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  1. Dan Hine

    How many hours do you work a day?

    USMC: On Call 24/7. I win.
  2. Dan Hine

    Marantz 5200 and 4300 receivers for sale

    Thanks to everyone that inquired. Both receivers have been sold. - Dan
  3. Dan Hine

    Marantz 5200 and 4300 receivers for sale

    Hey all, I recently enlisted in the USMC so I'll have no need for most of my audio gear for a while. I've moved around A LOT in the last 2yrs or so and because of that I have lost the remotes to the receivers. I'd really like to get $150 for each of the receivers but will entertain offers...
  4. Dan Hine

    Should this be allowed in High School?

    Usually, in cases like these, I just consider the opposite. If I wore a shirt that says "I love my penis" then I would have gotten in trouble at school too. I doubt anyone would have made a stink then so I don't think anyone should now either.
  5. Dan Hine

    Police hand-cuff 5 year old girl at school

    YES, she was threatening bodily harm. First, she was climbing all over the table and chairs. Maybe that is fine at home for some people but school administration cannot allow it b/c IF someone gets hurt it is the schools mentioned already. Second, did you not see the child...
  6. Dan Hine

    Nice Guys Finish Last

    LOL, I like that!
  7. Dan Hine

    Good speakers that you can get MAJOR SPL from?

    For some loud AND great sounding speakers I would suggest you listen to speakers by Nexo or Worx Audio. Yes, they are both designed for live sound but I've used both and would put either in my home in a heart beat!
  8. Dan Hine

    Can I buy subwoofer speakers at a retail store?

    If you want 15" drivers worth the effort of an IB then you'll have to order them from some place that will mail them to you. Anyone nearby is going to have pro-audio woofers (good but for a different application) or car audio woofers...typically VERY over priced. I've purchased quite a few...
  9. Dan Hine

    Enclosure builders?

    As long as you bring them the plans available from Adire Audio they should have no problems following directions. After all, we're talking about enclosures that amateurs can put together (myself included). - Dan
  10. Dan Hine

    2005 Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot

    Bert Blyleven needs to be in. He is just as deserving as anyone else on the current list. He should have been in for years now. Until he is in the HOF I will call the whole process a sham.
  11. Dan Hine

    Expos moving to Washington

    Did I miss when the Toronto Blue Jays are moving?
  12. Dan Hine

    Are these subs adequate?

    Chris, Unfortunately neither of those drivers will go extremely low for movies. They really seem better suited as woofers in a 3way live audio speaker cabinet.
  13. Dan Hine

    2004 Major League Baseball Season Discussion

    I suppose that depends on what stats you look at. How about the "newer" stats that haven't gained as much attention yet? Beltre's Win Shares total projects at 36 Bonds' Win Shares total projects at 51 Beltre has a Value Over Replacement total of 69.8 runs. Bonds is a little higher at...
  14. Dan Hine

    2004 Major League Baseball Season Discussion

    AROD proved last year that your team doesn't have to be anywhere near first in order to win an MVP. And think of where the Giants would be without Bonds. Not just in the standings but in recognition. If Bonds weren't on that team they would get about as many TV spots as the Tigers.
  15. Dan Hine

    Monster Godfather Sub....

    Yeah, I looked them up. They don't really seem that bad. But an Fs over 30hz? Scary. No doubt fine for a small enclosed environment like a car but not ideal for your home where there is a lot of information 25hz and lower. And like I said, the price. Sure, you can get a discount. But unless you...
  16. Dan Hine

    Monster Godfather Sub....

    Sure, you could get a driver for less money that would work A LOT better for your home. See Adire Tempest, Tumult, Brahma, Blueprint drivers, Dayton Titanic drivers. For instance, it would take approximately 5.5 of the JL W7 8" drivers to get into the league of a single Adire Audio Tumult. Five...
  17. Dan Hine

    Monster Godfather Sub....

    Car sub driver? Why the hell would you use a car sub driver?!!!
  18. Dan Hine

    2 or 4 mids?

    Well, in this case you are BUILDING your own speakers. So it would go under the Do It Yourself area. Just ask a mod to move it. - Dan
  19. Dan Hine

    Replacing the driver in my powered sub

    It's a good thing you know what to look for in a sub...
  20. Dan Hine

    I love my Tempest, but......>

    Please notice SLOT port in that quote. I should have been more specific and said I don't like how any vented alignments look using a cylindrical port. A 6" port gets too damn long and I wouldn't use a 4" port with a Tumult. - Dan
  21. Dan Hine

    I love my Tempest, but......>

    Even with that port size, in a 5.5ft^3 box you're going to have a big rise in response from about 38hz down to 25hz. I don't really like any vented alignments in that box size myself. But that is just me. - Dan
  22. Dan Hine

    I love my Tempest, but......>

    Bend or no bend, you won't want to tune your sub to 33hz anyway...much less in a 5.5ft^3 enclosure. If you are set on a ported design I would aim for the volume of the sub Thomas linked to above. You would need roughly 45-50" of the 20" diameter sonotube with a 6" port around 22" long. And be...
  23. Dan Hine

    I love my Tempest, but......>

    I figure since Adire's equation to determine if it's safe for downfiring so says "yes it is" then it would be Adire's responsiblity to replace the driver if doing so caused an issue. If they don't want to do that then they should remove the information from their website...IMO.
  24. Dan Hine

    I love my Tempest, but......>

    Using Adire's formula to find driver sag I found that the Tumult's to be right at 2% of driver Xmax. Adire says anything under 5% is fine so I would assume it would be ok. Brian Bunge has a downfiring Tumult with no issues as well. Better be prepared to strap a Tumult based sonosub down though...
  25. Dan Hine

    New Outlaw LFM-1 and SVS PB2-ISD review

    Craig, Last I heard, David Bott used SVS subs in his HT. Has that changed? If not then I'm not sure why he would act in such a way. Even considering that HSU is sponsored by AVS and SVS is not. - Dan
  26. Dan Hine

    Pic of my AV15 cube

    Cam, the way drivers are designed/assembled/etc. give them different parameters. These parameters dictate how the driver will perform in certain size boxes. The AV15 was designed to perform well in smaller boxes that the Tempest. Searching the net for Thiele Small parameters will give you much...
  27. Dan Hine

    Alto Macro 830: 870W into 4 ohms, $219. Any good?

    I don't know that I've ever seen a pro amp rated lower than 20hz. I'm sure they are out there but they will also be the ones that cost $5-6k. A 20hz-20khz rating is standard and would be perfectly fine for both HT and musical applications. It's not a brick wall, afterall. - Dan
  28. Dan Hine

    2004 Major League Baseball Season Discussion

    LOLOLOL! So I did.:b It was all those Craig's in the DIY forum that messed me up...I swear... Sorry Casey. :b - Dan