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  1. Todd_Brown

    Free to a good home - Mid-Atlantic rack system

    Dismantled my theater and this is just sitting tin the garage. Too big/heavy to ship and I can't just pitch it. The rack is 41" high x 22" wide x 25" deep. It has 5 shelves and all hardware is included. The rack is in very, very good shape. This is free to whomever wants it. This is local...
  2. Todd_Brown

    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    Munsters Season 1 Gilligan's Island Season 1 Lost Season 1 Heroes Season 1
  3. Todd_Brown

    From Beyond, The Burning in Sept.!!!

    This is good news. A definite addition!!
  4. Todd_Brown

    FS: All my Theater equipment RUNCO CL-710 and more!

    Hey all, Unfortunately, I need the room my theater is in for my older son's bedroom and frankly the money would help also, so my theater has to go. My theater is pictured on the forum and can be seen at (my own site). It was custom built beginning late fall 2003. The first...
  5. Todd_Brown

    Charlie Chan being released

    Creepy Classics tends to run a bit high on their pricing, it may be the case with these also. That said, I am very anxious to get these, its been too long in coming.
  6. Todd_Brown

    Charlie Chan being released

    Hope this is not old news,just announced over at Creepy Classics: The beginning of a series of sets has been announced by Fox. The first set - CHARLIE CHAN - VOLUME ONE will arrive on June 6th, or before. The first volume will include: CHARLIE CHAN IN LONDON (1934), CHARLIRE CHAN IN PARIS...
  7. Todd_Brown

    Autographed DVD thread

    Got some new additions to my autographed DVD collection. This has become kind of a small hobby for me. Devil's Rejects - Sid Haig, Bill Mosely. I'll be adding the "victims" at the end of the month. Creature from the Black Lagoon- Legacy set - actors: Julie Adams, Brett Halsey, Gregg Palmer...
  8. Todd_Brown

    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    Highlander S1 Best of Mail Call S1 & S2 Stargate: Atlantis S1
  9. Todd_Brown

    Integra Malfunction help needed

    I appreciate all the help, unfortunately nothing has worked. There is definitely no disc in the tray. I took the last one out and used the open/close button to close the tray. System reset didn't change anything either. Good news is that Integras have a 3 year warranty so it will be covered!!
  10. Todd_Brown

    Integra Malfunction help needed

    Thanks for the tip. I'll try it and see how it goes.
  11. Todd_Brown

    Integra Malfunction help needed

    I have a 2 yr. old Onkyo Integra DPS 7.3 DVD player. It has worked flawlessly until this evening, I am hoping someone has some thoughts. We watched a DVD earlier in the day, no problems, after dinner (the palyer was off during dinner), we decided to put in another movie. When the "open" button...
  12. Todd_Brown

    Autographed DVD thread

    A couple weeks ago I was able to get my Dawn of the Dead DVD autographed by the original cast. It was the first time they've all been together for 6 years. I got: David Emgee- Stephen (Flyboy) Gaylen Ross- Francine Ken Foree- Peter Scott Reiniger- Roger Tom Savini- Make-up I'm hoping to...
  13. Todd_Brown

    What was your very first DVD?

    My first was The Matrix I bought way back in 1999 from Ebay. I had never seen the movie, and it was a blind purchase. Since then I've added a ton more DVDs, sold a ton more, and built a dedicated Home Theater. Also got retroactively into Laser Discs.
  14. Todd_Brown

    What Classic Horror/Sci-Fi missing on DVD but available on LD

    I 100% agree. I have the O.T. on laser for that very reason. Todd
  15. Todd_Brown

    What Classic Horror/Sci-Fi missing on DVD but available on LD

    There were 2 very cool box sets released by Universal. The Golden Age of Science Fiction Thrillers which contained 4 movies on 3 discs (5 sides): It Came from Outer Space, Tarantulu, The Mole People, and The Deadly Mantis. The other set was The Golden Age of Science Fiction Thrillers Vol. II...
  16. Todd_Brown

    WTB: A couple Laser Discs

    Hey all, I'm looking for the following laser discs: It Conquered the World I was a Teenage Werewolf I was a Teenage Frankenstein The Werewolf The Amazing Colossal Man War of the Colossal Beast E-mail me at: [email protected]
  17. Todd_Brown

    What Classic Horror/Sci-Fi missing on DVD but available on LD

    Excellent stuff so far!! If anyone has a copy of It Conquered the World that they would part with, please let me know. Todd
  18. Todd_Brown

    What Classic Horror/Sci-Fi missing on DVD but available on LD

    Hey all, First let me say I love classic (some say cheese)horror and sci-fi. Anything pre-70. I know there is a ton of unreleased stuff on DVD. What are some glaring missing titles that I can find on Laser Disc. King Kong is coming so that doesn't qualify. I can think of The Amazing Colossal...
  19. Todd_Brown

    Mario Bava's Black Sunday

    Thanks all. I found it and ordered it! Todd
  20. Todd_Brown

    Mario Bava's Black Sunday

    Was that a Region 1 release?
  21. Todd_Brown

    Mario Bava's Black Sunday

    Hey all, Has this movie ever been released on DVD? I thought there was an Image release, but I could be wrong. If not DVD was it released on Laser Disc? Thanks, Todd
  22. Todd_Brown

    The Bela Lugosi Collection and related dvd problems

    I also had no problems with the set, or for that matter, any of the Universal DVDs, Legacy sets, A&C sets, etc... I'm using an Integra DPS 7.3. I also agree, however, that if no problems exist using DVD-9 that Universal really needs to take a look at their release philosophy. It can't make...
  23. Todd_Brown

    Phrases and terminology that needs to STOP!

    When people mispronounce "cool" as "KEWL" it drives me nuts, and when people write it spelled that way I want to drive my head through a wall. Another is "Be-atch", I just want to "Be-atch" slap people when they say that.
  24. Todd_Brown

    My 7.1 Home Theater Pics

    Very nice!
  25. Todd_Brown

    New FS/FT Thread! Tons of DVDs! Come on in!

    I'd take Suspiria: Limited Edition (#14,277 of 60,000 - 3 disc set) $15. Todd
  26. Todd_Brown

    What's the deal with Hammer Films?

    I know a box set is coming with some never before done titles like Curse of the Werewolf, but what's the deal on the rest? There used to be a bunch of movies out under "The Hammer Collection", these seem to have all gone OOP. Any idea when films like Dracula Prince of Darkness, or The Abominible...
  27. Todd_Brown

    A Bridge Too Far & Battle of Britain SE on 10/25/05

    The specs sound very promising. A Bridge too far is a personnal favorite. This will be a definite upgrade. Todd
  28. Todd_Brown


    Has there been any news about JAG from Paramount? That release would be a huge hit for them.
  29. Todd_Brown

    Any area of weakness in your collection/library?

    Its interesting that Comedy seems to be a recurring theme in this thread. I suppose its why they say comedy is so hard to do well. I agree with many who have said that much of the drek released lately as comedy, just wouldn't bear repeated viewings. I think I may focus on classic comedy to fill...
  30. Todd_Brown

    Any area of weakness in your collection/library?

    I get that alot. It drives me crazy.