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  1. Matt Czyz

    Paramount to re-do "Godfather" DVDs

    Godfather Part II comparison pics up: El Padrino 2 DVD vs. El Padrino 2 - Remasterización de Coppola DVD DVD Comparativa - Quite a bit of difference on some of these.
  2. Matt Czyz

    Paramount to re-do "Godfather" DVDs

    Comparison pics up here: El Padrino DVD vs. El Padrino - Remasterización de Coppola DVD DVD Comparativa -
  3. Matt Czyz

    Feature-length Anime films

    AnimeOnDVD is a fantastic site, I highly recommend it as well.
  4. Matt Czyz

    4 great giveaways, one great thread!

    I'm going to have to go with The Shawshank Redemption as well. The part when Andy plays the classical music over the speakerphone (and then turns it up louder) is one of the greatest scenes ever. I'm pretty sure I'm going to love The Mist, but I haven't seen it yet.
  5. Matt Czyz

    Worst DVD covers!

    Just look at the size of that eyeball he's expelling! No wonder it didn't go down!
  6. Matt Czyz

    Can't find "Full Metal Jacket" deluxe edition on standard DVD anywhere!

    It's only available in the box set.
  7. Matt Czyz

    Sick and Tired about Pan & Scan

    Oddly enough, the Blockbusters near me always stock only the widescreen versions of dvds if available. There's probably a few old P&S discs lying around, but I can count on all new releases to be in WS.
  8. Matt Czyz

    Krzyzacy/Knights of the Cross (Poland 1960)

    I haven't, but I sure like the title I'm definitely going to check this out though; it sounds great.
  9. Matt Czyz

    Criterion Bottle Rocket?

    Wes Anderson has already confirmed that it's a go.
  10. Matt Czyz

    Terry Pratchett's Discworld - The Colour Of Magic mini-series

    Nope. Last year's Hogfather has yet to be released here in R1 as well. There were rumours that Hallmark Channel would be airing it, but that never panned out.
  11. Matt Czyz

    Terry Pratchett's "Hogfather"

    There were details at the Cunning Artificer's forum ( awhile ago that this was going to be a combination of the two books, as separately, they don't have the best plots for films. Together though, it worked out a whole lot better. I wish I could provide you with specific...
  12. Matt Czyz

    Terry Pratchett's "Hogfather"

    I honestly thought that the other guy did a good job, but the audio people didn't give his voice enough echo/rumble/bass. It needed more post-production work to completely sell him as DEATH. I was under the impression that he would have been back for this movie as well if he had not died earlier...
  13. Matt Czyz

    Terry Pratchett's "Hogfather"

    Not yet.
  14. Matt Czyz

    Terry Pratchett's "Hogfather"

    SkyOne's website for their production of The Colour of Magic/Light Fantastic is now online. Starring: David Jason, Sean Astin, Tim Curry, and Christopher Lee. (and Filch from the Harry Potter movies as Cohen the Barbarian)
  15. Matt Czyz

    DVD Thinpak and other Slim Cases

    Nice work, Sam! How much work did you spend on the back cover art?
  16. Matt Czyz

    Big Trouble

    I see the 2-disc at the local used dvd store fairly frequently.
  17. Matt Czyz

    Kenneth Branagh's HAMLET -- the ultimate, merged, when-oh-when thread

    First review up (I think).
  18. Matt Czyz

    New Serenity DVD artwork/packaging

    Pretty nice looking, but unless the PQ is any better I'm going to wait until I find it cheap at a used dvd shop. I don't need to spend $15 for a few new extras (no matter how entertaining they might be).
  19. Matt Czyz

    Direct Graphic DVD Comparisons now Online!

    Hey Gary, this might already have been planned, but I was hoping you could update the comparison pages for The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth with the new re-releases when possible. Thanks.
  20. Matt Czyz

    The official BLADE RUNNER SE thread. (Check out page 8 and #790.)

    New packaging pics?:
  21. Matt Czyz

    Army Of Darkness. Universal 16:9 SD release?

    The R3 is fantastic. The sound quality alone makes it a must-buy.
  22. Matt Czyz

    HTF Anime Discussion Part VIII

    LE version is $12.99 at Best Buy. And the PQ is fantastic. If you enjoy Stand Alone Complex, you really do yourself a disservice by waiting for a BR version.
  23. Matt Czyz

    The Die Hard Transfers...

    Jimmy, here's a review for the 4-disc set: "Presented in their original 2.35:1 aspect ratios and enhanced for widescreen displays, all three Die Hard films feature identical transfers to the previous Special Edition releases."
  24. Matt Czyz

    Star Trek Generations transfers

    It was over-sharpened to a ridiculous degree. The R1 ST:Generations SE transfer really is a joke.
  25. Matt Czyz

    "Serenity" 12/20/05 (SEE post #38 for details)

    Wait, what? By all accounts, the current HD-DVD of Serenity is absolutely gorgeous.
  26. Matt Czyz

    The official BLADE RUNNER SE thread. (Check out page 8 and #790.)

    Normally Warners is pretty reliable, I agree. However, just to play devil's advocate, they chose not to upgrade The Animatrix to HD for the HD-DVD Ultimate Matrix set. True, that could count to some as more of an "extra", but I think a lot of people were expecting that to get the HD treatment...
  27. Matt Czyz

    The Die Hard Transfers...

    I still don't own this movie on account of how bad the transfer is. I just can't bring myself to pay for something so uneccessarily terrible.
  28. Matt Czyz

    Picture quality on Independence Day

    Yeah, Die Hard with a Vengeance is considered to have some of the worst haloing/EE of any dvd (maybe SW: Episode I is worse?).
  29. Matt Czyz

    The Master, Merged TRUE LIES reissue thread: When, oh when?

    John, Where did you order your copy from?