolando

    What is the OAR for High School Musical 1 and 2?

    Hi guys, hope you can help. A quick search here did not turn up anything and going to IMDB did not help. Looks like both were made for TV movies so my theory is must 4:3 especially since we are talking about Disney. However I did see 1:1.78 on IMDB (not that they are 100% reliable but..) and...
  17. Rolando

    Looking for an ISF ca;ibrator in Montreal who is looking for a little extra work.

    Hi guys, started a consulting business and am looking to expand my "connections" by getting to know an ISF calabrator in my area. I mostly help people choose a display and HT sound system based on needs and budget and even offer instalation. However even though I often recommend ISF calibration...
  18. Rolando

    37HL66 VS 37HLV66 VS 37LX96

    Hope you guys can help. In Canada we had variations for the 2006 models. along with say 32HL66 and 37HL66 we had 32HL86 and 37HL86. Now a few places seem to have 37LX96 which seems to be a high end model with integrated DVD player. WHen inquiring about it at a local BB they refered me to...
  19. Rolando

    When is the layer switch for...

    Beauty and the Beast? My Platinum edition is starting to freeze up/pixelate and am curious if it is at the layer switch. Tried it on 3 different players. Also wanted to ask if anyone knows where I might find a database of layer switch times? I could have have sworn Digitalbits used...
  20. Rolando

    Battlestar Galactica: Does Season 1 include the mini-series?

    I figure it doesn't since the mini-series still sells on it's own for a lot but was hoping. Want to give this a try after all the good things I keep hearing about it.
  21. Rolando

    Is it safe to have my new APC 900VA UPS Battery Up next to my CRT RPTV?

    Hi guys, picked up a APC 900VA UPS Battery Up from BB over the holidays and only got around to taking out of the box about 2 weeks ago. Figured I would use it for surge protection and a a back up for my cablebox/HD PVR. However I got to thinking, boy this is one big box, I wonder if...
  22. Rolando

    Why not more excitement over LED DLP? I mean, no more color wheel!

    Seriously though, is it just me? I've been a diehard CRT fan forever (and I am sure people are tired of me saying it) and knowing that the end is near I have been trying to pick a "newer" tech. LCD RPTV has always been out of the question. SDE, bad contrast and artifacting are just too...
  23. Rolando

    please say it ain't so! Possible, probable, burn-in.

    Hi guys, I am here hoping against hope that all is well. Here is my story. Toshiba 65H85 CRT RPTV. I was watching Superman returns and all of a sudden during the credits I noticed the white lettering got whiter at the edges of the TV. In other words it looked like the lettering on the...
  24. Rolando

    Do all current HD players at least decode and output multi PCM via HDMI?

    Hi guys, Been breaking my head over which unit to buy for HD-DVD and which to get for BD. Wanted the HD-A1 for it's 5.1 analog and the good deals available recently. However it has become quite scarce in Montreal, Canada. Hate to pay more for the HD-A2 and NOT get analog out. However if...
  25. Rolando

    Toshiba 32HL66 and 32HL86 What is the difference?

    Hi guys, I have checked the US and Canadian websited and I cannot find a difference between these two models. I had assumed that the 32HL86 is just the Canadian equivalent of the 32HL66 but in the past they have always kept same model numbers unless there was a change like one has no tuner...
  26. Rolando

    what movie is this line from?

    It was said by Audrey Hepburn (I am pretty sure) and the line is: "Personally, I think it's a bit tacky to wear diamonds before I'm 40" What movie is this from?
  27. Rolando

    Which receivers can accept multi channel LPCM through HDMI?

    Hi guys, I hear the PS3 will decode HD audio (either Dolby TrueHD or DTS Master Audio or both) and pass it via it's HDMI V1.3 as multichannel LPCM. My Pioneer 1016 has HDMI in but I was told it can only "pass through" stereo PCM on to the TV. It will not play it or process it. It also...
  28. Rolando

    Help getting headphones to use with Pioneer VSX 1016

    Hi guys, Been trying to figure out where is best place to ask this but here goes: I want to watch movies at night without waking up the kids. I really won't do this often since I think it really defeats the purposes of an Amp, speakers and Sub. However once in a while I want to use...
  29. Rolando

    Help getting headphones to use with Pioneer VSX 1016

    Hi guys, I want to watch movies at night without waking up the kids. I really won't do this often since I think it really defeats the purposes of an Amp, speakers and Sub. However once in a while I want to use headphones to get as much impact (not necessarily loud) as possible without...
  30. Rolando

    Is no analog 5.1 out on HD-A2 confirmed for sure?

    I have been trying to confirm this. I read a few threads here who seem to indicate it is the case but seems to be based on the fact that the European model will not have any. But has it been confirmed 100% that the north american HD A2 will not have the analog out for 5.1?