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  1. HenryDuBrow

    Name your 5 favorite Quinn Martin shows

    The Streets of San Francisco Barnaby Jones The Invaders The Fugitive The Untouchables
  2. HenryDuBrow

    TV on DVD news roundup

    Maybe I've missed it if it's mentioned anywhere here, Matt Helm starring Anthony Franciosa is now out on remastered DVD in France, Mike Hammer with Stacy Keach and Iron Horse with Gary Collins arrive in April. All have English audio...
  3. HenryDuBrow

    Kino Lorber has TV Titles from Universal...

    Already out in France and the UK on Blu-ray, apparently looking very good.
  4. HenryDuBrow

    Kino Lorber has TV Titles from Universal...

    Just for the hell of it, another (Universal related) pipe dream: Nobody’s Perfect Owen Marshall O’Hara, U.S. Treasury Sierra Griff Jigsaw Lucas Tanner Tenafly Hec Ramsey Baretta
  5. HenryDuBrow

    TV Shows needing a decent Re-Release?

    Real head-scratcher why Columbo isn't out on Blu-ray in full yet, except in Japan. I'd also like to see The Texan restored and/or at least its brightness timed better, it was all over the place on the Timeless DVD release, a pipe dream probably but seems like it's easily doable to correct (in...
  6. HenryDuBrow

    Fox's evolution of "tv on dvd" to "tv on dvd-mod"

    Strange discussion, not everything is on Blu-ray so I will of course still buy TV shows on DVD. Streaming you'd never catch me buying.
  7. HenryDuBrow

    Which modern current tv shows do you still buy on dvd?

    That's not so many, I think considering how much is produced out there...
  8. HenryDuBrow

    TV Shows starring classic movie stars.

    The Richard Boone Show (1963-64).
  9. HenryDuBrow

    Which modern current tv shows do you still buy on dvd?

    Not too many modern shows in recent years but I do love (and buy) things like The Walking Dead, The Blacklist, CSI: Miami, Touch, Dead Like Me, Dollhouse, My Own Worst Enemy, Hung and Prison Break.
  10. HenryDuBrow

    Streets of San Francisco

    Not sure it'd necessarily be a good idea neither Kojak, Hawaii Five-0 or Magnum P.I. shows lived up to their originals.
  11. HenryDuBrow

    TV shows and TV movies gone W I D E

    Took out my old LaserDisc of Body Bags (1993), just couldn't get through the terribly cropped & cramped Blu-ray... :huh:
  12. HenryDuBrow

    The era of TV shows on DVD is coming to an end

    If archive shows like WAC's output is made-on-demand titles, surely they don't need to press a whole bunch at first but rather as the orders come in, I thought that's the whole idea behind the MOD service.
  13. HenryDuBrow

    VEI - What Classic TV Series Are They Working On This Year?

    Since it's strictly Paramount, I'm hoping for The Marshal (1995) and of course Serpico.
  14. HenryDuBrow

    Horror Express Blu-Ray Review

    It looks like the ultimate release of the film you wouldn't regret it, far surpasses all the others out so far. Good fun.
  15. HenryDuBrow

    TV Shows needing a decent Re-Release?

    Harry O. My feeling is, it did quite well for WAC but it really deserved a WB release that would include subtitles and above all be HD remastered, hopefully. A Blu-ray release may be a wild dream, so HD DVD would do nicely too.
  16. HenryDuBrow

    What did you watch this week in classic TV on DVD(or Blu)?

    Watching the State Trooper series, very enjoyable a pretty good and entertaining show.
  17. HenryDuBrow

    CBS MOD DVD for 2019?

    Are Fox deals difficult or expensive to make for a smaller company, the only way to see those locked away shows would be through licensing, alas there doesn't seem to be any such current deals (apart from Shout doing WKRP).
  18. HenryDuBrow

    Other CBS Shows VEI could release

    Serpico, I'd love to see that one released.
  19. HenryDuBrow

    Shows you want from Warner Archive

    Kaz, The Mississippi, Bronk, Jigsaw John. Some of these may actually be MGM rather, I'm not entirely sure.
  20. HenryDuBrow

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Dracula A.D. 1972 -- in Blu-ray

    I'm getting the new German one for the extras alone, but I'm still waiting for more reviews with screen grabs to decide whether I want WAC's or not. So much in terms of viewing enjoyment depends on the color timing, which was terribly flat and muted on the old DVD's print, I understand was...
  21. HenryDuBrow

    R.I.P. Joseph Campanella.

    Skyway To Death (1974) is out in Germany next month, featuring Joe prominently on the cover.
  22. HenryDuBrow

    R.I.P. Joseph Campanella.

    A brilliant always watchable actor, it always lifted an episode when he appeared. And he had one of the best voices ever, that very important part of an actor's toolbox. R.I.P.
  23. HenryDuBrow

    Blu-ray Review Cobra Blu-ray Review

    Looks like this presentation overall is going for somewhat more drab colors, not a landslide but just enough to irritate my eagle eye tweaked slightly in the teal direction unfotunately, this is Warner Bros. as we know them now often disturbing their older films' originality.
  24. HenryDuBrow

    POLICE WOMAN to be Complete May 2018!

    From S3's double-episode opener, watched it the other day. It really blows my mind, to realize that she's 86 years old now.
  25. HenryDuBrow

    RIP Bradford Dillman

    Fun 1997 chat.
  26. HenryDuBrow

    TV Movies & Minis Wish List

    No Place To Hide (1981) Blackout (1985) Nightmare On The 13th Floor (1990) Don’t Go To Sleep (1982) Murder By Natural Causes (1979) The Haunted (1991) The Babysitter (1980) Dead Ahead (1996) The Screaming Woman (1972) Stranger In My Home (1997)
  27. HenryDuBrow

    What’s Your Favorite TV Series with actor James Franciscus?

  28. HenryDuBrow

    Movin' On: Official Release coming Sept 20, 2017

    It's up on Amazon now to order as well. Some behind the scenes footage...
  29. HenryDuBrow

    The Mississippi (Ralph Waite)

    They (WAC) don't seem to reply to questions much anymore, at least they haven't given any on this show yet. I'd really like to see it released too, you'd think it'd do well with Waltons fans as well. There's a 1982 pilot also.
  30. HenryDuBrow

    VEI announces second wave of CBS series releases

    Wow, some sweet dreams if VEI could get a Fox deal, that'd be really welcome with so many rare titles there to dig out and liberate from their own studio's captivity... Hong Kong, Judd for the Defense, Hagen, Lancer, etc.