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  1. Chris

    Another shot across the bow of AV wiring making a difference.

    Audiophiles can't tell the difference between Monster Cable and coat hangers - Engadget So, is part of everything the "perception" that something is better?
  2. Chris

    TigerDirect HD-DVD @ $89, Walmart $79

    In case you haven't looked, TigerDirect is blowing out their Toshiba HD-DVD players for $89 this week; meanwhile, our local walmart has Toshiba 03 HD-DVD players out on a pallet at $79. (I'm not sure if that's nationwide, but a heads up in case this is walmart's strategy to liquidate what they...
  3. Chris

    ARGH! I hate LCDs!

    Ok, I just have to say this: LCDs are all seemingly trash if you have kids. We have an older child (8) who's autistic. We moved into a rental house after a house fire in December (ice storm resulted in a total wipe out) and now I've got one destroyed LCD that I wasn't really after. LCD screens...
  4. Chris

    *** Official SEMI-PRO Discussion Thread

    Maybe this is a film that will die at the box office (though buzz tells me maybe not) but damn, I have to give them credit for th pretty outrageous ad campaign they are running. Link if embedded player isn't working: YouTube - Semi-Pro: "Love Me Sexy" Music Video
  5. Chris

    Holy cow.. new Denon Pre-Amp

    Denon USA | AVP-A1HDCI Just a pre-amp, but holy cow, look at the back panel on that thing and stats.
  6. Chris

    UK: Top Gear, for the fans..

    Ok, for the fans of UK TV, Top Gear is now at season 13, and we're a few seasons behind on BBC America, but this is the kind of witty, fun TV "News" show I wish we had.. you would think, with the popularity or seeming tons of productions of "Dateline" someone could bring this kind of romp to the US.
  7. Chris

    Family Guy: Blue Harvest DVD Release

    A search didn't turn this up under "Blue Harvest" or "Family Guy" so I figured no one had said anything or it's mixed in with something else(?) Anyway, not a family guy watcher so much, I'll catch it occassionally.. but picked up "Blue Harvest" the other night. Cute, some really funny one-off...
  8. Chris

    Auzentech introduces HDMI Capture Cards

    Auzen HDMI 1.3 board PICs & Info!! Wow. Talk about a sea change in what's going to be possible for HTPC in Q2!
  9. Chris

    News: Hauppauge announces Component (HDTV) Capture Card

    Hauppauge has announced a component (HDTV) capture card that captures up to 1080p using components and digital audio input. It records the content in H.264 / BlueRay Ready format. Hauppauge Demonstrates New Affordable High Definition Video Recorder for PCs For something many originally...
  10. Chris

    Need Advice: Fire Recovery

    Ok, I need some advice. Recently (Tuesday) our residential house "Burned down" (quite literally, it's a complete loss). Our insurance has been insanely great, was there within hours, cut checks, provided temporary housing and should have us in a rental home before the weekend. This...
  11. Chris

    Paris Hilton Comments on Drunken Elephants (or does she?) The original story is no longer up, but who duped the AP so badly they bought this?
  12. Chris

    Long lost 80s "News Magazine" of the weird

    In the 1980s, there was a show, I believe it was on NBC, in which there were four or five "anchors" who went around the country showing strange things people did. (ie, "look, this guy does a bee beard!" and so forth) they would close episodes with pictures taken by audience members of funny road...
  13. Chris


    Movie based on a video game, but at least it looks like they are trying to do something different. The controversy being driven by the theater posters is unique if nothing else.
  14. Chris

    In all seriousness, one major XBOX Live Complaint

    Ever wake up in the morning and find your autistic child has spent more then $500 in XBOX Live downloads? Yeah, that's a serious problem. And, in a funny way, MS doesn't provide any method by which to remove the CC from your account. I called them and told them I'd have to do a few things and...
  15. Chris

    Secret Diary of a Call Girl (UK)

    For those that get a chance to watch, this is a show that has really built a strong storyline as it's gone on. Now that we're past the fifth episode, you really understand why she got into it, and what really motivates her. Billie Piper is excellent in her role, a complete 180 turn from her...
  16. Chris

    2007-2008 MLB Hot Stove

    Even before the World Series, Hot Stove is cooking like mad. A few to cover: * Boras says that they want around $30M a year for A-Rod, he wants short, and now, Anaheim is at the very top of the perspective buyers. * Joe Torre is out at NYY. Now, word is that they are doing interviews...
  17. Chris

    That's it, officially had it with NBC's "You're Now Watching" Bug

    What a load of trash this thing is. Just as I was trying to get over my annoyance with a small logo bug in the lower right corner, now NBC has to flash up a bar that covers up the bottom left corner to 3/4 across the bottom of the screen just to announce "You are now watching"... tonight was the...
  18. Chris

    FS: Laptops, USB TV Tuner

    Display laptops being taken down. Both have full box, restore discs, all media. Listing them here first Toshiba Satellite U205-S5034. full micro laptop. Wireless, Bluetooth, Intel Core 2 T5200, 1GB of RAM, 100GB HDD, DVDRW, Fingerprint reader, Windows Media Center 2005 (fully updated), 12.1"...
  19. Chris

    So those days when you have mistress troubles..

    Come on, we all have them
  20. Chris

    Showtime's programming resurgence

    I just have to ask.. seriously.. What changed at Showtime? Who took over PD? I mean, talk about a shift of shows to watch.. in the last three years, Showtime brought out: Dexter Weeds Brotherhood Sleeper Cell Even their 'second tier' series (like P&T: Bullshit!, etc.) are at least...
  21. Chris

    Grey's Anatomy Season 4

    Better start then I hoped for. I was very dissappointed at the concept of George repeating his whole internship, and they subtle changed that to "so you repeat this year" so he can have another bite at the apple of the test at the end of the season, which would be fitting. I'm not sure if...
  22. Chris

    How I Met Your Mother Season 3

    Well, well.. back they come. I really dislike Hannigan's new hair. It just looks.. weird, almost gothic, but she doesn't have the other features to make it fly.. so it just looks creepy. Now we have to find out how long the storyline about the tattoo goes on.. or if he gets it laser...
  23. Chris

    Marcel Marceau Dies While famed for his work as a Mime, he's also been used as a template in countless films, a punchline for numerous more. While his work in say, Barbarella doesn't constitute greatness in an actor, his performances as himself will long...
  24. Chris

    Lucy the Daughter of the Devil (Adult Swim)

    Featuring a big portion of casts from several Adult Swim programs, "Lucy Daughter of the Devil" is kind of a split 3D and traditional animation. But nothing compares to the great theme music in the first episode The show could best be defined as "The Omen" from the perspective of the devil...
  25. Chris

    WTB: XBOX360 HD-DVD Add On

    I'm looking to buy an XBOX360 HD-DVD Add On. PM me if you have one you want to let go.
  26. Chris

    Fox cancels "Anchorwoman"

    Well, I will admit.. I didn't even know such a show was ever aired. From Hollywood reporter (which doesn't even have a link for it, it only appears in the sidebar of another article)
  27. Chris

    Season 2 of "The IT Crowd" (UK)

    I have waited all summer for this. The long awaited return of Channel 4's "The IT Crowd" (for US, available at their website to watch in streaming video). The opening episode continues the zany happenings of our IT staff friends including: "Gay! The Musical!" (Reviews: "More Tolerable...
  28. Chris

    China moves to make re-incarnation illegal I'm not saying I have plans to re-incarnate, but if I -do-, then apparently I need to fill out some sort of form. Note: not political, just made me laugh, the concept of legislating the afterlife.
  29. Chris

    Showtime's "Dexter" Season 2

    I will admit, I haven't checked whether this got any Emmy attention, but Season 1 of Dexter -rocked-. Was one of my favorite new series of last year, had that edge of the seat feeling that made you follow every episode. This season, Showtime has put out leaders (you can see Episode 1 of...
  30. Chris

    Kid Nation...

    Gets off to a rather rocky start as some prepare to protest saying the show flouted child labor laws by having children work 7AM-10PM (and later) by saying it was not "work" but a CBS Sponsored "Summer Camp" After getting wind, New...