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  1. anthony_b

    Recommendations for Compact Speaker

    checkout NHT or q acoustics
  2. anthony_b

    Hardware Review SVS Prime Tower Speakers Review

    Update 11/13 - The treble on this was fatiguing with some music. With certain types of music they were outstanding but were unforgiving with female voices or trumpets. I wanted to like them and I gave them about 50 hours , but it was too bright for my taste.
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    Any good jazz or similar concert blu rays been lately ?

    Any good jazz or similar concert blu rays been lately ?
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    Hardware Review SVS Prime Tower Speakers Review

    Just ordered a pair of the prime towers. How many hours should I run them before I determine if I should keep them or not?
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    Sony Introduces Exciting new 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player

    I’m currently using my xb1s as my 4k source and I was about to buy the X800 but I’ve been reading so many posts about it freezing even after the firmware update. So now I’m hesitant about buying it.
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    A few words about...™ Dunkirk -- in 4k UHD Blu-ray

    Hands down the video quality of this disc is the best so far...
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    Pioneer Elite vsx 45

    Anyone on a budget looking for a solid reciever under $300 this unit should be considered. I bought one for my dad at best buy for $250 (originally $450).....and it is solid !...Sounds awesome with plenty of power, his speakers really came alive with it...
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    Win your choice of Dolby Atmos encoded Blu-ray

    Jupiter Ascending
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    Forbes says Don't buy a 4k TV (Right Now)

    4k is almost becoming standard these days. If you go out shopping for a higher end 1080p display you'll notice that the 4k version is only $100-$200 more. I just got a Vizio 4k TV (M60-C3) (2015 unit) 60 inch $1249 I couldn't resist , lol and I couldn't be happier with it...
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    Cross Shopping 55" 4K TVs

    Check this out : I was looking for a 4k 60 inch under $1500 and I found a gem in the Vizio M60-C3 for $1249 and with the savings I bought a 3 yr warranty for $89. It's amazing what it can do with the bluray upscaling and native 4k...
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    Need 7.1 ch speakers for Yamaha RX-V675 7.2 Channel

    Get yourself 3 Boston Acoustic A25 speakers for $149 each for the front stage and then 4 Boston Acoustic A23 speakers for the rear and sides for $139 each on and use whatever you have leftover for 2 BiC f12 subs for $185 each on Amazon as well
  12. anthony_b

    Klipsch vs. Boston Acoustics

    In my research and listening test I went with Boston Acoustics (A26 front channels and the A23 for rears). Could not be happier. I can listen to music for hours with no ear fatigue, and great imaging and bass for there size. (I'm using a sub as well). Another option is the cambridge audio s30
  13. anthony_b

    mid ranged home speakers

    I agree, I had a similar setup with mirage nanosats and it's not the best for music. I was coming from towers and large bookshelf speakers and I just couldn't get use to them (lack of midrange)
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    No AppleTV update an Apple event yesterday

    I've had my apple to for a few days and Luv it. I use match to have access to all my music , plus the airplay feature is awesome !
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    Google kills the Google TV brand...

    Yes. I own the original google tv. Mostly using it for pandora and browsing sites on my tv with the chrome browser. Hbo go stopped working and most of the newer apps that require a newer flash version
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    Eagles DVD-A question

    Correct. I was referring to the channel outputs on the DTS track
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    Eagles DVD-A question

    I have a couple more that I can compare later on, I've calibrated my speakers. I guess it's the first time I really pumped up the volume on it. I have 12 inch sub that shakes the house at those volumes. The disc is a DVD audio and I'm playing the video track of it the (DTS track on a blu ray...
  18. anthony_b

    Eagles DVD-A question

    While playing either the DD or DTS track of Hotel California , the bass during the first minute of the song is powerful. But as soon as the vocals come in with the volume raised pretty loud , front stage takes over and the bass is barely audible. Has anyone else noticed that ?....this the only...
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    front channel recommended crossover frequency

    Look at your speaker specs and see how low they can go, that will determine your starting point and then you can adjust it to where it sounds good to you.
  20. anthony_b

    Subwoofer pairing and Crossover with Mirage Nanosats

    update - My F12 arrived today, as I mentioned before it's paired up with 5 Mirage Nanosats. I'm crossing the sub @ 120hz and I think the combo sounds really good. I still have to play around with some channel volume settings, but overall I can't think of a better bargain for a 12 inch sub that...
  21. anthony_b

    speakers, BIC America?

    I've never owned BIC speakers, but if you're ordering from amazon , then go for it. You can always return them. They have pretty decent reviews for there price. I went ahead and blindly ordered a BIC F12 sub that's arriving tomorrow.
  22. anthony_b

    Subwoofer pairing and Crossover with Mirage Nanosats

    Thanks for the detailed responses gentlemen. The sub should be here in a few days and I'll post my findings. I was using in the mean time the mirage s8 crossed over at 120hz and it was still quite musical. That's my biggest concern with this sub. My previous sub before it died was a velodyne ct 10
  23. anthony_b

    Subwoofer pairing and Crossover with Mirage Nanosats

    Thanks for the replys. The sub will be placed next the nanosats, hopefully there will be no sub localization and also hoping for it to sound someone musical with the sub crossed over that high.
  24. anthony_b

    Subwoofer pairing and Crossover with Mirage Nanosats

    I recently picked up 5 Mirage Nanosat speakers, and I'm building a 2nd HT room and looking to get a sub with it (Most Likely the BIC f12) - I've never owned speakers this tiny before and I know that I have to cross them over at about 100 or 120 hz, so my question is , does anyone have experiance...
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    Weekly RoundUp 11-18-2008

    I went to Walmart itself with there internet print out and they did not honor the price. So I went to target and got the 2 disc version with a free tree to plant !!!
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    Toys "R" Us - Nintendo Wii: Super Mario Galaxy with free $25 gift card

    Best Buy is matching TOYSRUS. I purchased the game there and walked out with a free $25 gift card
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    PS3: sacd 5.1 ---> DTS (looks like new firmware update allowed this)

    I confirmed it as looks like the PS3 is doing the encoding on the fly and converting to DTS.
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    Official Playstation 3 Blu-Ray player Thread

    Thank You...very informative.
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    Hello from out of the BLU

    As a gift I would've done the same, but I'm not a gamer either. When I was doing my research it was the most future proof and reliable player out there. Also no problems playing FF Silver surfer or The Day after tomorrow... Anyway, I hope you enjoy your player...