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  1. Bob-N

    Hell's Kitchen - Season 3

    LOL! Unfortunately, I think it's the most likely outcome. Too often she looked confused and least it seemed to be edited that way. Although she does seem to cook well if she's in her comfort zone (steaks, eggs, fried foods).
  2. Bob-N

    Hell's Kitchen - Season 3

    True in this show but if you've seen his other shows on BBC (F Word, Kitchen Nightmares), he's not as over the top. I'd say he gets more annoyed than flippin' and f'n mad like on HK.
  3. Bob-N

    Hell's Kitchen - Season 3

    Ditto on Josh. It's crazy that he's even still around even if Ramsay based his decision on Brad not helping Josh. Josh is horrible. Dunno about Julia. Something about her rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it's that she's often commenting that she's "overwhelmed". I don't see anyone really...
  4. Bob-N

    Big Brother 7 All-Stars

    I'm not looking this time......
  5. Bob-N

    Big Brother 7 All-Stars

    Howie continued his ranting on Marci and they got into it again at poolside. When CG came in (after Danielle) he went on a rampage on George calling him fat and I think he said worthless in the game. It really got ugly. James eventually calmed them down enough to watch the eviction DVDs...
  6. Bob-N

    Star Trek TOS Special Edition Starts Sept 16th.

    Nothing I can see for DTV Pacific on Also, nothing on the Tivo either as of the weekend when I did a search. Maybe too soon. Anyone have any idea about SF Bay Area listings?
  7. Bob-N

    The official BLADE RUNNER SE thread. (Check out page 8 and #790.)

    I'm going to hold off for the UE. Another year when I thought it wasn't going to be done ever is no big deal. $11.99 at our Fry's in the SF Bay Area. (sorry, this one cracks me up)
  8. Bob-N

    Big Brother 7 All-Stars

    Sunday is normally a filler day (+ food comp) so the HOH comp will probably be covered then. I'm pretty sure that Julie mentioned "see who wins HOH competion" or something like that at the closing. In reality, I don't know when it will happen other than it's between now and Sunday and it may...
  9. Bob-N

    Big Brother 7 All-Stars

    You're lucky. My wife is still hoping Dani's going to stay. Never liked her for the same reason...pity card. We had a mini argument about what would of Erika's best move (I was in favor of ousting Danielle) and I'm starting to come around that she should have taken out Will instead and play...
  10. Bob-N

    Big Brother 7 All-Stars

    Probably not. He's getting more arrogant as the weeks go by. I never liked him and even less so now. I'm not rooting for anyone in particular now. I'd be funny to see George get to the end, but I don't see it happening. He's on the block as soon as Janelle and/or Erika is out.
  11. Bob-N

    Big Brother 7 All-Stars

    I was looking forward to some sort of shake up and having George win the HOH was a good one. On top of that, it was interesting to see he put up James and Erika. Can't wait to see if he says why on Sunday.
  12. Bob-N

    Hell's Kitchen Season 2 (June 2006)

    Was wondering about that also. What about if she stinks it up there? Is there a minimum time she's the exec chef then Red Rock can go to "at will"? I think a year commitment is reasonable and if she does well, she stays. If not, the boot.
  13. Bob-N

    Fixing a screen door..

    Yeah, I hate much that I removed the piston and haven't replaced it to this day. I guess your story will prompt me to look at replacements...maybe...
  14. Bob-N

    Hell's Kitchen Season 2 (June 2006)

    Fairly entertaining finale. Early on, I was leaning towards Virginia because of her advanced "palette" and her refurb. Maybe it was editing. She was ok in the kitchen and her refurb was great (IMHO). Heather had full control of the kitchen and apparently had the edge in customer comments...
  15. Bob-N

    Big Brother 7 All-Stars

    Agreed with all of the above. She was the one with the stupid move to nominate the floaters and that got them unified. I'm hoping Howie can ride it out with the big target on Jannie's back.
  16. Bob-N

    Are SVS subs THAT good?

    I love my cylinder. I bought second hand, 20-39PC with the upgraded driver years ago from another basshead here. SN #0001, the first one off the production line. Forgot how many enjoyable years I've gotten out of it. Still going strong. I have no urges to upgrade unless I move to a bigger house...
  17. Bob-N

    BMW certified pre-owned warranty

    Re: oil changes. Yeah, it's not the oil you should be worried about but the paper filter. I change my oil and filter in between each interval (7-8k) for piece of mind or in your case, 1 years time, whichever comes first. Re: control arms. It's not the arms that go bad, its either the front...
  18. Bob-N

    Who's the sexiest female star over 60?

    Linda Evans? Did you see her on those trailers for the show she's promoting w/ Joan Collins? Not so good. Lots of surgery. Anyhow, how old is Linda Carter? She looked pretty good in Sky High. Oh, she's only 56. I'll second Ann-Margret.
  19. Bob-N

    Last Comic Standing Season 4

    Agreed with most of the comments above: Josh was the "feel good" winner. I thought he was pretty funny but yeah, Chris and Ty, just from a talent standpoint, were consistently better. Ty should have won based on talent and performances in the past 3 weeks. I didn't think he should have...
  20. Bob-N

    Big Brother 7 All-Stars

    oh my. I couldn't resist looking. Kayser did look like his dog got run over. I felt bad for him. He suffered the consequences for Janelle's poor nominations last week. I was thinking about Janelle a couple nights ago mentioning to K that she was questioning James' loyalty, but by then it...
  21. Bob-N

    Treasure Hunters

    Agreed. The phone call to the exCIA guys was after they had opened up the cylinder. I can't imagine they would have waited any significant amount of time to add to the drama. At least they won some money before bowing out.
  22. Bob-N

    Big Brother 7 All-Stars

    Yep, I was thinking the same thing. It was also funny that he and Janelle were the last pair. No doubt Janelle was going to win.
  23. Bob-N

    GameShow Appreciation Thread....

    She's been ok. GS maration has been pretty entertaining and the Press Your Luck episode last week was pretty exciting.
  24. Bob-N

    Cooking shows?

    Iron Chef America if you're up to a challenge. Confirming Good Eats as well as those PBS shows. Alton Brown is the man. Easy Entertaining w/Michael Ciccerelo (sp for sure) is pretty good. Rachel Ray was great when she first started out but I think she's gotten a bit too "enthusiastic"...
  25. Bob-N

    Survivor Panama Exile Island season 12 (merged)

    What was the final vote and who voted for who? Tivo for some strange reason, didn't record the reunion where the final tally was done. I only picked it up at the 35 minute mark where Shane was talking about AA, Boston and other stuff. I did a quick search on the cbs website and I couldn't...
  26. Bob-N

    Amazing Race Season 9

    Anyone have a Tivo problem this week? In my local guide, it showed that it was to be played at 7pm and 10pm. Of course, my Tivo was set for "new episodes only" and only picked up the 7pm time slot which ended up being local programming. So we missed out on the real 10pm time slot and missed the...
  27. Bob-N

    The Family Guy New Season (2005) Thread

    ^^^^ Definitely agree being a Chinese guy. The studios think we're interchangeable. Yeah, I was cracking up hard when the Better Off Dead drag race scene came on. Even Peter's maid "stalled". "Two dollars...."
  28. Bob-N

    24 - Season 5 ongoing thread

    Kim looked like she was "glowing" in the last conversation with Jack. Didn't notice anyone else being a bit sweaty. I agree, that last conversation with the red shirt and his daughter was painful to watch (I have 3 daughters). Good twist at the end with Tony. I'm bummed but at least it...
  29. Bob-N

    The Family Guy New Season (2005) Thread

    Shipoopi was hilarious. We just saw the Music Man just before Christmas and we were rolling. The Brady sequences were funny. The "bet" was definately over the top and that was one thing we didn't like about the episode. Funny the first 10-20 seconds, not funny after that
  30. Bob-N

    Anyone miss Sally Jesse?

    double no.