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  1. Jenna

    HTF REVIEW: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - The Complete Third Season (Recommended)

    Surprised to find this on the shelf today. Despite my bringing their attention to the error, they insisted that today WAS the release date. I picked up a copy (regular price of $72.99) and will just price-match on next Tuesday and get 10% of the difference as well. At least I can start...
  2. Jenna

    Weekly RoundUp 3/23

    My favorite chain DVD/electronics store had "CSI: Season 3" out today and insisted that today WAS the release date, although it was not on sale and wasn't in their weekly circular. I spoke with 3 different employees in blue shirts, and they all said the same thing and left all 8 copies on the...
  3. Jenna

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Beyond Borders

    I'll ONLY give this one a rental....given the fact that I just left the theater having seen her latest, "Taking Lives". A huge disappointment when you can guess who the killer is the moment he appears on the screen. I hope to find this one somewhat redeeming. She's a brilliant, watchable actress...
  4. Jenna

    HTF REVIEW: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - The Complete Third Season (Recommended)

    Definitely one of the smartest shows on TV... Slick and thought-provoking. Widescreen and commercial free, the DVD package is the way to go. Will definitely be there when the store opens on 3/30. My BestBuy never seems to get a large enough shipment to meet the demand for this series(or...
  5. Jenna

    HTF REVIEW: Kung Fu - The Complete First Season.

    Ditto. This was my father's favorite TV show. It inspired him to get into martial arts and I have many memories of watching my father practicing and clowing around before the show. It brought him so much enjoyment. Everything comes full circle. My dad is now gone, I'm into martial arts, and...
  6. Jenna

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Fighting Temptations

    Actually, hasn't this "inheritance" movie/thing already been done with Cuba Gooding, Jr.? Snow Dogs??? Is this the same caliber as that one? (Can I roll my eyes now?)
  7. Jenna

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Alex & Emma

    I *love* chick flicks, but even I'll be passing up this one. Too bad, there haven't been many chick releases lately either.
  8. Jenna

    The Thorn Birds release date February 3, 2004

    Finally!!! My favorite MiniSeries of all time!
  9. Jenna

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Bad Boys II - Special Edition

  10. Jenna

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW---Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

    I had planned on picking this one up, HOWEVER, I was more than a little put off that it wasn't given a "LOW" intro price - especially given that it's a new release. At Best Buy and Circuit City, it was $19.99 which was regular price. If Disney can release their animated movies at special prices...
  11. Jenna

    Sleeping w/ the Enemy

    I found the only copy at Circuit City for $9.99 on it's release date. Haven't seen a single copy in town since.
  12. Jenna

    8 Simple Rules...

  13. Jenna

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Dreamcatcher

    [SIZE=2]I was definitely disappointed by the theatrical release - everyone had said the book was so spooky.
  14. Jenna

    Where does everyone purchase DVD's

    I purchase the majority of my DVDs at BestBuy (as they pricematch without any questions or hassles). I print a copy of David Lambert's Weekly Roundup to take with me and they match whatever price he has researched. I only buy at Circuit City when they have stock that BestBuy doesn't (or an...
  15. Jenna

    New Cover Art - Pirates of the Caribbean

    I prefer the original poster as CoverArt as well.
  16. Jenna

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Bulletproof Monk

  17. Jenna

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Identity

    [SIZE=2]Good review! Having had no review available for its release last Tues, I picked this up as a blind purchase mainly due to the cast and "thriller" genre (my favorite). I loved it, but the others I watched it with were confused by the flashbacks and alternating psychiatric scenes as...
  18. Jenna

    The Most Beautiful Films Ever Made on DVD

    Moulin Rouge is one of the most breathtakingly gorgeous films I've ever seen. While NOT "excellent" films, the cinematography was amazing beautiful in both: Vertical Limit - Superbit and The Majestic I wasn't expecting some of the breathtaking scenes in "The Majestic" (like the...
  19. Jenna

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Core

    I saw it in the theater, and it was more entertaining than I thought it would be (of course with much suspension of disbelief). If you don't analyze it too much, and enjoy it for what it is (popcorn flick)- it's fun to watch, especially the special effects scenes. No one actor stood out in the...
  20. Jenna

    Is Wild Wild West tv series coming out???...

    The WWW was the first and only western series I ever watched. How many seasons were there? Robert Conrad was HOT but, has anyone seen a photo of him lately??? Looked old and frail - but I didn't think he was that old!
  21. Jenna

    DVD Online buying - How to handle bad experience?

    What action can you take against an Online DVD store when you have a bad experience??? Who can you report disreputable online stores to???? I ordered a DVD Box set from an online DVD store. For over a week, I waited for confirmation...and waited...and waited. Finally, I got tired of waiting...
  22. Jenna

    The best widescreen TV shows?

    E.R. Season 1
  23. Jenna

    The best widescreen TV shows?

    C.S.I. Season 2
  24. Jenna

    New Cover Art - Alias Season 2

    Makes me wanna go work out.....
  25. Jenna

    Fed up with Wal-Mart's shift towards Fullscreen

    Oh, and by the way... I HATE WALMART! If they have a better price, I use it to pricematch at BestBuy. I refuse to buy DVDs there! ...Of course, my J6P hubby would!