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  1. Ron Eastman

    Console Questions

    I'm really not a gamer, but my DVD player is on its last legs and I need a new machine. I thought about replacing it with a game console since all I would like the ability to play games and only require two features from my DVD player: *Component video out *Optical audio out It's getting...
  2. Ron Eastman

    Border's Buy 2 Get 1 Free on MGM DVDs

    [SIZE=2]Heard about this in the Border's special offers email and I thought I would share (Border's B&M only):
  3. Ron Eastman

    Surround speaker placement advice

    My new speaker brackets will be arriving on Friday and I'd like to have some opinions on placement. Currently, my direct-radiating rear speakers (Paradigm Mini Monitors) are positioned so the tweeter is roughly in-line with the viewers' heads while sitting on the sofa. The new speaker brackets...
  4. Ron Eastman

    Deleted scene from Varsity Blues or some other movie?

    I just watched Varsity Blues tonight for the first time and enjoyed it very much, but I'm a little confused. I thought I remembered that there was some controversy about a scene in this film where the football players lay down on the street in front of moving cars. The scene was removed after...
  5. Ron Eastman

    Warner Bros. e-mail for replacment snappers?

    Sometime around the end of last year someone posted an e-mail address for a woman at Warner Bros. who will send out a replacement snapper if you purchased a Warner title with a broken case. I requested a couple replacements from her and they were received. Now I find myself in the same boat and...
  6. Ron Eastman

    Memento question ***SPOILER ALERT!!!***

    ***SPOILERS BELOW*** Forgive me if this was already discussed during Momento's theatrical release but I stayed away from all discussion awaiting this DVD release. Spoiler:In your opinion, was Teddy telling the truth about them having already caught John G (or who they thought to be the 2nd...
  7. Ron Eastman

    8 DVDs for sale/trade with wish list

    Payment in US funds by PayPal or money order. First Class shipping in USA included in price. Add $2.00 for USPS Priority Shipping. I'm a +9 on the Good Trader's list and all DVDs are in excellent condition. The Contender: Special Edition $14.00 Diner $11.00 End of Days: Collector's Edition...
  8. Ron Eastman

    Subwoofer Shootout - SVS 20-39PC vs. Sony SAWM40

    First, a huge thank you to RyanL for hosting Kevin_Kr and myself for a home theater meet at his home. My girlfriend and I had a wonderful time, thanks to Ryan and his wife Chrissy's gracious hospitality. The evening was filled with demo scenes, great conversation and Ryan's fantastic burgers...
  9. Ron Eastman

    11 DVDs for trade + wish list

    DVDs for Trade (All discs in excellent condition): Analyze This (promo) **two-for-one Any Given Sunday: Director's Cut traded The Contender: Special Edition Diner End of Days: Collector's Edition Eyes Wide Shut traded Get Shorty (promo) **two-for-one Hollow Man: Special Edition...